Cyberpunk 2077 cut even more than you thought

Plots and features are often cut when producing a game, but Pablo397 has apparently discovered a real world of activity that has just been abandoned by the developers.

In the same video that reveals the unused Jinguji store, Pablo397 explores Three different rooftop apartments, some of which have swimming pools and parking spaces, overall resembling an inviting place for players to visit. However, many of them are empty, largely inaccessible, and of little value to the player in their current form.

Another video shows what Pablo397 calls a “Deus Ex” style exploration, showing the interiors of several random apartments in Night City. The inclusion of these spaces prompted fans to I wonder how much the gaming world has been cut to allow CD Projekt Red to release the product on time. Some of these rooms contain NPCs living their lives (or still sleeping), almost as if they could have been part of a mission that never came to fruition.

While gamers may never know what was cut due to changing design guidelines and what went missing due to time constraints, Bloomberg reported in January 2021 that some developers believed the game wouldn’t launch until 2022. In other words, it’s possible that some of these half-formed locations may have been part of a larger plan that has been cut short .

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