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Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier will receive a second season of content which will add new maps, a tournament mode and a new class.

FF7 first dragon trooper

Square Enix surprised many fans by announcing a Battle Royale spin-off for Final Fantasy 7 called Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. This was announced alongside other Final Fantasy 7 related projects, such as Ever Crisis: Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. The first soldier acts as a prequel to the original JRPG, where it’s a battle royale shooter much like other titles like fortnite and PUBG Battlegrounds. The game has seen quite a bit of success already, as evidenced by a second season of content coming to the game soon.


Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier has seen many periodic updates since release, with much of the content being added around new costumes and weapons. One of the latest cosmetics added includes costumes based on Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, where players could earn skins based on Cloud, Tifa, and Barret’s appearances in the film. They may also have a chance to get Cloud’s motorcycle, Fenrir, as a skin, as well as his fusion sword as a weapon and item skins. The game will continue to receive support this year, with the announcement of a second season of content.

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In this blog post on Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier, the game’s creative director, Tetsuya Nomura, shows what will be included in this new season. According to a rough translation of the message, several new maps will be added to the game, as well as a “President’s Cup” tournament mode. This will feature large-scale competitions for players to participate in, with more details to be revealed in an upcoming broadcast. The biggest reveal however was a piece of promotional art for the second season, where a new class will be added.

The promotional artwork depicts an armored character with a spear, as well as a set of dragon wings. Many fans of the series will probably recognize this being Final FantasyThe basic Dragoon class, best known for its jumping and spearing abilities. While several other classes like Warrior, Sorcerer, Ninja, and Monk are already part of the game, this potential new addition might be a nice change for fans to try.

The post also notes that the team behind the game is looking to improve. Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier In many ways. This includes balance changes in different classes, to address various feedback points that fans have given via a questionnaire. Although there is no set release date for this new season, Nomura is ending the post in hopes that players will enjoy what is coming soon.

Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier is now available for iOS and Android devices.

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Epic Games Store kicks off 2022 with a bang

The Epic Games Store is kicking off 2022 with a bang by bringing popular games to its users for free in January 2022.

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Final Fantasy X-3 release date: is it officially confirmed? Fri, 14 Jan 2022 06:45:23 +0000

The only thing stopping developers Square Enix from making Final Fantasy X-3 is the current Final Fantasy VII Remake series.

With the epic FF7 Remake completed, another Spira-based sequel could be the team’s next major project. On the downside, it will take a long time for this to happen.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Motomu Toriyama, writer Kazushige Nojima, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura were interviewed in the late July 2021 issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine.

They talked about previous sequels including X-2, X-2.5 book Eien no Daisho and X-Will audio drama to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy X. The four of them also verified the existence of an FFX-3 Synopsis.

Everything You Need To Know About Tindler Swindler: Release Date, Plot, Trailer & More Info Revealed

“The chance of the game being created is not zero,” Toriyama remarked. “But first, we’re still working on the FF7 remake, so we can’t talk about that just yet.”

So you’re saying there’s a possibility!? Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII.

When will Final Fantasy X-3 be released?

You’d have an easier time predicting how long Square Enix would continue developing FF7 Remake games at this point. So far we have a full game and a two-chapter DLC.

They barely cover a tiny bit of the plot in the original game. Since the game’s various specific systems and locations are already created, subsequent entries should potentially take less time to develop. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Final Fantasy X-3

The execution time

“We have a general idea of ​​how the plot will unfold,” Kitase said in Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, which will be released in May 2020.

“There is a rumor that there will be three parts, but we are taking it one step at a time.” It will take longer to complete the story if we break it into big chunks. It will be easier to build if we separate it into smaller, more specific portions.

FF7 Remake Part 2 is unlikely to release before 2023, and at least one more full game is expected after that.

Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 Reloaded Update: Release Date – Countdown Begins!

It’s a stretch to believe that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake tale will end in 2025 or 2026, but it’s still possible.

Only then will work on X-3 begin in earnest. It would take 3-4 years or more to produce at this point unless Square Enix recycles some development systems and assets.

As unbelievable as it may seem, a release date before 2030 seems like a reasonable expectation.


We find out that the protagonist Tidus was a Blitzball star who lived – and died – in the city of Zanarkand around 1,000 years before the events of the main game during the events of FFX.

As a “Dream of the Day”, alluding to entities generated by the spirits of people merging with pyreflines to build magical creatures known as Aeons, highly metaphysical magic restored his bodily form.

During a pilgrimage, summoners call upon the power of the aeons to confront a kaiju known as Sin, who has ravaged vast swaths of the globe. Sin always resurfaces after being conquered since the aeon created to eliminate sin becomes sin.

The big surprise is that to defeat Sin, your party needs to send all of those Dreams into the Farplane, including Aeons and Tidus (which is kind of like Heaven). Yuna, your party’s summoner and lover of Tidus, returns to FFX-2 two years after the original game.

Yuna, an exalted hero, manages the political upheaval of three warring groups. However, she will have to go to the Farplane to fight a source of immense evil that corrupts the faith. They revive Tidus in gratitude.

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Final Fantasy X-Will radio drama and Final Fantasy X-2.5 novella Eien no Daisho examine the aftermath of their reunion. The light novel, which is informally translated as “Price of Eternity”, depicts the strain in the relationship between Tidus and Yuna.

Some truly bizarre events occur, including Tidus’ time travel to Besaid to investigate the random sexual nature of how aeons are generated. Tidus dies again and again, only to be resurrected. And the whole thing ends up breaking the cosmos.

All of this information is considered canon for those who have only played Final Fantasy X, in the same way that media initiatives enhanced the Final Fantasy VII mythos long before the FF7 Remake. It’s unclear how Square Enix will use all of this.

]]> Final Fantasy 14 director Yoshi-P slams developer abuse against developers Wed, 12 Jan 2022 05:03:00 +0000

The last episode of Radio Mog Station aired on January 9, 2022, and had a very special guest star of the Final fantasy 14 production team. Naoki Yoshida, or Yoshi-P as he is affectionately called, arrested by the Final fantasy 14 news podcast to share ideas and advocate with players.

Despite the stellar return of mid-2021 which Final fantasy 14 Appreciated, there are a lot of players unhappy with the state of the game. For several reasons, including a substantial free trial and other games missing the mark with their audiences, Final fantasy 14 saw a huge spike in the number of players in the months leading up to the Endwalker expansion. Despite the positive reception from fans in general and critics alike, there is a very loud community that is still unhappy with aspects of the game such as the recent class changes, the delay in launching the expansion and the lingering issues with the game. server connection queues.


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In the months leading up to the launch of Endwalker, many new players have flocked Final fantasy 14 Courtesy of streamers popularizing the game with a wider audience and a free trial that includes the base game and the first expansion. They took the place of players who would otherwise be there in the lull between expansions. As the Square Enix team planned to implement new servers to handle the recent spike in gamers and the expected return of gamers, a global chip shortage proved to be a hindrance. The announcement that Endwalker would be delayed for 2 weeks so that the teams could finish testing the stability. Since the delay and the subsequent release, the number of players has grown even more and now, weeks after launch, players are still waiting for hours to log in and play during peak hours.

m> That’s why … well I mean there are new players joining this game and there are a lot of players coming from other games and of course that also means that these are players who are experimenting with Endwalker as their first expansion, so it’s given that there will be errors and mistakes here and there, but after 11 years of traveling with players so far, it makes me feel like that the language used has ended up a bit overboard. I mean, I can take it, although that doesn’t make it any less bad, but the staff will feel really depressed after hearing those words when they’ve done their best to try and create something where everyone can enjoy, and it can end until they don’t make fun stuff from there anymore. So I just have one request for all players – imagine talking face to face with a developer whose name or face you might not know and imagine how they would feel before you did. send your comments, and I’ll be happy if people can do it politely.

The frustration is very real and understandable. Having to work all day and eagerly waiting to play a favorite game only to end up with a multi-hour connection queue is a terrible feeling. This can be made worse if the player is a DPS class trying to clear their daily roulettes and have to wait even longer. So what to do when you have to wait? For some, complaining online and harassing developers is the loathsome answer.

m> This is why the staff members will gradually get injured and this is especially evident when the staff member has worked so hard on it, and that doesn’t help anyone, neither the staff members nor the players either. It will completely drain their motivation and worse, they will end up quitting because of it which is why I hope everyone can figure this out. Considering things have gotten really extreme lately, and the staff are going all out to make it work … I mean, of course, I don’t mean everything should be commended. Mistakes are of course mistakes and they should be pointed out, but I would appreciate it if anyone could think carefully about their thoughts and comments before sending them.

It is inferred that this sort of “reprimand” is directed against the Japanese player base, as many developers do not speak English and therefore would not read comments from this audience. And supposedly, gamers provided plenty of feedback to the developers ahead of the most recent class changes. But, as anyone familiar with game development and fan bases knows from a distance, when they don’t get what they want or feel they aren’t being listened to, gamers can be very loud and toxic. The internet can be a cesspool, especially when people who swim are naturally toxic and passionate about what they complain about.

m> … Really, it’s just one thing here. Of course, I’m grateful to players for telling us “we should do this, or this should be that” and so on, but verbal abuse is … (something we wish it could stop). Well, I would like to consider myself to have a good mental level in Japan, but not everyone has the same mental strength as me …

No developer is immune to this kind of treatment and unfortunately Yoshi-P is there. These are people who put their heart and soul into a game. For some, it has been their passion for over a decade now. And having to endure abuse on a daily basis because an authorized player disagrees with a change that may not have been under his control? It is inexcusable. That’s why it’s important to be just as vocal when you find something nice. Those kind words might be the bit of inspiration a person needed after a long and stressful day, and the world would be so much better off for it.

Final fantasy 14 is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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What to expect from Cyberpunk 2077 in 2022

Cyberpunk 2077 has been gaining momentum lately, and 2022 could be the year its redemption story comes full circle.

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Final Fantasy: five best fighting themes Sun, 09 Jan 2022 22:15:00 +0000

Final Fantasy has some of JRPG most influential of all time, but he also set the standard for battle themes long before the arrival of Persona.

For 35 years, gamers have been in awe of the epic worlds and lovable characters of the Final fantasy deductible, mixing science fiction and fantastic as each episode of the long series of video games has a new distribution defending their world against evil threats. And to keep players alert and their attention riveted on the franchise’s turn-based combat system, the Final fantasy The series used particularly memorable combat music as warriors and monsters trade blows and prepare for their next moves.

Here are the best battle themes of the Final fantasy franchise spanning 35 years of history, which can immediately bring them longtime fans to their love of the series in their first bars, with catchy arrangements that should be on any Final fantasy player training mix or rhythmic video game mixes.

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Those who fight further

Let’s start by eliminating one of the more obvious additions with Final fantasy vii‘s “Those Who Struggle Further”, written by longtime Final fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. The landmark Final fantasy The game uses this battle theme for boss fights, with Uematsu taking advantage of advanced hardware from the original PlayStation to deliver richer sound than that available with cartridge games earlier in the series, with the song highlighting features a catchy electric guitar melody.

A rearrangement of “Those Who Fight Further” would appear on the Final Fantasy VII remakethe soundtrack of while the song can also play on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Final fantasy vii Midgar, with the song perhaps capturing the industrial feel of Final fantasy vii unlike the high fantasy and steampunk sensibilities of previous titles.

Final Fantasy VI Battle Theme

Final Fantasy VI – originally released in the United States for the Super Nintendo under the name Final Fantasy III – this easily one of the darkest stories of the franchise to date. The wicked Kefka devastates much of the world as the Empire attempts to subdue the magical Espers for their own purposes underhanded during the game, the third act featuring the characters rallying to rebuild from their previous defeat.

This darker, more melancholy tone also permeates Uematsu’s soundtrack for Final Fantasy VIWith a sense of urgency and chaos in the “Battle Theme”. Pushing the sound capabilities of the SNES hardware as far as possible, the “Battle Theme Final Fantasy VI” is a melody cacophony cascading over a driving beat as the characters struggle to save a world that is perhaps already lost.

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Confrontation on the Grand Pont

New in North America for seven years, Final fantasy v is a colorful adventure that saw the rise of an evil wizard named Exdeath following a meteor crash, resulting in a fierce race to collect four crystals capable of saving the day. the Final fantasy v The soundtrack was one of the most ambitious at the time, the work of Uematsu finally being released as double-disc album for the amazing amount of tracks he composed.

Final fantasy vThe main battle theme is “Clash on the Big Bridge” which is a call to arms particularly fast, suitable for cloak and dagger connotations present in the game itself. Hitoshi Sakimoto reorganize “Clash on the Big Bridge” for the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack over a decade later.

Blinded by the light

Promotional image of Final Fantasy XIII

2009 Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most radical of the venerable series games – and most controversial – featuring a rotating distribution protagonists during its thirteen chapters narrative while the main group was separated and collected, while offering more fights faster than other franchise titles. At the heart of Final Fantasy XIIIThe soundtrack to is “Blinded by Light”, written by game composer Masashi Hamauzu.

While the first main line Final fantasy game have no soundtrack composed by Uetmatsu, Hamauzu has more than proved himself a worthy successor, with “Blinded by Light” blending beautiful orchestral arrangements with roaring electric guitars while the theme of the battle crescendo a memorable tone that accentuates every move progressively as they’re delivered.

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The man with the machine gun

Final Fantasy VIII mixed a greater sense of realism in its waking moments with a surreal undercurrent of dreams playing a major role in the story, including for its protagonist Squall Leonhart. Although Final Fantasy VIII has its own main battle theme with “Don’t Be Afraid”, its dream sequence battles set to “The Man with the Machine Gun” provide a much more sonically impressive track.

Fast paced and juxtaposing a relentless percussive rhythm with electronic keys jerky, “The Man with the Machine Gun” sums may well turn stronger to science fiction and Uetmatsu incorporating more pop sensibility in his songwriting to period while keeping this fundamental emotion of the story and its characters in sight.

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Can a bad twist ruin a good RPG?

Can a bad twist ruin a good RPG?

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10 Scariest Final Fantasy Monsters In The Series Sat, 08 Jan 2022 18:05:00 +0000

The Final Fantasy series has a rich library of fantastic monster designs. Lots of them are cool, some are funny, and most of them are charming. However, there are a few that are downright disturbing. Strange Horrors are the kind of monsters that make you a little uncomfortable as you fight them.

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Whether because of their massive size, their otherworldly appearance, or perhaps their overwhelming power, these monsters are able to stand out and distinguish themselves as being disproportionately spooky. Final Fantasy might not be a series known for its gruesome creatures, but they certainly have a few in their back pocket.

ten Belias – Final Fantasy Tactics

Belias as seen in Final Fantasy Tactics

Belias is one of the Lucavi demons you fight during the Final Fantasy Tactics campaign. While not the scariest creature in the game (it’s probably Cúchulainn’s bloated horror), once you start fighting this bully the intimidation factor starts to increase. By far the toughest fight in the storytelling campaign, Belias is able to petrify, silence, and confuse you.

It also hits like a truck. It doesn’t help that in the first phase of this fight before he has to fight Belias himself, Ramza will have to face Weigraf one-on-one (and no, he doesn’t have a chance to heal afterwards). Basically if you don’t think Belias is creepy now, you will once you fight him.


9 Janova Dreamweaver – Final Fantasy 7: Remake

Janova in her Dreamweaver form (as seen in Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

In the original game, Jenova was scarier as an idea than she was as a real boss. When you finally meet her, she’s just a jumble of polygons and she doesn’t really create a spooky feel.

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However, Jenova Dreamweaver’s fight in Final Fantasy 7 Remake adds a bit more fuel to the fire. The otherworldly elements that her body is made of are in high resolution in the remake, giving her design a much needed visual panache. It does a better job of nailing that eldritch horror quality that they were probably looking for in the original title.

8 Reine d’Eblan – Final Fantasy 4

Concept art for the Queen of Eblan from Final Fantasy 4

There is something about chimeric monsters with a human face that is deeply disturbing. Snakes are, of course, something that humans are wary of. Especially if you live in a place where there are poisonous snakes. So, a snake with a human face is already something irritating.

Pair that with the indistinguishable tufts, bumps, and tendrils that line its serpentine body and you’ve got something that almost seems to venture into body horror. This is all just the visual aspect; there is also the tragic quality of the Queen of Eblan having once been an ordinary human being. It is all so unsettling.

seven Rogue Axeman – Final Fantasy 15

Rogue Axeman from Chapter 13 of Final Fantasy 15

Some people may forget about it, but Final Fantasy 15 actually has an entire section where the game changes genre and focuses exclusively on horror. You play as an unarmed Noctis and are hunted down by the Rogue Axemen. These dysfunctional magitek soldiers limp in an unnatural, jerky, puppet-like manner.

Since you are on your own and with no equipment, the game encourages you to hide and sneak past them. So the atmosphere also gives these guys a little horror boost. Chapter 13 hasn’t worked for everyone, but it is without a doubt one of the scariest sections of Final Fantasy you’ll come across. The Axemans are certainly a big part of that.

6 Exdeath – Final Fantasy 5

Final Fantasy 5 Exdeath boss fight

Throughout the series, Exdeath has made several appearances, but his conception in Final Fantasy 5 is the most cosmic horror he’s ever had. The surface of his body is a mess of tendrils and intertwined teeth. It almost looks like Exdeath has been turned over, as the tendrils have a visceral appearance.

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As you fight Exdeath’s giant head, his body can be seen curling in the distance. It looks like a giant cosmic worm. It is all a bit strange and disturbing. The way a good cosmic entity should be, making him a great climate patron. Exdeath is easily one of the spookiest trees you’ll ever come across.

5 Iron Giant – Final Fantasy 15

Iron Giant as seen in Final Fantasy 15

The iron giant has been around for a long time. As a general rule, I would categorize this enemy as pretty “cool”. I wouldn’t have said scary; not until Final Fantasy 15, that is. You see, the battle screen in the old Final Fantasy games didn’t really do big enemies justice. The reach didn’t mean much, and something important didn’t make it difficult.

However, the first time one of these massive iron monstrosities shows up in Final Fantasy 15, you see how massive these things really are. It’s hard not to feel a little intimidated. There will be people who may decide to get back in the car and take an alternate route. It’s hard to blame them.

4 Gerogero – Final Fantasy 8

Gerogero (both his impostor president form as well as his monstrous form)

Gerogero is by nature somewhat disconcerting. It is basically a giant, deformed humanoid creature. He seems to have some of his organs outside of his body which is super gross (they notably recolored those organs to look less like organs for the North American release).

However, disturbing as Gerogero is, he is most disturbing when he acts as a lookalike for the president. You fight him in this human form as he shakes awkwardly, flailing his limbs unnaturally. The two forms of Gerogero deserve to have been combined to create a generally disturbing boss encounter.

3 Calcobrena – Final Fantasy 4

Calcobrena as seen in Final Fantasy 4

The reason dolls can be so scary is probably related to their lifeless appearance. They feel so close to being real, but something is wrong. Basically all of the dolls live in the Strange Valley. So Calca and Brina were already scary.

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When they merge into the giant, heavy monstrosity known as Calcobrena, they officially stumble to officially become disturbing. It’s hard to watch this horror and not feel some strong enough Akira vibes. Seems like there are quite a few quirks in Final Fantasy 4, but this one probably takes the cake.

2 Unknown – Final Fantasy 5

The four unknown monsters of Final Fantasy 5

Damn, where do these horrors come from? For those unfamiliar with, Unknown Monsters come in many forms in Final Fantasy 5. One is a series of skeletal torsos extending from the ceiling, another looks like a giant internal organ on display, another is a a Cronenberg nightmare that threw up everything. on itself, and there’s another snake creature from another world (which also looks like something Cronenberg made).

All of these monsters seem to be in total contradiction with the rest of the bestiary. They would make other appearances in the series, but they’ve never looked so gruesome as in Final Fantasy 5. A member of the Final Fantasy design team was in a dark place when he designed these creatures.

1 Zone Eater – FF6

The Zone Eater from Final Fantasy 6

In general, giant tanker-sized worms that have rows of sharp teeth are horrible. The Zone Eater will absolutely make an impression the first time you meet it in the desert.

Then once he starts eating your party members, the real fear will really set in. the zone eater.

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Final Fantasy Cacti with a train inductor hat and bag next to a metal Cactuar with a mustache
Final Fantasy: 10 things you didn’t know about Cactuar

Cactuar quickly became fan favorite creature after being introduced in Final Fantasy. Here are 10 interesting facts about them!

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How to build the FF7 cloud in DnD Thu, 06 Jan 2022 22:18:14 +0000

Final Fantasy: VII introduced players to its main protagonist, Cloud Strife. Here’s how to make him a playable character in Dungeons & Dragons.

Cloud Strife is the protagonist of the hit game Final fantasy vii, and in the years since its debut, it has been featured or referenced in a plethora of other games, films, and literature. Cloud was originally an enlisted soldier in the shady military wing of an organization known as Shinra. Because of this, Cloud has become an expert swordsman, wielding his iconic Buster sword to rain punishment on his enemies.

During FFVII, players saw Cloud go from being a proud and arrogant swordsman when opening the game to a gentler, more caring character who struggles to open up to others and struggles to live with others. the height of his friend’s memory. With growth of power and character like this, Dungeons & Dragons players may want to recreate Cloud or base a character on him for their next campaign. here’s how FFVIIthe hero can translate on the table using Fifth editionthe rules of.

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The best race for the cloud

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cloud Strife

Cloud is a human, although Variant Human works best because it allows Cloud to assign a +1 bonus to two separate stats to better show the targeted training of a Shinra soldier. Human variants also have access to a free giveaway and first-level skill mastery, which will help start this build strong. Insight is useful because it helps Cloud read the intentions of those around him, which is great for trying to get to the bottom of a situation.

As for the feat, Sentinel is great for Cloud, as it allows him to have better control of the battlefield during combat. With Sentinel, the Disengage action has no effect when an enemy uses it to attempt to escape Cloud’s range. An enemy hit by Cloud’s attack of opportunity has their speed reduced to zero until end of turn, and Cloud can also perform an attack of opportunity if a target within range of his melee weapon attacks someone. other than him.

Best-in-class for the cloud

FF7 Remake Cloud Fighting

Fighter is clearly the best class for Cloud, as he represents his time as an infantryman with Shinra. However, due to its powerful Limit Break abilities, the Eldritch Knight subclass is the best choice. To better convey Cloud’s skills with his big, heavy Buster Sword, choose the Great Weapon Fighting option from the level one fighting styles available.

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Cloud Capacity Scores

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Zack and Cloud.

As an Eldritch Knight fighter, Cloud must prioritize Strength, Constitution, and Intelligence. Clouds’ high Strength score will allow him to land blows with his Buster sword and do more damage to them, while the Constitution buff will help him resist blows that would kill him or otherwise immobilize him. Finally, intelligence is needed, as this is the ability score used by supernatural knights to cast spells. Use the increased ability score obtained from the variant human race to get one point in Intelligence and one point in Strength or Constitution.

Best backgrounds for the cloud

Soldier is the best background because that’s what Cloud was like before the events of Final fantasy vii. However, there are other options that may work depending on which version of Cloud the player wants to replicate. Faction Agent might work well for a Cloud that’s halfway through its history and work with members of the Avalanche to take down Shinra, while the Mercenary Veteran is best suited to play Cloud during his time as a mercenary.

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Cloud spells and exploits

Cloud has access to a number of spells as a Knight Eldritch, and those that complement his melee skills will work best for this build. Shield and Green Flame Blade are prime examples. Shield adds a +5 bonus to Cloud’s armor class until the start of his next turn, while Green Flame Blade ignites Cloud’s Buster sword in magical flames that leap at other enemies in close proximity to him. the one he attacks. At later levels, a spell like Scorching Ray could also be used to mimic Cloud’s Blade Beam ability.

For exploits, Cloud could make good use of Tough when he needs the extra hit points to stay close and personal for an extended period of time, while Inspiring Leader could represent an endgame Cloud that ultimately managed to squeeze in. ‘open up and gain the confidence to lead. However, the caveat is that Cloud needs a Charisma score of at least 13 to achieve this feat. If this is an unlikely prospect, then Martial Adept is an alternative to better demonstrate Cloud’s acute ability with his sword. This allows him to perform two maneuvers of the Fighter’s Battle Master subclass and earn a single d6 superiority die.

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my hero academia vigilante and avengers

My hero Academia Vigilantes played the Avengers … as villains?

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Final Fantasy 7 mod turns Sephiroth into McDonalds mascot Tue, 04 Jan 2022 23:05:00 +0000

Sephiroth wearing Ronald McDonald red wig and makeup says "Mmm, mmm, mmm, I love it."

Picture: Square Enix / Crandif / Kotaku

Literally, what is it? It’s been less than a week since we are in 2022 and already the shit has started. Modules for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade started arriving shortly after her struggling pc release last month, but I certainly didn’t expect someone to get sick and give Sephiroth the Ronald McDonald makeover.

Okay, technically the mod, called “Sephironald” was released on December 29th (Thank you Polygon), but since everyone was collectively busy trying to erase 2021 from their memory, I firmly envision it in the 2022 window of internet abominations. Modder Crandifthe job does one thing and only one thing: to do a color palette swap on Sephiroth so that the FFVII remake the antagonist changes from ex-SOLDIER 1st Class to looking like the mascot of McDonald’s during the time he was going through his Juggalo phase in the late ’90s.

Final Fantasy VII remake takes the classic 1997 JRPG and reimagines it with stunning modern graphics and a few story twists that longtime fans didn’t necessarily see coming. At the center of it all is Sephiroth, an all-time video game villain famous in part for being accompanied by a fight song that included singers singing in Latin. God forgive those who choose to defile part of it with a fast food clown.

Of course, as noted Polygon, McSephiroth is nothing new. The mashup meme has a long and strange history, from cosplay to mods for other games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Who doesn’t remember the epic showdown between McSephiroth and KFC Cloud?

For those who don’t want an apocalyptic Ronald McDonald to haunt their game, or their dreams for that matter, there are plenty of other more relaxing mods to FFVII remake on PC, including one to let Cloud wear his dress throughout the game, one to replace Aerith’s weapons with chairs, and a few at help increase overall performance.

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Final Fantasy 16 remains atop Famitsu’s most wanted charts Sun, 02 Jan 2022 19:48:08 +0000

Famitsu has released its latest weekly rankings for the most anticipated upcoming games as voted by its readers. Interestingly, this is a top 10 virtually unchanged from last week. Final fantasy 16 is still at the top of the charts, where it has been for some time. The top 10 is dominated, like most weeks, by the next Switch titles, with the PS5 version of Gran Turismo 7 at # 7 being the only non-Switch game on the charts.

At no. ten, Kirby and the Forgotten Country has been replaced Pragmata, but that’s the only change in the charts this week. The top 5 is completely unchanged, with Bayonet 3 (at n ° 2), the continuation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (N ° 3), Splatoon 3 (No.4), and Dragon Quest 10 offline (No. 10) keep all their positions as well.

During this time, Pokémon Legends: Arceus (at n ° 6), Ushiro (No.8), and Triangular strategy (No. 9) also retained their positions from last week.

You can check out the full top 10 below. All votes were cast by Famitsu readers between December 9th and 15th.

1. [PS5] Final Fantasy 16 – 742 votes
2. [NSW] Bayonetta 3 – 607 votes
3. [NSW] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – 583 votes
4. [NSW] Splatoon 3 – 576 votes
5. [NSW] Dragon Quest 10 offline – 530 votes
6. [NSW] Pokemon Legends: Arceus – 464 votes
seven. [PS5] Gran Turismo 7 – 323 votes
8. [NSW] Ushiro – 321 votes
9. [NSW] Triangle Strategy – 289 votes
ten. [NSW] Kirby and the Forgotten Land – 286 votes

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How to get two-tone gemstone coupons Fri, 31 Dec 2021 21:42:00 +0000

Those who know MMOs like Final fantasy 14 be aware that there is an element of grinding in the game. Final fantasy 14 may not be as intensive in some ways as other MMOs, there are a few in the game that are a bit mind-boggling. One example is the two-tone gemstone coupons.

Before getting into the process of getting the two-tone gemstone coupons, one should examine the end product and determine whether it is worth spending your precious time. Currently, there are only two items purchasable with the coupons. One is the Fallen Angel Wings fashion accessory and the other is the Wivre Horn used to summon the unique Wivre mount. Each requires 500 two-tone gemstone coupons to purchase. To earn the vouchers, you have to earn two-tone gems. From there, it’s a 100: 1 ratio of gems to vouchers.


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Obtain two-tone gems


For those who have already done the quick math, earning an item equals 50,000 Bi-Color Gems per item and 100,000 Bi-Color Gems for both. Now the question of how to earn these gems arises. Players will earn the gems after completing shared FATEs in one of the Shadowbringer Where Endwalker expansion areas. However, there are a number of shared FATEs stuck behind completion ranks.

To check the ranking of an area, players will open the “Travel” tab in the “Main Menu” and select “Shared FATE”. The new window will display the total number of two-tone gemstones as well as the ranking of each zone. Upgrading a rank simply requires a player to complete FATEs. Completing a single FATE unlocks rank 1, 6 FATE unlocks rank 2, and 60 FATE unlocks rank 3.

Unlock vouchers for two-tone gemstones

After acquiring enough Two-Tone Gems to purchase a Voucher (100), players can take them to either of the two merchants to complete the transaction. They are Gadfrid in Old Sharlayan (X: 12.7, Y: 10.4) and Sajareen in Radz-at-Han (X11.1, Y: 10.2). In addition, players can purchase vouchers from Final fantasy 14 Market advice, but be warned; they can be quite expensive (over 100,000 gil to 1). Because it takes so many gems to buy a voucher, it is recommended that you stock up before going to redeem them.

After saving enough vouchers for one or both items, players will need to speak with Luxury Trader, Edelina in Mor Dhona (X: 22.1, Y: 4.9). This Fancy Merchant will have the items that players are looking for. The Fallen Angel Wings and Wivre Horn are two extremely rare items in the game due to the time and effort involved in purchasing them. As such, they hold a number of “bragging rights” in Eorzea, apart from the actual endgame of Final fantasy fashion.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether he wishes to spend the arguably obscene time necessary to gain even one of the items. But there are worse ways to spend time for finalists or those just looking for something to do.

Final fantasy 14 is currently available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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How to get aged treasure maps in Almastyskin Thu, 30 Dec 2021 14:58:00 +0000

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker features exclusive treasure maps called Timeworn Almastyskin Treasure Maps that players can collect.


Final fantasy 14 Endwalker added a huge collection of new items for players to grind for. Two of these items, called Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps and Timeworn Almastyskin Treasure Maps, are maps that allow players to access loot hidden in everything new. Final fantasy 14 DLC.

How to get aged treasure maps in Almastyskin

In order to grab some of these cards, players must have a level 90 Disciple of Land collecting profession. These three FF14 the collecting jobs are Miner, Fisherman and Botanist. While collecting ore, fishing, or gathering plants in the new Endwalker areas, players have the option of finding a Timeworn Almastyskin treasure map or a Timeworn Kumbhiraskin treasure map. Players can also rent one of the Land Gathering classes or try to buy one from the Market Board.


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What to do with Almastyskin’s time-worn treasure maps

In order to activate these cards, players must decipher the card with the “Decrypt” action; this action has an 18 hour shared cooldown for the Almastyskin and Kumbhiraskin cards. Once the treasure map is used, head to the coordinates of a treasure and a few enemies guarding it. These level 90 Endwalker enemies are fairly easy to kill, so players won’t need too much help earning their treasures as long as they reach the maximum Endwallker level of 90.


Potential rewards for ancient Almastyskin treasure maps

  • Gil
  • Allagan Tombstone of the Aphorism x 10
  • Phonograph plate
  • Orchestral phonograph

How are Aged Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps different?

Kumbhiraskin versions of these cards are similarly collected with the same level 90 Disciples of Land professions in all of the new Endwalker locations in FF14. But they’ll have much harder enemies at coordinates, and players will likely need a full party to support them so they can retrieve their treasures. Fortunately, the treasure is much better for the Kumbhiraskin maps.

Potential rewards for ancient Kumbhiraskin treasure maps

  • Gil
  • Allagan Tombstone of the Aphorism x 10
  • Materia
  • Leprechaun wings
  • Excite-i-mask

After the Final fantasy 14 With the Endwalker 6.05 update slated for early January 2022, these maps will also have a chance to spawn a portal after enemies have been killed and treasure collected, giving players access to an additional special instance called The Excitatron 6000. While the rewards for this example are not yet listed, players can expect to find some amazing loot for their additional issues. It is not known if this chance will be available for Almastyskin cards, but players will be able to get them with Kumbhiraskin cards.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker is available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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