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Explore affordable techwear, cyberpunk and streetwear collections with a futuristic touch and high quality from Hong Kong and Japan.

The inspiration for our techwear brand “Clotechnow” came from Cyberpunk and Futurism. The creative director designed each item in Hong Kong and our team. We try to make technical clothing accessible and easy to wear on a daily basis. We’re creating a premium brand that dreams up stealthy outfits and futuristic apparel while staying as comfortable as it is stylish. We create designs inspired by the most famous items used in cyberpunk movies for the Techwear community.

Welcome to our cyberpunk techwear world. You will find avant-garde style and top quality items in this shop. You will have access to a wide choice of shirts, jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, pants and sweaters to complete your techwear outfit.

Whether season, summer, fall or winter. Complete the gear with a futuristic cyberpunk / techwear outfit.

Clotechnow was founded in December 2018. We believe that your clothes are an essential part of your image, a silent communication tool that sends your message to the world. We are a creative and unique clothing store that offers a selection of the best Techwear and streetwear on the market.

Clotechnow is a clothing boutique that primarily focuses on high-tech fabrics, urban style, and cyberpunk aesthetics. We believe that budding artists should represent the Techwear movement to inspire others and we have worked hard to build a connection between our customers and us, which is also at the heart of our philosophy.

The hottest new fashion trend joining the streetwear revolution comes directly from the cutting-edge technology prevalent in our modern world. Cyberpunk men’s and women’s clothing from our Techwear collection features clothing inspired by cyberpunk fashion and gear, with a modern twist. Expect to see futuristic raincoats, hoodies, cargo pants, utility belts, vests and other pieces with unique urban styles. Clotechnow brings you the latest iterations of cyberpunk style, perfect for expressing your inner tech geek.

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