‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Free DLC List Likely Leaked


A cyber detective has found another list of potential free DLC names buried in Cyberpunk 2077 data. From u / Saint-Pirate, this is what they found while digging through the game’s files, different from the list that was supposed to come from the Epic Games Store some time ago, a list that was denied by CDPR as being the names free DLC at the time.

This list? The names are a bit more cryptic, although some have obvious implications. Here’s the new roster, which has 17 items (for reference, The Witcher 3 free DLC had 16 items). My translations, as best I can do them, are next to them.

1) dlc1_swp – Possible “Smart” weapon pack

2) dlc2_jposes – Probable additional poses for photo mode

3) dlc3_kab01 – Probably concert at Kabuki market

4) dlc4_quartz – New car (s) possible, the Quartz is an existing car

5) dlc5_jackets – Likely additional clothing

6) dlc6_apart – Possible personalization of the apartment

7) dlc7_pwp – Possible “Power” weapon pack

8) dlc8_mirror – Possible additional poses for the mirror, or maybe a way to finally change your appearance

9) dlc9_arr06 – Probable Arroyo concert

10) dlc10_monster – Not sure, maybe they’re adding a literal boss monster somewhere on the map. Or it could be like a Monster Truck that you can buy.

11) dlc11_jlook – Not sure, maybe the option to change your look. If it’s similar to “jpose”, it could be something for photo mode.

12) dlc12_mfinish – Probable end-of-melee animations (The Witcher 3 got them)

13) dlc13_twp – Possible “Tech” weapon pack

14) dlc14_arr12 – Probably Arroyo concert

15) dlc15_ngplus – Very clearly New Game Plus, which I hope comes with higher difficulty settings

16) dlc16_jpn06 – Probably a gig in Japantown

17) dlc17_bwp – Possible “Blunt” weapon pack

This is the best analysis I can provide yet, and most of it is what I expected from the “little” Cyberpunk DLC, given that The Witcher 3 has already given us a roadmap. In total that would be four concerts, four weapons or weapon packs, new cosmetics like clothes and poses, maybe a way to change your look, new cars, then New Game Plus, something that all games should probably have at launch, but I’m assuming in this case some way to earn some extra skill points and use some of those free upgrades.

Is something missing? The sixth supposed skill area which has been replaced with a “Relic” logo in the menu. One of the leaked epic DLCs was called “Relic” and this empty slot has looked suspicious since launch. I’m not sure if anything here could refer to this, but nothing jumps out at me.

I guarantee people are going to be crazy that this DLC is petty when it arrives, but technically it was meant to be like free bonuses that arrived shortly after launch, as it did with The Witcher, but the fixes delayed it for an incredibly long time. Other leaks have indicated that the “Episode 1 and Episode 2” DLC is still planned for the future.

More soon.

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