Final Fantasy

Noki Yoshida Final Fantasy 16

Case Final Fantasy16 Mentioned in the 65th direct letter from Final Fantasy14 Yora in the MMORPG in the Beginning: Thanks to the persuasion of producer Yusuk Saita and director Yoke Thare who came to talk about their contribution to MMORP through the Dark Apocalypse Raid. Naoki Yoshida said the script …

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Square Enix could do Final Fantasy 16 a disservice

Final Fantasy fans are really looking forward to the franchise’s next leg in Final Fantasy 16, but there are some surprising hurdles ahead. Square Enix hasn’t said much about Final Fantasy 16 recently. Fans expected him to appear at E3, but surprisingly, that was not the point of Square Enix’s …

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Wrestling fans wage silent RPG war on live TV

Wrestling fans are a passionate bunch and on live television this passion is easy to spot. Through posters and t-shirts, fans share their love for their favorites and fight for what they believe in – but in the context of wrestling shows, something even deeper is brewing. You see, most …

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