Final Fantasy

How Bahamut went from Final Fantasy 1 to FF15

Bahamut has been a part of Final Fantasy from the start, and this dragon summon has gone through many iterations over the years. One of Final fantasyThe most extravagant element of the latter is its summons. Introduced in Final fantasy 3, these summons have stuck with the series, becoming more …

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Is the Final Fantasy 7 remake coming to Xbox?

East Final Fantasy 7 remake finally coming to Xbox consoles? The remake was released in 2020 via PS4 and PS4 only. This year, it has finally arrived on PS5, but nothing else. There have been rumors, rumbles and leaks suggesting that the remake is coming not only to Xbox consoles, …

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The story of Final Fantasy 1 Villain Garland

The villain of the original Final Fantasy, Garland has appeared in various forms in numerous titles, culminating in the upcoming Stranger of Paradise. While he might not be as well-known as the other villains in the Final fantasy franchise, Garland is still a particularly iconic figure in Square Enix games. …

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