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Cloud gets the least hate, with just 14.17% of participants voting for the green-eyed SOLDIER. It is fair to say that its popularity took a hit with the release of “Remake of Final Fantasy 7. “ Many fans have found this particular iteration of Cloud for being boring in a way he wasn’t in the original 1997 PlayStation game. Most notably, fans have taken issue with his relentless demands for his money as everyone is just trying to make conversation. Still, receiving the fewest votes of any character named on this list has to mean there’s still some love for this chocobo haired hero.

The second most popular character in this unpopularity contest is Vaan from “Final Fantasy 12”, who gets 15.16% of the vote. It’s easy to see why players might be frustrated with Vaan. Most of the protagonists in “Final Fantasy” are born leaders, but Vaan is a follower surrounded by much more charismatic and influential party members. Again, many found the hatred for Vaan unfounded and its position in the ranking reflects it.

16.34% of people voted “Other,” meaning there were other unnamed characters on the list that they found more boring. Unfortunately, this means that the rest of the characters in the survey rank lower than all other characters in the franchise.

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Each group member classified according to design Fri, 11 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0000

Square Enix knows how to create unforgettable characters. Which lead member of the Final Fantasy 8 group looks the best?

Final Fantasy VIII has one of the best bands in the Square Enix series. All six main characters play major roles throughout the game and have become very popular with fans. Additionally, this entry continued the trend of defining a fantasy game in a more modern setting much like Final Fantasy VII.

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While the six characters are known for their very different personalities, they are also known for their iconic and unique looks. Some have undergone some minor changes while appearing outside of the game and others have remained the same. Here’s how the characters rank based on their design.

Warning: Only major party members will be included, so temporary playable characters like Laguna Loire and Ward Zabac will not count.

6 Selphie tilmitt

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Selphie Tilmitt

The happiest character wears a yellow dress to match her demeanor and hide that she has one of the strongest Limit Breaks in the game. The brightness of the dress makes Selphie stand out no matter where she is, but it’s not really practical for SeeD missions.

Selphie’s general appearance is lacking in her character. Her dress is the only thing that matches her personality, but her accessories and boots don’t add much to her design.

5 Irvine Kinneas

FF8 Character Designs ranked Irvine Kinneas

With his cowboy hat and long khaki jacket, Irvine has a style that will grab attention for seconds. The cowboy hat adds beautiful appeal and enhances the charm of the character. Irvine’s design matches the southern gentleman attitude he tries to adopt while impressing the ladies.

The brown leggings closely match Irvine’s jacket, which makes her outfit monochrome and a bit simple. The cowboy look is perfect for Irvine as he is a sniper and uses a pistol as his primary weapon.

4 Quistis Trepe

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Quistis Trepe

Quistis’ design is monochrome like Irvine, but the salmon-colored vest and skirt make her stand out. While the pants under her skirt look a bit unnecessary, it allows Quistis to move around without having to worry about the constriction her skirt might give her if she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. But her skirt adds a pretty feminine and sophisticated touch that seems to suit the youngest instructor of Balamb Garden.

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Quistis’ cuffs and gloves also keep her covered while adding protection. Even on a mission, Quistis makes sure to stay stylish while making sure her outfit doesn’t get in the way.

3 Zell Dincht

FF8 Character Designs Listed Zell Dincht

With his brash demeanor and energetic personality, Zell has an outfit that matches him perfectly with his fighting style. His black vest with a red design is very elegant and adds a nice edginess to him. His long denim shorts allow him to easily perform his martial arts movements. One thing that sets Zell apart from the rest of his friends is the large tribal tattoo he has on the left side of his face.

If fans look closely, the tattoo resembles the facial tattoo of world famous boxer Mike Tyson. Since Zell is a martial artist, it wouldn’t be surprising if his tattoo was inspired by Tyson. Additionally, Zell doesn’t need to reach for his weapon at all since his fists are his weapon of choice.

2 Rinoa Heartilly

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Rinoa Heartilly

One of the most popular heroines of the Final fantasy series. Rinoa’s design is memorable because of its uniqueness. Her long sleeveless sweater with white angel wings on the back adds a certain elegance to her outfit. There are more feminine elements in her outfit like the black tank top with a V-neck and her blue skirt. However, Rinoa is always ready to move quickly when needed and wears biker shorts as well as black boots that keep her from looking too girly.

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Compared to the designs by Quistis and Selphie, Rinoa certainly stands out among the three. In addition, its look serves as a foil to Ultimecia’s design and personality. Rinoa was also the subject of a character creation contest, and a new look called Rinoa by Dion Rogers has become a huge hit with cosplayers.

1 Gale Leonhart

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Squall Leonhart

Squall has one of the most memorable designs of the set Final fantasy series. Known for its cold character, its design matches it perfectly. With his black leather bomber jacket and matching black leather pants, Squall looks a lot like the SeeD mercenary he is. While its interconnected belts look a bit silly, they add a unique trait to the set.

Squall’s Griever pendant also shows how much he idolizes this mythical being. Additionally, Squall uses the Griever design for its blade and ring which Rinoa wears on a collar. The Griever symbol is also part of Squall’s design for the Kingdom Hearts games and is shown on his jackets.

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Biomutant Lupa-Lupine

10 unsolved mysteries and plot holes left hanging in Biomutant

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How to upgrade FF7 Remake to PS5 Intergrade – Final Fantasy 7 Remake wiki guide Thu, 10 Jun 2021 09:30:40 +0000

Latest edition:

FF7 Remake, originally for the PlayStation 4, has received an upgraded version for the PlayStation 5 called “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade”. This page explains how to upgrade the PS4 version of FF7 Remake to the PS5 version – for free!

FF7 Remake intergrade release date

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade upgrade will be released on June 10, 2021 exclusively for the PS5 (for now).

How to upgrade FF7 Remake to PS5 Intergrade

If you already own Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, you can upgrade to Intergrade for free on PS5, with a few caveats.

  • If you have a physical copy of FF7 Remake for the PS4 but a digital edition of the PS5, you will not be able to get the free upgrade. You will need to purchase Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade for $ 69.99
  • If you own FF7 Remake on PS4 through PS Plus, but never purchased it directly, you will not be eligible for the free upgrade.

With that in mind, here’s how to upgrade your PS4 version of FF7 Remake to the PS5 version:

  1. Visit the Final Fantasy 7 Remake page on PlayStation Store by searching for it.
  2. Find the “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Upgrade for PS4 Version Owners” add-on to download and install
  3. Alternatively, if you’ve already downloaded the PS4 version, you can:
    1. First, when you are on the FF7 Remake thumbnail, press the Options button and then “Manage game content”
    2. If not, press the “Play Game” button, select the three dots, then “View Product” to upgrade.
  4. To switch between the PS4 and PS5 versions of FF7 Remake, choose the three dots and select the version you want to play.
  5. If that doesn’t work, press Options while the cursor is over the FF7 Remake (PS4 version) thumbnail and “Check for update”.

Remember that while you can upgrade to FF7 Remake Intergrade for free on PS5, you will then need to purchase the exclusive Intergrade EPISODE INTERmission Yuffie DLC separately for $ 19.99. New Intergrade purchases for the PS5 come with EPISODE INTERmission included.


Regardless of how you need to access FF7 Remake Intergrade, you can transfer your PS4 save data to the PS4 version.

About FF7 Remake Intergrade and EPISODE INTERmission DLC

FF7 Remake Intergrade is simply the upgraded PS5 version of FF7 Remake.

The INTERmission DLC EPISODE with Yuffie Kisaragi is a standalone episode, which will need to be purchased separately if you upgrade a previously purchased PS4 version of FF7 Remake to Intergrade on the PS5.

This new DLC will be exclusive to the PS5 version of FF7 Remake for at least six months and includes the new character, Yuffie, on a mission to infiltrate Midgar and steal the “Ultimate Materia” and also includes “new combat and gameplay additions. ”

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Which Final Fantasy game has the best Moogles? Wed, 09 Jun 2021 15:15:00 +0000

Kupo! The Moogle scream is well known to Final Fantasy fans from afar. These iconic little furballs have been around since Final Fantasy 3 and are one of the recurring features that make a Final Fantasy game a Final Fantasy game.

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Along with the Chocobos, the engineers named Cid, and the Elemental Crystals, the Moogles have become as recognizable as they are cute. Despite this, they are often very different from game to game, both in their implication, their function and even their existence as something entirely other than an arcade game or a line of magic dolls.

ten Final fantasy 5

In many ways, Final Fantasy 5 made numerous references to Final Fantasy 3. The Working System, Elemental Crystals, and Moogles are all returning features of the NES game, and this is where the latter get their signature. “Kupo!”

After saving a Moogle from the terrifying Moogle Eater, Bartz and co. are led to a forest of creatures. The fluffy objects offer them gifts and thanks to their ability to communicate telepathically over long distances, the group are saved by Krile and her dragon. They are not this important here, but they make an impression.

9 Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Terra kisses Mog

In this spinoff gacha game for mobile devices, Mog (note: not the Mog from Final Fantasy 6) is one of the few original characters to be involved in the story. He is the servant of the goddess Materia and guides heroes (and villains) through the convoluted world of Opera Omnia.

As a mysterious entity unrelated to any of the previously known cast members, Mog is an interesting character here. It is hinted at that he might even be evil, and the story hints that there may be something dark about the Moogle. Depending on how the story unfolds, Mog could be one of the most interesting Moogles in Final Fantasy history.

8 Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy 12 Montblanc Nono split image

The Ivalice Moogles make a strong appearance in Final Fantasy 12. Drawing inspiration from their general role in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, they often appear as mechanics and builders, known for their dexterity.

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Montblanc, a recurring Moogle in Ivalice, even makes an appearance at the head of the Centurio clan. He and his brothers are the most important Moogles in the game, Nono being Balthier’s chief mechanic! In Final Fantasy 12, they’re adorable, and while their roles are small, they’re sure to be unforgettable.

7 Final Fantasy: unlimited

Final Fantasy Unlimited Moogle Kupo powers up the Magun

Proving that it’s not Final Fantasy without one of these furry beasts, Moogle Kupo is a character who shows up towards the end of Final Fantasy: Unlimited. He is an old friend of Kaze, the Resident Summoner, and has shared a homeworld with him.

Moogle Kupo knows a lot about summoning and helps Kaze power his summoned entities (which are fired from his magic gun, no less). In the final episode (spoilers!), Moogle Kupo sacrifices himself, transforming into summoning sol that helps Kaze deliver the final blow to the big bad, Chaos.

6 Final Fantasy 13-2

Final Fantasy 13-2 Serah Mog

Mog is a surprisingly important character in Final Fantasy 13-2. He is tasked by Lightning to help Serah in his adventure and even bECOMES his weapons during battle. He’s an upbeat member of the party and can even be used to find items and monsters if you know exactly where to look (and throw him).

This Moogle is an uplifting part of a story that can get pretty dark at times. It is undoubtedly thanks to his voice actor Ariel Winter (known for having played the role of Alex Dunphy in Modern Family) which gives Mog the most enthusiastic voice possible.

5 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Moogle Grooming and Stiltzkin Split Image

The Crystal Chronicles franchise has a great portrayal of Moogles. Here they are very short and very round, adorably helping adventurers in dungeons and as part of the large caravans that scour the world in search of myrrh. Two recurring Moogles from Final Fantasy 9, Artemecion and Stiltzkin are also appearing.

These Moogles persist throughout the Crystal Chronicles games, with Artemecion running a store in Ring of Fates and a group of Moogles helping King Leo during the events of My Life as King. In a game with many different races to meet, the Moogles certainly stand out.

4 Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Good King Moggle Mog XII Cinematic

Although initially a small part of the world at the start of this game’s narrative, the Moogles play an increasingly important role over time. Even veterans of the series were surprised when some story quest took the warrior of light in a boss battle against the good king Moggle Mog XII, and its musical theme will remain in their heads to this day.

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And that’s not to mention the village of Moogles encountered during the events of Heavensward. They are playful but adorable in this incarnation and players can dress up with various Moogle-themed accessories and outfits. It’s definitely a good performance for the critters.

3 Final fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9 Moogles split image Alexandrian steeple and swamp that is

Acting as both save points, healing areas and a postal system, Final Fantasy 9 relies a lot on Moogles. They are a central part of the rich world-building this game enjoys and a very memorable incarnation. Players receive tutorials from them, receive a Chocobo from one of them, and can purchase rare items from the Stiltzkin while traveling.

With named Moogles appearing everywhere to build on the lore of the game and comment on current events via their letters, Final Fantasy 9 uses Moogles to their advantage extremely well. And anyway, who would not Want a flute that summons a Moogle to their side? Don’t overdo it as it will annoy Moguo, the Moogle world map.

2 Final fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6 Terra saves Mog

By far one of the most memorable moments in the entire Final Fantasy franchise is the opening of Final Fantasy 6 with Locke protecting Terra alongside a herd of friendly Moogles. The sequence is beloved and features Mog, a Moogle aloud with a sarcastic wit about him. While technically an optional character who can be recruited later in the game, the chances of anyone ditching the adorable Moogle are surely slim.

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Taking Mog with him feels good, as he really stands out among a large group of mostly humans. He is both a dancer and a mighty dragon with the right equipment, making them a flexible party member that is convenient to keep. He’s one of the most iconic characters in the franchise and it’s impossible not to love him.

1 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Moogle Montblanc Nono Walk in a Bar

As one of five playable races in Tactics Advance and its sequel, the Moogles deservedly have a place of pride in the land of Ivalice. Most notably is the Deuteragonist of the Montblanc game, a generous and fun Moogle who guides Marche through the difficult world of leading a clan. His little brother, Nono, is also making an appearance as a resident airship expert.

This game established the Moogles as useful in combat for more than being a summoned creature, and made them skillful fighters who could wield a firearm so that they could wield the magic of time. Adding Moogles to your party has always been a good idea, and the game makes them interesting and enjoyable characters.

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Gothic Nioh

7 game remakes you didn’t know were coming in 2021

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E3 2021 Leaks: Nintendo Switch Pro, Battlefield 2042, Final Fantasy Origin, Marvel and More Tue, 08 Jun 2021 23:18:38 +0000

Unfortunately, despite the rumors and incessant “leaks” in the forums, we don’t really know if this console will actually make an appearance at E3, as Nintendo didn’t say anything official about the Switch Pro before its conference call. hurry. . But Bloomberg confirmed in May that the upgraded console does exist and that the Big N could be preparing to launch the Switch Pro in September. If Nintendo sticks to that timeline, E3 2021 would be the perfect place to unveil the future of its Switch platform.

The outlet suggested that Nintendo could even announce the Switch Pro ahead of E3 to “allow publishers to showcase their full line of Switch games at the global event.” If that’s still the plan, time is running out for the publisher.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is reportedly selling for a higher retail price than the standard $ 299 model released four years ago. Depending on the outlet, the standard model will be phased out, while the $ 199 Switch Lite will continue to be the budget option. The Switch Pro could start shipping as early as July, although Nintendo is unlikely to be able to meet demand at launch.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield fans have been clamoring for the next installment in EA’s shootout series for some time. Indeed, it’s been three years since the release of the last game, Battlefield V, but luckily the wait is almost over. EA has already announced a reveal event for the game during week E3. Fans will learn the title of the game as well as a first look at the gameplay and maybe even a release date.

But some of this information has already leaked before the special broadcast. PC Gamer Cites Leaks on Reddit in his report that Battlefield 6 will take place in a setting close to the future and will be called Battlefield 2042, describing the new installment as “middle ground between the series’ debut in 1942 and the mech-filled war zones of 2142”. According to the leak, the game will feature the “biggest cards in the Battlefield history ”, divided into“ sectors ”the size of a Battlefield 3 menu.

Better yet, EA would announce the Battlefield 2042 beta for later this month, according to the outlet.

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Final Fantasy 14 launched me into triple triad hell Mon, 07 Jun 2021 19:02:00 +0000

My love-hate relationship with the Final Fantasy 8 card game in the MMO is intensifying.

I am a bit obsessed with card games, to my great detriment. I can’t seem to make much progress in The Witcher 3 once I unlocked Gwent, and when the card game came out as a standalone game, it was all over for me. I’ve spent hundreds of hours of my life in the PlayOnline launcher version of Tetra Master, and now I blame myself for stepping into Riot’s Legends of Runeterra. If your deck contains another deck that involves cards, there’s a good chance I’ll give it a shot. My penchant for collecting, playing, and chasing achievements also introduced me to a new hobby within a hobby. I’m now way too deep into Final Fantasy 14’s triple triad, and somehow make myself both miserable and elated.

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Final Fantasy 14 is part of my daily routine. I log in with a few goals set based on the day, and my list includes: take out savage raids, reach the tombstone ceiling, a trip to the Gold Saucer, check vassals, and collect my daily card. It’s a good chunk of my time, but I’m strangely proud of my accomplishments in the game. However, I recently took this list and threw it out the door. Since patch 5.5, I have ditched my weeklies and wasted hours and hours relentlessly challenging NPCs at card games. I’m unhappy, please stop.

But I can’t stop. See, I’ve talked about this a bit before, but I have a real thing about collecting minions and mounts in Final Fantasy 14, and now Square Enix is ​​gone and added a new mount that you get by collecting. each Triple Triad card. Okay, minus the little you get from tournaments only, but still – I feel sick.

Now Yoshida has damned me by pasting a collectible into a collectible. There is a rush, an exciting thrill when Triple Triad’s RNG blesses me with the card I’m looking for as a reward for winning a match / match. For a few seconds, I am in heaven and I am delighted with my new victory. But before that, I challenged this same NPC 40, 50, sometimes 100 times before he spit out the goods. If I could step out of my Warrior of Light status and take out some of these people in the middle of Gridania, I would.

You need 312 cards to collect the Magicked Card mount, and my dear reader, I have 163. I spent all of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward collecting cards before my arch nemesis in the Triple Triad, the Idolent Imperial, didn’t make me so angry that I quit for five years. I have since defeated him, but not before drinking several glasses of wine and losing to him for hours.

Either way, I think I’ll get my map mount back before Endwalker launches this fall, but not without a bit of a blow to progress in my day-to-day tasks. But it’s just one of those things that I love and absolutely hate about Final Fantasy 14. I’ve got a collector’s itch, and Square Enix hits all the right places, but man, it definitely comes at a price.

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Superman could arrive on Fortnite in season 7

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3D remake brand in new ‘Final Fantasy IV’ and ‘Final Fantasy III’ updates coming soon, ask some questions at E3 Mon, 07 Jun 2021 12:57:28 +0000

As anyone who has owned a premium mobile port of Square Enix on mobile knows, the company is very erratic with updates for most of its classic library. Some games are left down for months while others are thankfully updated soon when an iOS update ships that breaks something. Over the years, Square Enix has brought many classic Final Fantasy games to iOS and Android, with mobile platforms putting them ahead of consoles in some cases, like Final Fantasy IX. The most recent version of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is something that many people have been waiting to have on mobile for quite some time, given that it was the only one Final Fantasy lacked in Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy IV ($ 14.99) is one of my all-time favorite JRPGs, and I’ve always hoped my favorite version of the game (2D) carried over to modern platforms. After a surprise update last year, Square Enix today released updates to Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy III on iOS and Android with one interesting little change. The icon and name of both games now indicate that this is a “3D remake”. This has a few possible implications, but doing this so close to E3 makes me wonder about the different possibilities.

If you want to understand what makes each version different, Shaun has you covered on the history of Final Fantasy IV in our RPG Reload article on it. Also be sure to read our review of the iOS version. Check out Final Fantasy IV on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. For Final Fantasy III, I never really liked the 3D version, so hopefully we get a modern localized version of the 2D version on mobile and consoles. If you’ve played both Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV, where do you rank them among JRPGs and compared to other Final Fantasy games?

For mobile platforms, this could mean that the 2D versions of Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy III are coming out with the 2D version of the latter having never seen an official release in English. It’s also possible that it has to do with a collection of certain kinds for other platforms. PS4 and Nintendo Switch don’t have any of the pre-Final Fantasy VII games yet, while Steam has them all except I and II, with III-VI being similar to the mobile versions. I know a lot of people are hoping that Square Enix will finally bring I and II to Steam so that all games can be on one storefront and one PC platform. If that means more platforms are getting older versions of Final Fantasy with modern conveniences or even direct ports with the bare minimum of features and emulation, hopefully we’ll get a physical version. I will not pass up an opportunity to buy Final Fantasy IV multiple times and know that I am part of the problem there. Hopefully Square Enix reveals something at the E3 showcase on June 13 that I’m more interested in now with these surprise updates.

Summary of the news:

  • 3D remake brand in new ‘Final Fantasy IV’ and ‘Final Fantasy III’ updates coming soon, ask some questions at E3
  • Check out all the news and articles of the latest gaming news and updates.

Disclaimer: If you need to update / edit / delete this news or article, please contact our support team.

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10 things to know about the dancing plague Sun, 06 Jun 2021 18:30:00 +0000

With the release of Final Fantasy XIVThird expansion in 2018, players discovered the Premier, one of the thirteen reflections of the mythical Source. Players could now explore two new towns alongside two new playable races, Rabbit-like Vera and Lion-like Hrothgar.

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Also included in the Shadowbringer expansion were three trials, the first of which is an epic battle against the fairy king Titania. Good strategy is needed to defeat this enemy, and a bit of background information on their creation only improves your understanding of the sort of thing you will be up against.

ten The real “dancing plague”

Representation of the dancing plague of 1518

Titania’s trial is rather grimly called “The Dancing Plague”, named after a real and truly bizarre historical event. In Strasbourg, Alsace (modern France) in 1518, a total of 400 people randomly began to dance endlessly, ultimately resulting in a handful of deaths. There is no exact explanation for this frightening incident, although some have speculated that it was a form of mass hysteria. This real-life inspiration for the Fairy King trial adds a sinister tone that many players may be unaware of.

9 Titania’s Name


Final fantasy has a surprising amount of Easter eggs for fans of classic literature. An example includes Final Fantasy IX ‘s Prince of Burma, Puck, named after a character by William Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s dream. Likewise, Titania takes its name from the same play. Meaning “giant” or “great”, the character of Shakespeare is known as the queen of the fairies.

8 The origin of Titania

Hovering titania holding her scepter

One of the most popular aspects of Final fantasy franchise is the deep tradition behind every place, race and character. Titania is no exception. Formerly the leader of the Fae people, Titania became a Guardian of Light (a leader of the vicious Sin Eaters) after defeating the previous one, and the Fae people were forced to seal their ruler to Lyhe Ghiah. The player must defeat the king in order to restore darkness to Il Mheg and reclaim the light that Titania holds.

7 How to unlock the dancing plague


Requiring an 8-player party consisting of two tanks, two healers and four DPS roles, this test is achieved by progressing through the expansion’s main storyline, “Acht-la Ormh Inn”.

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The quest is given by Seto to Il Mheg who will lead the player to the castle gate to fight Titania. Players must be level 73 or above to access the trial and have already completed the previous quest, “Memento of a Friend”.

6 Water rune


In the first phase of the Dancing Plague, Titania uses this attack to summon eight puddles on the map. If a player is inside one of these puddles, they immediately benefit from reduced vulnerability to fire, preparing them for an upcoming Fire Rune attack. However, if a player is not standing inside the puddles, a dew spirit will be summoned and quickly explode, wiping out the party if not dealt with quickly.

5 The phases


The Dancing Plague is divided into four phases and an end phase, each with increasing difficulty. The first phase takes place in the castle of Titania. The second, in a forest arena overgrown with vegetation without rails. The third adds three treants. In the fourth, the three treants reappear, but this time they are stronger, faster, and bigger. The fifth and last does not add anything new to the trial, although the difficulty is increased.

4 Second phase transition


Titania will cast “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the end of the first phase, signaling the player that the environment will transform into an arena without borders. One of your party members will immediately be linked to the Fairy King, and this can be intercepted by another party member. If the attack is not interrupted, the attached player will be cast a Thunder Rune six times every five seconds. The attack does mild lightning damage, but what’s more dangerous is the fact that it increases your vulnerability to lightning strikes.

3 Squirm and scream


The growth rune occurs in the second phase, causing large tangles of tree roots to spread across the battlefield, leaving small polygons safe.

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It is possible to rush through the surrounding roots, but getting caught in their path will cause bleeding damage. This rune is repeated in the fifth and final phase, but with greater coverage.

2 Appearance of the third phase


At the start of the third phase, Titania summons three treants named Puck, Mustardseed, and Peaseblossom. Mustard should be the first of the trio to be sent because he gets angry quickly. If he stays alive too long, the treant will launch a whispering wind that will wipe out the entire party. Puck and Peaseblossom go through three attacks, Pummel, Peasebomb, and Hard Swipe until the phase ends (and the real problem begins).

1 Fourth and last phase


After getting rid of the Treants, Titania returns them to battle, but this time with improved size and strength. They are now omnidirectional and stand out from the scene. Additionally, they will continue to cast even after death, only stopping when Titania begins casting Mortal Being near the end of the Global Battle. If the player survives the frenzy of attacks led by Titania and his minions, the Fairy King will be destroyed and a new Lightwarden will take his place.

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Featured Image From Netflix Unknown Comedies

15 Hilarious Comedy Series On Netflix You Probably Haven’t Seen

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FFX: Seymour Guado’s story should have been remastered Sun, 06 Jun 2021 01:16:20 +0000

Seymour Guado could have been a great villain, but Square Enix continues to miss opportunities to develop the deepest elements of his character.

Final Fantasy X is a fan favorite of the popular RPG franchise, due to its unique setting and some significant changes to the traditional gameplay of the series. It has one critical narrative flaw, however. Despite all the effort the game puts into its world-building, making the land of Spira a cohesive place, it unfortunately doesn’t think so much about its antagonist.

Like a lot of the past Final fantasy villains, Seymour Guado seeks ultimate power in an effort to end the world. But what sets him apart from them is his motivation. Seymour has been discriminated against for being a Métis child, and his frustrations with society are a big part of the reasons he lashes out at her. While not the most original villain, Seymour could have been more than the sum of its parts if the game had simply spanned that backstory.

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final fantasy x

Seymour is half human, half guado, making him a hybrid of two races that seemingly have tensions between them. however, Final Fantasy X barely portray this tension. He emphasizes his mixed-race status and tries to draw parallels with the also biracial heroine Yuna, but that doesn’t explain why that would be a problem. There are no cutscenes in the main story that show one of these races persecuting the other, and both are portrayed as staunch devotees of the Yevon religion. This can lead many players to assume that the conflict just doesn’t exist, especially since it has members of both races among its supporters.

While Final Fantasy X shows a flashback to Seymour and his mother, and the player can speak at the first of their regrets, these scenes don’t elaborate enough on the suffering of either character. Much of the important detail about mankind’s persecution of Guado and how the two races struggled to accept Seymour’s mixed status are relegated to the background. Ultimanie Omega guide book. So it’s hard to credit the game for writing an interesting villain when most of its story is stuck behind additional material.

What makes this particularly confusing is that Final Fantasy X does a great job showing humanity’s discrimination against Al-Bhed. This race shuns the Yevon faith in science and technology and is hated like pagans. The game is strongly sympathetic to Al-Bhed, describing them as just as versatile as humans. These are usually imperfect but ultimately well-meaning people who do not deserve the contempt they receive. It is therefore disappointing that the guado did not receive a similar treatment.

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final fantasy x

With Al-Bhed being hated as apostates, Yuna and her companions have legitimate concerns about revealing her secretly biracial status. Seymour ostensibly experienced the discrimination she avoided through this sadly necessary deception, and his experiences are the justification he provides for his genocidal nihilistic ambitions. With Yuna struggling desperately to preserve life on Spira, even at the cost of his own, the game had the perfect opportunity to create a tragic set of rivals. Unfortunately, Seymour’s lack of development deprived him of that chance, a problem the HD remaster absolutely failed to correct.

These days, it’s not uncommon for developers to upgrade new versions of old games with new content. Square Enix themselves have a long history of it. Not only have they released several new versions of old titles, but they are also updating games as recent as Final Fantasy VII remake Going through Intergrade. Final Fantasy X‘S HD remaster should have done something similar. It could have fixed what the original had shattered by allowing players to see more clashes between humans and guado, giving more context to Seymour’s misanthropy. Alas, he had no ambition to develop the story in any meaningful way. As a result, a potentially interesting antagonist has remained underdeveloped and unsympathetic.

Square Enix has a reliable record of remastering and re-releasing their old games, so it’s very likely that Final Fantasy X will receive another update at some point in the future. When this happens, the company should definitely take the time to correct Seymour’s writing issues. As it currently stands, the character is one of their less impressive villains. His goal is nothing new and, compared to the unpredictable Kefka or the manipulator Sephiroth, he has nothing to stand out. A more solid backstory won’t necessarily put Seymour on their level, but it could give him something worth discussing. At the very least, it would give players the chance to see the pain he always talks about.

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Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Release Date, Trailer & Story Sat, 05 Jun 2021 01:57:00 +0000

Square Enix first teaser of “Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker” back in February. A launch target accompanied the announcement: fall 2021. As reported by NME, the company revealed the official release date more than three months later as part of the “Final Fantasy 14” Digital Fan Festival. According to game director Naoki Yoshida, “Endwalker” will be released on November 23, 2021; However, anyone who pre-orders the title will have early access to the expansion on November 19.

The digital event also included relevant information regarding the various “Endwalker” editions fans can buy. Priced at $ 199.99, the Collector’s Edition comes complete with a physical art box, a Paladin statue, multiple fine art prints and a frame, an Azem pin, and a mini Loporrit plush toy. Plus, you’ll receive all of the in-game items that come with the Collector’s Digital Edition: the Arion mount, Porom’s Wind-Up Minion, and Death’s Scythe. On its own, the collectible digital edition costs $ 59.99. All pre-orders, including the standard edition at $ 39.99, include two other virtual gifts: the wind-up Palom Minion and the EXP-boosting Menphina earring.

“Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker” will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac later this year.

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