Post-noir Backbone sleuth game turns Vancouver into dystopia

The game allows the player to explore the city and engage in elaborate dialogues inspired by old-school CRPGs A beautiful and disturbing game set in an anthropomorphic dystopian version of Vancouver pits the player against a grim storyline involving classism, racism, and murder. Spine, a post-noir sleuth adventure role-playing game …

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Spotlight on Indie Games – Hidden Gems

Indie Games Spotlight is Goomba Stomp’s bi-weekly column where we highlight some of the most exciting new and upcoming indies. We’re in the midst of a wave of news this week as the E3 season is already well underway, but even as the major players in the industry start releasing …

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Geek Review: Biomutant | Geek Culture

The post-apocalyptic setting of a role-playing game isn’t exactly revolutionary, but Experiment 101 tries to do things a little differently, focusing more closely on nature Biomutant. Instead of the human race, animals have risen to take their fair share of the world. With their martial arts prowess and technological ingenuity, …

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