‘Cyberpunk 2077’ is super cheap for Black Friday, and worth it


While there are plenty of games on sale for Black Friday, it’s rare to see such a big game on sale for such a low price so quickly. That would be Cyberpunk 2077, which is on sale in digital storefronts for around $ 25, but what if you grab a copy out of the box? These are the clearing house prices now. At Target, you can get a Xbox one Where ps4 copy of the game (which is the version you play on Xbox Series X / S or PS5) for just $ 10 right now.

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Why do I recommend the universally breaded set? So, a few reasons:

  • I mean, it’s $ 10.
  • There have been a dozen fixes and fixes for the game over the past year, and it’s in a much better shape than it was at launch. I still wouldn’t rate it as worth playing if you only have a basic PS4 or Xbox One, but if you have a PS4 Pro, One X, Series X / S, or PS5 it definitely is. “good enough” now, at least from a technical point of view.
  • One more reason to buy the game for $ 10 now if you own a PS5 or Xbox Series X is that early next year a next-gen upgrade for Cyberpunk 2077 is coming. And it’s a free upgrade the game if you already own a copy which they promised gamers including a seamless transition through Xbox Smart Delivery on this platform. And you know they’ll sell the next-gen dedicated versions at full price when they arrive, so you might as well get them in your library now.

  • If you’ve totally ignored Cyberpunk because of all the hate, I’ll say it’s better than what you’ve heard. Especially since it is less broken now. It’s true, promises were made and not kept. Lifepaths are unnecessary and it’s clear that much of the content wasn’t finished on release, leaving many parts blank. And yet, at its core, it’s a pretty good storyline, especially the spin-off sub-stories with characters like Panam, Judy, and River, which are some of the most memorable NPCs in the game over the past few years. , if you ask me. I will also recommend using a female V, as her vocal work is great and really allowed me to connect with a character in first person, a real rarity.
  • The combat is fun, although a little easy, although over time there have been some AI improvements to make things a little more difficult on higher difficulties. Despite all of its issues, it’s always a pleasure to come up with one-shot revolver or katana versions, or hack an entire building full of enemies to death while standing on the sidewalk outside.
  • Finally, at least one big Cyberpunk 2077 expansion is coming to play next year. This is what most CDPRs are working on right now, and while I wouldn’t expect it with the next-gen release, I think they are hoping it will be a big turning point for them and a demonstration that they want to get it right this time around. If this could be a Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine Witcher type addition, this is something you might not want to miss.

So yes, I recommend it for $ 10. Maybe even $ 25 if you want to skip the box. It’s better than what you heard. At least now, twelve patches later, it is.

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