10 RPGs That Play Best With Friends

Playing with friends is always an enjoyable pastime, regardless of the genre. Bullets can fly, ships can be destroyed, and fighters can face gruesome and bloody deaths, but there are few more enjoyable themes than coming together on a quest in search of adventure. RELATED: 10 Best Story-Based Games On …

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Saint Vincent flirts with the autobiography and sounds of the 70s

In the middle of Saint-Vincent’s latest album, the sleek and form-fitting “Masseduction” of 2017, there’s an unusually sparse piano ballad called “Happy birthday, Johnny.” Unlike many St. Vincent songs, this one is almost provocative: just a beautiful melody that Annie Clark’s voice imbues with warm, tired pathos. It tells the …

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Veto legislation that would harm my transgender child

A bill approved by the Florida legislature banning transgender children from female sports would make already vulnerable children even more vulnerable. The measure has serious consequences for my child and young people like her. At 3, our darling son was doing what we thought was role playing while he was …

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