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Just before youthe play shelf is taking an extended break (we’ll be back July 12!) I’m thrilled to be able to highlight some board games and creators who have worked hard over the past few months to bring us some great pieces. We have an independent studio Games of possible worlds as well as a bit of a new direction for the shelf, a text game book currently crowdfunded.

Creator Spotlight: Tyler Crumrine

Also known as the founder and publisher of Possible Worlds Games, Tyler Crumrine has produced incredible work since founding the studio following his success with 2020’s hit map/label RPG. Beak, feather and bone. After successful crowdfunding Possible Worlds RPG Series in 2021 (which was delivered this year!), and by creating a reciprocal grant program for artists, it returned to Beak, feather and bone and created an amazing new supplement. Atlas of the claw is an extension for Beak, feather and bone, and includes 10 new cards and alternate game rules. He has already successfully reached his crowdfunding goal and the campaign will continue until July 1st.

From the game’s original page, “Inspired by card-making games like Avery Alder’s The Quiet Year and archetype-focused RPG systems like those of Meguey and Vincent Baker Powered by Apocalypse, Beak, feather and bone is a zine-length game featuring game rules, 11 community roles illustrated by Austin Breed, a map by Jonathan Yee, and legends and GM’s tips for hosting games in a city populated entirely by crows.

New releases: Absurd, In God’s Green Land, Dome Day 10XX

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Absurd is a modern, absurd fantasy game about the senseless hilarity and understated horror of everyday life. You play as the inhabitants of a surreal suburban town marred by chaos and entropy, where the other world is ordinary and the mundane, terrifying. He draws inspiration from works of absurd humour, surreal horror and literary absurdities like Welcome to Night Vale, Alice in Wonderlandand Gravity Falls.”

Image for article titled Game Shelf Draws New Maps with Possible Game Worlds

In God’s Green Eartha first level dungeon for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, “A farmer disappeared in the forest. The tracks lead to a small hill with a stone brick gate protruding from it. The bricks are old and covered with moss. What grows deep in the earth?

Image for article titled Game Shelf Draws New Maps with Possible Game Worlds

10XX is a game about resistance to the Norman invasion of England. You are marginalized Englishmen – poor, excluded, ignored – trying to protect your neighbors and screaming a violent cry before your inevitable death. (Available in Modern or Old English)

Crowdfunding: 50 years of text games, the last adventure

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“In [50 Years of Text Games] you will find 50 in-depth chapters, covering 50 games: one released every year beginning in 1971, when a Minnesota teacher introduced a ticker into his classroom to start a game called The Oregon Trail—until 2020 and the latest AI storytellers. Revised and improved from the acclaimed blog series, each featured game boasts a rich, in-depth analysis of how it works, what it’s about, why it’s special, and its lasting legacy.

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“In The last adventure, you are a warrior, a champion and a monster slayer. Now you have come to die, but on the shore of death neither family nor ancient heroes greet you… The last adventure is a tabletop role-playing adventure game in two zines. The first zine is you: a warrior, now dead, still looking for adventure. The second zine is The Land of Death: the locations and landscapes of the Land of the Dead, and the people and monsters you will encounter there. (From one of the co-creators of apocalyptic world and the Powered by the Apocalypse system.)

In other news

  • Free league publication has a summer sale, includes games such as ALINK The Roleplaying Game, Vaesen – Norse Horror Roleplaying Game, Tales from the Loop, Forbidden Lands, Symbaroum, Coriolis – The Third Horizon and Mutant: Year Zero.
  • BackerKit dropped plans for its new crowdfunding platform and initial commitments include Monte Cook Games, Story Engine, Exalted Funeral, Restoration Games, and Unstable Games among others.
  • The Queer game set is available for another week on
  • B. Dave Walters conducted a J&D session for some members of the stranger things cast and said in an io9 exclusive comment via email,stranger things holds a special place in my heart because it was the world I grew up in. Their story IS my story (maybe with a few more monsters.) Being able to join the Hellfire Club and bring the Arch-Lich Vecna ​​to glorious unlife was one of the highlights of my career. .. and the ending is one of the craziest things I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing!
  • The new educational board game from Artana Games, First in flight is currently in crowdfunding.
  • Don’t look too closely at your neighbours… the rear window board game is now available.
  • Ticket to Ride: San Francisco is available now exclusively at Target.
  • Members of Dungeons & Dragons the community made accusations against popular players Satine Pheonix and Jamison Stone, accusing them of abuse and mistreatment (RBC, comics).

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RPG duo battle as Elden Ring bosses in PvP Sun, 19 Jun 2022 16:03:37 +0000

Among the large number of Elden Ring bosses to be found in FromSoftware’s vast open world are several powerful pairings, and now a role-playing duo have taken it upon themselves to bring these tag teams into the PvP battles of the RPG game. The pair have already adopted battle-based builds from the Godskin duo and the Crucible Knight duo, and they go so far as to limit themselves to moves used by the enemies themselves.

User Mini_B3ast first posted a fight cosplaying and acting as the Godskin duo on the Elden Ring subreddit on June 18, and followed it up with a scrap as Crucible Knights Ordovis and Siluria after a positive reception at first. . Fundamentally, though, it’s not just about donning armor and calling it a day – both players do their best to ensure a fun and fair fight for their outnumbered opponent.

Instead of both diving simultaneously, the pair attack in rhythmic waves, leaving a few moments of pause between attacks. They also stick to the movements of the original enemies (or their closest equivalents) and do not run or dodge. In fact, they can’t – Mini_B3ast notes that they and their partner equip multiple heavy weapons in their stash slots to allow themselves to be overloaded, in an effort to better replicate real world boss fights.

Similarly, Mini_B3ast also resolves higher damage dealt by players compared to AI opponents. “We decided to change all our talismans and physics to improve our defense, instead of our damage,” explains the cosplayer. “The defense would allow the fight to last longer without being completely unbalanced, and less damage would make it fairer for the opponent. The fights lasted about a good two minutes, and usually the opponent ended up being the winner, as we expected.

A noble pursuit indeed, and a true dedication to the art of role-playing. This happens too – as their fight as the Godskin duo ends in victory for the pair, their time as the Crucible Knights falls to a fine parrying shield from their opponent. A good skill point, and certainly accurate for one of the most popular strategies against true knights in the Trial.

Everyone seemed to really like our Godskin Duo RP, so we present to you: Ordovis + Siluria! Well done Xanthous, well done. from Eldenring

A commentator asks about healing – something that’s often discouraged or avoided in staged duels, but integral to real world boss fights. “We definitely allow healing,” Mini_B3ast replies, “it’s just hard to let the opponent know it’s okay. If the opponent doesn’t heal, we try to use some of our weaker attacks for us make sure he doesn’t get shot.

The pair’s commitment to the bit is certainly admirable, and the subreddit community seems to agree – with many users admiring their approach, or sharing stories of their own adventures acting as enemy NPCs or early bosses such as Godrick’s Soldier. The antics of this particular duo remind us that playing games online can be so much more than pure single-purpose competition. As Mini_B3ast says, “The goal isn’t necessarily to win, but to have fun and accurate RP for everyone involved!”

Persona 5 Royal listed for Switch by retailer Sat, 18 Jun 2022 06:29:09 +0000

A listing of Persona 5 Royal for the Nintendo Switch has appeared at a retailer, implying that a Switch version may well exist. This would be in line with rumors of an upcoming Nintendo Direct, where the Switch version of Persona 5 Royal could receive an official announcement.

The list has not been removed at the time of writing and can be viewed on the World of Games store page here. In addition to the Switch, the Xbox version, which was officially announced during the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase, is also listed here. Meanwhile, the PS4 and PS5 versions have been available since October 31, 2019.

The game will also be available on PC via Steam, and will therefore also be playable on the Steam Deck. If the list is accurate, the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck will be the first handheld devices that will natively run Persona 5 Royal. The PS Vita version of Persona 4, titled Persona 4 Golden, will also be available on PC, and therefore on the Steam Deck. It remains to be seen if the game will also receive a Nintendo Switch version.

As for when this list will be confirmed via an official announcement, anyone’s guess. Alanah Pearce, a former IGN games reporter, said Nintendo is planning a Nintendo Direct on June 29, 2022. The console maker is expected to announce its Fall 2022 lineup for the Nintendo Switch during the event. Based on her statement, Alanah appears to be aware of the reveals and announcements that will take place at the event. She chose not to provide details, however, out of respect for the people who worked hard to bring the event to us.

persona 5 royal switch

Persona 5 was originally a 2016 role-playing video game developed by Atlus and released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It is set in contemporary Tokyo and follows a high school student known as the Joker who moves to a new school after being wrongfully convicted of assault and released on probation. Over the course of a school year, he and other classmates awaken to a rare power, becoming the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, a hidden vigilante club. They enter the Metaverse, a mystical place created by the subconscious desires of humanity, in order to remove evil intentions from the hearts of adults. The game features role-playing and dungeon-crawling elements, mixed with social simulation scenarios.

Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced version with new features for the PlayStation 4, was released in Japan in October 2019 and worldwide in March 2020, published by Atlus in Japan and North America and series owner Sega in Europe and in Australia. The game will now be available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and possibly the Nintendo Switch, in October 2022.

‘Danger!’ puts Milwaukee in the spotlight with a whole class of clues Thu, 16 Jun 2022 00:21:31 +0000

“Spoiler alert: For those obsessed with “Jeopardy!”, the following contains answers to some of the clues from Wednesday night’s episode of “Jeopardy!”

Milwaukee had a little “Jeopardy!” I loved it Wednesday night and managed to get it in before the weather alerts got ushered out.

Five news personalities from WDJT-TV (Channel 58) read answers to questions about Milwaukee on Wednesday night’s edition of “Jeopardy!”

The highly rated syndicated game show often calls on news anchors from the stations that air the show to read answers to questions about the station’s city, under the “Current Clues” category.

Channel 58 presenters Amanda Porterfield, Mike Strehlow, Mike Curkov and Natalie Shepherd, and Nicole Koglin, former presenter and director of strategic initiatives at Channel 58, each recorded clues on questions in the category.

As it turns out, “Milwaukee: News Clues” ended up being the first category the contestants dove into as soon as they were introduced by host Mayim Bialik.

Returning champion Megan Wachspress, an attorney from Berkeley, Calif., selected the category’s first $200 answer, read by Strehlow:

“The years ending in 3 and 8 bring great celebrations for this company. In 2018, its 115th anniversary brought 6,500 cyclists to Wisconsin Avenue.”

Wachspress is right: “Who is Harley-Davidson?

Curkov read the next clue, for $400.

“In 1969, Milwaukee Bucks management was thrilled to introduce this new player who quickly led the team to its first championship. He lived in an apartment in Juneau Village with a specially raised door frame.”

Wachspress guessed: “Who is Wilt Chamberlain?”


Gregory Scruggs, a reporter from Seattle, correctly answered, “Who is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?” (In fact, at the time the question covers, he was known as Lew Alcindor. But close enough for game shows.)

Scruggs opted to stay in Brew City for the $600 question, read by Koglin:

“It’s not as big as Comic Con, but thousands of people attend Gary Con in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where Gary Gygax invented this pioneering role-playing game. You can get your dice blessed near the Riviera Fountain. “

Scruggs rang first and got it right: “What is Dungeons & Dragons?”

It returned to the category, for $800. Porterfield read the clue:

“Milwaukee’s German heritage is celebrated with a summer festival along Lake Michigan, or, more quietly, with monuments throughout the city, like that of Schiller and that German Romantic writer friend and colleague.”

Scruggs buzzed first again, and was right again: “Who was Goethe?”

He decided to tweak the category by asking for the $1,000 index. Shepard read:

“The Milwaukee Art Museum now has wings designed by geniuses from both ends of Europe. In 2001, a new pavilion with a movable sunscreen designed by Spaniard Santiago Calatrava joined the original building designed by this Finnish modernist. “

Scruggs guessed, “Who was Eeno Sarnin?” Close, but not quite.

Peggy Gibbons, a legal writer from Toronto, then buzzed: “Who was Saarinen?

Bialik added the architect’s first name, Eero Saarinen, to confirm that Gibbons was correct.

Shortly after, in Milwaukee “Jeopardy!” was preempted for Channel 58’s coverage of Wednesday night’s dangerous storms in central Wisconsin.

The show never returned to show who won. (Spoiler: Although he didn’t recognize Abdul-Jabbar, Wachspress won again.)

Contact Chris Foran at Follow him on Twitter at @cforan12.

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How to Get a Job at Apple Tue, 14 Jun 2022 04:15:43 +0000

Welcome to Thomas Insights – every day we post the latest news and analysis to keep our readers up to date with what’s happening in the industry. Sign up here to get the day’s top stories straight to your inbox.

Apple offers dream jobs to countless people around the world. As a groundbreaking career and opportunity creator, tech titan Apple is one of America’s biggest job creators, “responsible for two million jobs in all 50 states.”

Apple spent more than $50 billion with nearly 10,000 US vendors and manufacturers, and the App Store earned $16 billion from US developers around the world. Additionally, the booming “App Store ecosystem” has created more than 1,500,000 jobs in the United States.

Apple strives to inspire creativity and individualism. It brings together diverse groups to give birth to new ideas, products and services that improve everyday life around the world. And countless future employees are striving to join Apple for the opportunity to work with 一 and on 一 cutting-edge technology while earning great salaries, employee discounts, and the peace of mind that comes with perks. such as comprehensive health insurance and 401k considerations.

If you want to land a job at Apple, consider the following.

To do the first step

To start the hiring process, you can go directly through Apple, or via a job search site like Glassdoor. The job openings are endless, covering nearly every industry, function and discipline imaginable. They include retail specialists, legal administrators, design virtuosos, training coordinators, and free-spirited hardware and software engineers who help keep Apple at the forefront of the industry.

As expected of such an organization, the interview processes are “very polished and professional”. Company representatives are “quick and accurate” and equipped with exceptional nonsense detectors to separate essential information from less relevant ones.

Depending on the job, interviews can be short or they can last a good part of the day. They can include lots of sessions, role-playing for customers, and specific questions about Apple products or troubleshooting technical issues. The trick, as always, is to prepare, practice and stay calm.

A potentially earth-shattering opportunity

A job at Apple is definitely worth it, according to many employees in love. The opportunities for advancement are limitless and the reach is truly great: your work can end up in the hands and minds of millions.

Moreover, the environment is conducive to progress, without the burden of pressure. Friendships are made, and coaching never borders on denigration. Plus, who wouldn’t want to work alongside some of the greatest minds in the business?

Get more job information

Image credit: Andreï Bayda /

Ford to add 6,200 manufacturing jobs in several states Next story »

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SONY YEAH! Launches ‘Pet Rescue Agency’ in KidZania Wed, 08 Jun 2022 05:08:32 +0000

SONY YEAH! has partnered with KidZania to launch a unique pet rescue agency.

In this pet rescue agency in KidZania Mumbai, kids will take on the role of “rescue agents” and go on an adventure to find and rescue pets in KidZania town.

With the help of exciting clues and illustrative maps, children will discover the intricacies of pet rescue operations while gaining knowledge about the various breeds and types of pets. The team activity will allow children to follow set instructions and search for clues to the whereabouts of missing animals.

Sujoy Roy Bardhan, Head of On-Air Marketing, Promotions and Licensing, Sony Pictures Networks India, Kids’ Genre, said, “Animal welfare is extremely close to my heart. At Sony YEAH! we are constantly striving to empower children and further serve the purpose of reaching our audience. The launch of the Pet Rescue Agency not only helps us take another step in the same direction, but also helps us instill the right approach in future citizens of the country.

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NFT-based game Illuvium raises $72 million in digital land sales Mon, 06 Jun 2022 14:54:49 +0000


Illuvium, a monster battle role-playing game that incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announcement on Sunday that it raised more than $72 million in digital pitch sales.

The land sale took place between June 2 and June 5, 2022. Of the 20,000 available plots, 19,969 were sold, with the remaining 31 plots to be held for future gifts.

Illuvium also notes that there have been no gas wars during land sales, i.e. when Ethereum gas prices rise due to increased user demand to transact quickly. on the blockchain. Indeed, Illuvium integrates the Immutable engine, built by a scaling technology developer Immutableto reduce NFT transaction fees and enable self-custody of NFTs.

In the world of Illuvium, the player begins by crash-landing on an alien planet, Illuvium, and encounters strange creatures, called Illuvials, which the player can then capture and use in battles. The player earns rewards and experience points through battles that allow him to progress through more dangerous terrain in Illuvium.

Illuvium is set to launch on PC and macOS in the third quarter of 2022. Players can purchase weapons and armor as NFTs that can aid them throughout the game, which can then be resold on the IlluviDEX in-game marketplace, which was also not launched. Again.

Trending Stories

Fil-Am actor Conrad Ricamora talks about “Fire Island” Sat, 04 Jun 2022 06:27:00 +0000
Conrad Ricamora and Joel Kim Booster in Fire Island. Courtesy of Hulu/Searchlight “Fire Island”

“Fire Island” is a romantic comedy inspired by the Jane Austen classic “Pride and Prejudice”.

It is written by and stars Joel Kim Booster in the central role. Conrad Ricamora plays the film’s equivalent of the aloof romantic hero Mr. Darcy.

A veteran of stage and television, one of the Filipino American actor’s most memorable performances was as Ninoy Aquino in the musical “Here Lies Love.” He admits playing Mr. Darcy was something he didn’t think was possible for him.

“I feel like things are changing because of people like Joel writing the script that he wrote. Honestly, that wasn’t on my list because I thought after six years of being on ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ playing this iconic gay couple, it wasn’t even on my radar,” Ricamora said.

“I love the character. I loved the character from Keira Knightley’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ movie, and so when it came along I was so excited and so thrilled to have the opportunity to audition for it. .”

Fire Island.  Courtesy of Hulu/Searchlight
Courtesy of Hulu/Searchlight “Fire Island”

“Fire Island” features talent and characters finally getting their well-deserved stardom in the rom-com genre. It centers around various characters and the friendships, joy and romance of queer people – themes that have been largely absent from Hollywood films. Directed by Andrew Ahn, the film employed queer talent on and off screen, adding a layer of authenticity to the storytelling.

Booster thought he was making history ten years ago when he first visited Fire Island in New York, a place frequented by members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Not only is it a gay story, but it’s very specifically a story about the Asian American gay experience. And I think there are a lot of questions when you’re trying to sell something like that, whether or not there is is something that the wider audience can engage with. And I think what the industry is starting to realize is that when you tell specific stories, when you tell specific hyper-specific stories in particular, there’s a universality to the themes. it’s about friendship. It’s about chosen family,” Booster noted.

The film also features Booster’s best friend, “Saturday Night Live” cast member Bowen Yang, who credits Booster with writing a role that challenged him as an actor. .

“That meant everything. As a performer, artist, I think what you always want to do is present something that feels like your full self and I feel like Joel just gave me that opportunity “Yang said.

The cast, which includes veteran comedian Margaret Cho, also consists of real-life friends.

Fire island poster.  Courtesy of Hulu/Searchlight
Courtesy of Hulu/Searchlight “Fire Island”

“They really are my best friends and so I don’t take that for granted at all,” actor Matt Rogers said. “It’s just an amazing experience that I don’t think will be easily replicated.”

“Fire Island” is now streaming on Hulu.

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WHO primary ear and hearing care training in Samoa : The Hearing Journal Thu, 02 Jun 2022 14:34:26 +0000

In October 2021, Dr. Sione Pifeleti successfully delivered the World Health Organization (WHO) Primary Ear and Hearing Care (PEHC) training module to a group of 19 participants at the workshop in Samoa. It was the first time that this course was given in our country.

Participants in the first primary ear and hearing care training in Samoa. Samoa, World Health Organization.


PEHC training participants performing ear exams. Photo credit: The Samoan Observer. Samoa, World Health Organization.


PEHC training participants performing ear exams. Photo credit: The Samoan Observer. Samoa, World Health Organization.

Table 1:

Overview of training in primary ear and hearing care (intermediate level).

Dr. Pifeleti is General Surgeon/ENT and Acting Head of ENT Department at Tupua Tamasese Meaole (TTM) Hospital in Apia, the capital of Samoa. When he re-established the ENT service in 2017, his dream was to simultaneously build the skills of fellow healthcare professionals in primary ear and hearing care nationwide. The WHO PEHC training module was therefore submitted to the Samoa Qualifications Authority for accreditation; participants who completed the training had to pass the course to obtain a formally recognized qualification in the provision of primary ear and hearing health care. Accreditation was officially granted in March 2021 for all three levels of the training program – basic, intermediate and advanced.


The first group of participants invited to the course in October 2021 was mainly composed of colleagues from the national reference hospital TTM: five registrar doctors (district hospital, acute primary care clinic, emergency, paediatrics, surgery) three graduate nurses in ENT , two registered nurses from the surgical unit (i.e. operating room), two registered nurses from the surgical department and four registered nurses representing the departments of pediatrics, emergency, obstetrics and gynecology and the acute primary care clinic. A special invitation has also been extended to the staff of SENESE, the non-governmental organization that works with children with disabilities in Samoa. Their work includes school-based support for students with hearing loss. Three SENESE staff members participated in the course.

The intermediate level of the WHO PEHC training module was selected as the most appropriate level for this first group of trainees. The course consisted of seven modules, shown in Table 1, which were facilitated over a two-day workshop. We were honored that Leausa Toleafoa, Dr. Take Naseri, CEO and Director General of the Department of Health, Government of Samoa, showed his support for the PEHC training by attending the official opening day of the workshop.


All the course facilitators emphasized the content of the course as it relates to our Samoan context (ie orientation pathways). The first four modules were facilitated by Dr Pifeleti. The fifth module on Middle Ear Diseases was presented by our visiting ENT specialist, Dr. Zhi Yu, who is in Samoa for six months as part of the Chinese Medical Team Volunteers program.

The final two modules were delivered by Dr Annette Kaspar, an Australian research audiologist who specializes in developing strategies to address hearing loss in the Pacific Islands. She has been based in the Pacific Islands for 10 years and has spent the last two years working in the ENT department of Samoa. As the WHO PEHC training kit was published in 2006, updated information has been included based on the WHO World Report on Hearing which was launched in March 2021. As its two ENT colleagues, Kaspar adapted the course content to the Samoan context. For example, although there are currently no newborn/infant hearing screening programs in Pacific island countries, the updated Samoan National Baby Health Book will include a checklist of developmental milestones of hearing, a questionnaire on risk factors for permanent hearing loss and basic information for parents. about ear health care. Similarly, given that non-communicable diseases are a major public health crisis in the Pacific Islands, course participants were informed that the updated national diabetes guidelines for Samoa will include routine health screening of ears and hearing in the care plan for all adults living with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

One of the highlights of the workshop for the course facilitators was the engagement of participants in the hands-on components and scenario activities. The enthusiasm of the course participants for the role plays of parents, children and health workers generated lots of fun and laughter!


The WHO PEHC training kit includes a pre- and post-test assessment of each student for each module. In addition to assessing knowledge improvement, our course participants had to achieve a minimum mark for each module in order to pass the course. We were delighted to see that all participants successfully achieved high scores for all modules and were able to receive the PEHC course certificate.

Course participants were also asked to complete a course evaluation form. Based on this first experience delivering the PEHC training module, as well as feedback from course participants, Pifeleti and Kaspar will make changes to future PEHC course workshops as appropriate. This may include providing the pre-test and post-test questions in the FaaSamoan language, as well as English. Over the next two years, our goal is to deliver the PEHC training 10 times (five times a year), especially to community health workers in rural/remote areas of Samoa. Course facilitators will travel to rural/remote areas to allow for maximum number of course participants and to ensure that the training is relevant and context specific (i.e. management/treatment plans are based on availability of resources, referral pathways take into account transportation difficulties/cost).


It would be unethical for our department to provide fellow health care workers with enhanced knowledge of primary health care delivery without also equipping them to put their new skills into practice. Since most district clinics do not report any working otoscopes, successful completion of the course will entitle the participants clinic to at least one otoscope. The provision of otoscopes will significantly improve primary ear and hearing health care and should therefore reduce the number of patients requiring referral to the hospital ENT department for advanced stages of ear disease and associated hearing loss.

We share our experience to promote similar initiatives in low- and middle-income countries, especially among our Pacific island neighbors where ear and hearing health specialists are virtually non-existent. Strengthening the skills of primary health care workers is expected to significantly reduce the preventable burden of ear disease and hearing loss in the Pacific Islands. This aligns with the current philosophy of task sharing, as advocated by the WHO Division for the Prevention of Deafness and Blindness. We take this opportunity to thank the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons for their financial and resource contributions that have made the WHO PEHC training dream for Samoa a reality.

Have you watched “Stranger Things”? Here’s how you can start playing “Dungeons & Dragons” Tue, 31 May 2022 14:05:24 +0000

II’m an 8th level shadow elf bard and I can’t help but get in trouble. If you asked my party they’d say I’m worse than Dandelion the witcher. During our last campaign, as we were being chased by a pack of wolves through the forest, I decided to put on my wolf onesie and try to convince them that I could be their Alpha, again j I had to be saved by the paladins. There’s nothing like it J&D for a sense of escape, and coming from a shitty town in the stockbroking belt of south east england, i know why the duffer brothers did J&D such an integral part of stranger things series.

Tabletop RPGs have a depth that video games and television can only aspire to, anything can happen. There’s enough heartache and heartbreak, frustration and confusion every Monday night in my house to put game of thrones to shame. There are very few other things in life in which I have such an emotional investment. So I was not surprised that J&D was a focal point at the start of the latest series, which sees the introduction of The Hellfire Club and Dungeon Master is Eddie Munson. We see a montage of the Hellfire club fighting a Lich King intercut with Lucas winning the state basketball championship and the comparison is totally valid.

Dungeons & Dragons has been around since 1974 but has never been so popular. In a post-lockdown world, hanging out with your friends can be a great activity, but how easy is it for those who want to join a campaign to get involved? My first experience with J&D was on a gnat-infested Scottish family holiday in 1986 where my dad ran a week-long campaign from Middle-earth roleplaying gamewhich lost its license in 1999, but was recently reorganized by Free League Publishing as The one ring, and I’ve been playing ever since. Fast forward 35 years and watching the D20 roll on the small screen is only part of the Dungeons & Dragons resurgence, where you’ll see bands playing every week in every gaming cafe in the UK.

I’ve been playing RPGs for 36 years but it’s never too late to start, in fact it’s much easier to convince your friends to get involved now that they’ve seen J&D on stranger things. During the 90s, all the goths I knew were playing Vampire: The Masqueradebut the scene in stranger things where Dustin and Mike are trying to find a willing participant for the Hellfire Club when Lucas gives up rings true, as up until 5 years ago no one seemed interested. The cultural shift to alternative-as-cool now means you’ll probably have enough friends interested in seeing what’s going on to start your own Hellfire Club from scratch. You’re better off investing in the Starter Set, which includes an essential rules manual, an introductory adventure, five pre-made character sheets (they save you a lot of time and calculations), and a set of dice. Role-playing can be serious stuff, but before you take your Shadow Elf Bard on an adventure, you’ll want to discuss with your party how your characters might interact while the Dungeon Master sets the scene.

It is important to set the right tone for your campaign, and Dungeons & Dragons can be played focusing on how you like to interact as a group. Storytelling is always the foundation of a campaign, but there are plenty of options for adding innovation and intrigue, such as solving puzzles while exploring magical new worlds. Winning or losing is not a goal in this game as you bond by collaborating towards shared goals and adventures. J&D breaks down the self-imposed boundaries of everyday life and can counter the hostility of the real world. J&D can do wonders for your mental health, no waiting around for an NHS referral and cheaper than a private therapist, it’s a great way to build confidence and tackle anxiety.

Your most confident friend or family member will usually volunteer to take on the role of narrator and guide, called the Dungeon Master. An experienced DM can transport you and make your campaign a reality and an ever-evolving ecosystem. But initially it is much easier for them to lead a pre-existing adventure and there is even a stranger things D&D starter kit, so you can build your own adventure in Hawkins and venture into the Upside Down. Be sure to bring your own dice, pen, paper, and blueprint to defeat the Demogorgon.

The fourth season of “Stranger Things” begins in May. CREDIT: Netflix

The anthologies and pre-written storybooks that Wizards Of The Coast publishes every two months are becoming more inclusive and accessible – the next one comes out in late June and is called The Radiant Citadel. It includes 13 stand-alone adventures that will take your party through the mists of the Ethereal Plane to a crossroads of wonder and adventure. It will be the first book written entirely by people of color and promises a very different take on classic adventures, with the writers drawing inspiration from their connections to various real-world cultures and mythologies.

There’s Something For Everyone in Level 1 Adventure Salty Legacy, which is inspired by the Thai heritage of writer Surena Marie. You might end up fighting jumbo shrimp, entering cooking competitions, and/or participating in a showdown to eat spicy pepper. For more seasoned players a level 11 adventure, The shadow of the sunlets your party play as peacekeepers for the mighty angel Atash or choose to join the resistance, in a land inspired by ancient Persia.

As you become more confident as a group, you’ll be ready to create your own adventure. Core rulebooks are the only books you really need to create a complete game. Dungeons & Dragons experience from scratch. The Player’s Handbook is a hardcover tome full of stunning illustrations, maps, and references for in-depth spells and abilities. These should always be readily available on your table, along with the Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual, so your Dungeon Master can quickly summon a Kobold’s stats mid-adventure.

There are many other books to flesh out your experience with items and enemies, such as Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and Volo’s Guide to Monsterswhich expand players’ gear and introduce additional enemies and monsters as your adventure progresses.

Not sure how many books you can fit in your backpack? Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t have to be an analog experience, there’s a digital toolkit from D&D Beyond. This mobile app puts character creation and spelling stats at your fingertips, so you can start creating characters with more personalized relationships, motivations, and temperaments.

If you haven’t signed up for Hawkins High, don’t worry, there are plenty of gaming cafes across the country that host dedicated weekly events. J&D events you can attend run by DMs with fully formed campaigns that they hope you will be a part of.

In Dungeons & Dragons, creative thinking is applauded, and players will often find a way to interact with an adventure that the Dungeon Master may not have considered. Not all adventures need fighting monsters: a friend had a memorable campaign where the band formed a band – The Metal Kegs – who will play a wicked set at local taverns for room and board. RPGs often have their own subcultures and there are plenty of independent RPG publishers if you don’t like High Fantasy of the Forgotten Realms. Young punk rock loner Lucy would have loved Exalted Funeral’s online store, which is full of RPGs that cover everything from Black Metal to Mork Borg to Hate Your Dead End Job.

There’s something about D&D that fosters integrity and even the most laid-back group, after a few sessions, can have an immersive and entertaining campaign and engrossing hobby for life. But for now, Forbidden Realms will have to wait while I spend Jubilee weekend binging the latest episodes of stranger things and drink every time the subtitles say squelch.

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