Comparing Clive from Final Fantasy 16 to Jack from Strangers of Paradise

the Final Fantasy was one of the oldest and most popular franchises in video game history. With multiple main entries, spin-offs, movies, manga, and novels, Final Fantasy has grown into a massive media franchise with a vast stable of beloved characters and original stories. With the next entry, Final Fantasy 16, currently in development, fans of the series have plenty to look forward to, although details on the next installment are still quite scarce. A revealed aspect of Final Fantasy 16, however, it is the main characters who will drive the action of the game.


In general, Final Fantasy is excellent at mixing up each entry, never focusing too much on one type of formula and generally offering a unique and diverse cast of characters for players to get invested in. Final Fantasy 7the taciturn protagonist from Cloud to the jovial Tidus in Final Fantasy 10, the series has featured many memorable characters over the years. However, these are some of the more recent protagonists that players will inevitably end up comparing, focusing on how Clive in the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 will live up to other recent performances like Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Originit’s Jack.

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Compare the two games

Released earlier this year as a prequel set in an alternate universe to the original Final Fantasy, stranger from paradise feels a bit like an anomaly. Square Enix certainly tried to refresh the franchise with bold moves like making the experimental MMO Final Fantasy 11 or centering Final Fantasy 15 in a kind of road trip reserved for boys, and stranger from paradise is part of this effort to “push the limits”. After early gameplay previews and a bizarre trailer that inspired derision from a meme-savvy audience, some fans were concerned about how stranger from paradise would turn out. Despite some mixed reviews, the game found its fans and gamers who embraced its B-movie adjacent sensibilities.

With Final Fantasy 16 not released yet, players can only speculate how the game will perform and what the gameplay will look like. However, it looks like the upcoming title is going back to the kind of high-fantasy setting from before. Final Fantasy games instead of recent adventures in worlds that mixed fantasy with more modern elements. Final Fantasy 16 seems like a more serious entry and it’s a stark contrast to the decidedly camper Stranger from Paradise. In addition to the differences in tone and settings of the games, the two protagonists seem to take very different approaches to their roles as main characters.

Clive vs. Jack

Even before stranger from paradise came out, its protagonist Jack Garland got a lot of attention. The character players were introduced with felt a far cry from the daisy chain in the original Final Fantasy, and some fans thought he was a bad substitution for his previous portrayal. With his memories erased, Jack in this iteration is simplified into a would-be hero with anger issues and a very determined approach. His obsession with killing Chaos makes him a bit more comical than he’s probably meant to sound, but at least he’s motivated.

Beneath the layers of aggression and bad language, Jack shows loyalty to his companions and sometimes reveals his caring side, giving the character a bit more depth. Jack’s appearance also sets him apart from the other male protagonists of the Final Fantasy series, with his modern clothes and short blond hair. The majority of the main male characters have a similar aesthetic across multiple Final Fantasy titles, with loose, choppy hair in different shades like Cloud, Squall, Tidas, Vaan, and Noctis. In this regard, Clive in the next Final Fantasy 16 matches his predecessors more than Jack.

A lot of Final Fantasy 16 remains a mystery for now, but players have been introduced to the game’s protagonist. Clive Rosfield appears to be the typical brooding, sword-swinging character who faces so many Final Fantasy, with a troubled backstory and a quest for revenge. Clive begins the game as a young boy – only fifteen – but his formidable skills see him win a tournament to become Rosaria’s first shield tasked with protecting his younger brother Joshua.

Clive suffers severe trauma early in the story, which will no doubt affect him throughout the game. He might have similar anger issues as Jack, as he not only deals with his tragic past, but also the responsibilities that are incumbent upon him. With Final Fantasy 16The tone seems more serious, it’s likely that Clive’s character will be a little more nuanced than Jack, given Jack’s intense focus on defeating Chaos and being the angriest guy in the room at some time.

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The importance of the main character

The main character of a game is an integral part of the whole. They can save or sink a title, and a big part of a game’s success can depend on how sympathetic or committed they are. While a solid cast of other compelling characters can save a slightly bland protagonist, it can be hard to get players to care about the story if the person they’re playing is obnoxious or boring. The persona they experience the game through can color their entire perception of it, and it often proves difficult to get it right. Jameson Locke in Halo 5 is an infamous example of a main character that didn’t quite work out – especially given the popularity of Master Chief – and ruined the game for many players.

The protagonists set the tone for the game, and if players don’t care about them or find them believable, it can impact their opinions of the game world. stranger from paradiseJack was a controversial character, and some players just couldn’t understand his relentless anger and concern for Chaos. Clive needs to be more distinct if he wants to drive the action in Final Fantasy 16if only to avoid the endless series of Jack-inspired memes.

Final Fantasy 16 is in development for PS5.

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