Cyberpunk 2077 leak finally offers clues to long-awaited DLC

A rabid Cyberpunk 20177 fan swings a katana while demanding more content.

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The players have been eager for details Cyberpunk 2077the first downloadable content since the game’s release, but nearly 18 months later, the only official news is of further delays. But now, the dam of secrecy around the upcoming story expansion finally seems to have broken. A dataminer has reportedly leaked hundreds of lines of dialogue from the planned DLC that point to new missions in the game’s Pacificia region and a major new character named Songbird.

The files in question were apparently accidentally added to the game at the time of its massive 1.5 update in February, but only recently shared on Reddit by user romulus_ut3. The post and files, which appeared to contain much of the English script for upcoming DLC ​​missions, were later removed, but not before. stream online through the cyberpunk community.

The strong point (Going through VGC) is that a lot of the new story missions (there appear to be seven in total, at least at the time of the leak) seem to take place in the Pacifica area of ​​Night City and allow players to explore areas previously inaccessible like the Sports Dome. Home to refugees in the wake of Haiti’s destruction due to global warming, Pacifica is run by a netrunner gang called the Voodoo Boys who use their power to carve out a life and religious existence outside of the grip of Cyberpunk 2077corrupt businesses and government agencies.

It is bathed in sunshine and bursting with color, and creates a stark contrast to the darker and more conventional neon lit streets of central Night City. To put it plainly, this is one of the strongest parts of the underlying game, and ripe for more content. Central to these new missions appears to be a character called Songbird that wasn’t in the base game, as well as a new part of Pacifica called the Combat Zone. I hope it’s more inspired than it looks.

Other notable details of the apparent leak are that it takes place before the game’s ending and will factor into revised endings depending on how you play. It also sounds like Johnny Silverhand, Keanu Reeves character, will play little to no part in it, which isn’t too surprising considering the casting challenges and costs of getting new voice work from a talent from foreground years after development.

At least one new file download has been removed via DMCA copyright infringement notice by a group called Group-IB Digital Risk Protection that helps businesses protect against IP leaks, but you can still see a video clip from someone going through the folder names for the alleged datamined leak on Streamable. CD Projekt Red did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Next Cyberpunk 2077A tumultuous launch and year-long saga of updates to fix bugs and fix its lackluster console releases, the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions finally released earlier this year. Accompanied by the 1.5 update, which overhauled some aspects of the open world, side quests, and skill trees, CDPR reported that it was start pivoting to other projectsincluding The Witcher 4, who recently went into pre-production.

While the studio has confirmed that a major DLC expansion will still arrive in 2023, it has remained silent on anything beyond that, including a second expansion, which, although never officially released. announced, felt implicated by CD Projekt’s comments about how Cyberpunk 2077 would have even more DLC than The Witcher 3. At this point, I’ll settle for getting anything that isn’t another Johnny Silverhand car or outfit.

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