Critical actors reprise their Mighty Nein roles for new audiobook

Critical Role’s second novel, The Nine Eyes of Lucien, features a star-studded audiobook cast that promises to reunite the entire Mighty Nein ensemble.

critical role announced that their second group of adventurers, the Mighty Nein, will be returning as an audiobook for the novel The Mighty Nein: Lucien’s Nine Eyes.

While the critical role Twitter previously celebrated the return of voice actor Robbie Daymond as The nine eyes of at Lucian narrator, a follow-up announcement informed fans that the entire cast would be joining Daymond in reprising their roles as Mighty Nein. Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer will lend his voice to the titular Lucien, who he played as a non-player character for part of Critical roles second campaign.

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Written by Madeleine Roux, Lucien’s nine eyes will follow the Tiefling before and after its encounters with the Mighty Nein. During Campaign 2, Lucien traveled with the Mighty Nein in the form of Mollymauk Tealeaf and once again transformed into Kingsley Tealeaf in the Dungeons & Dragons Last episode of the series. Taliesen Jaffe portrayed both Mollymauk and Kingsley during the campaign, although Mercer took over when the character returned as the villainous Lucian. After Molly’s death, Jaffe returned to the table as firbolg Cleric Caduceus Clay.

Friends and relatives, Critical roles first novel, seems to have set a precedent for the way the team approaches their audiobook projects. The Campaign 1 prequel novel, following the elf twins Vex and Vax, also saw player characters Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien reprise their roles from the Vox Machina campaign. Daymond, who played at the table as Exandria Unlimited and Dorian Storm from Campaign 3, also served as the narrator for Friends and relatives audio book.

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The current arc of Critical RoleThe continued flow of has found an opportunity for Campaign 1 and Campaign 3 to intersect as the Bells Hells face an important crossroads. Revisiting major characters and locations from the Vox Machina legend happened both in the Dungeons & Dragons aired and the Amazon Prime animated series. Now Mighty Nein fans will have the same opportunity to revisit beloved characters and stories outside of the context of the original game in Lucien’s Nein Eyes. While Mighty Nein fans received plenty of bonus content, such as original comics and critical roleits own version indexthe upcoming audiobook represents a special milestone in reuniting the cast of the show.

The Mighty Nein can be heard reprising their roles in Lucien’s nine eyes from November 1.

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