Dungeons & Dragons

Gem Dragons in Fizban’s Dragon Treasure Explained

Fizban’s Treasure of the Dragons has brought the gem dragons back to Dungeons & Dragons, which are powerful creatures that reside in the inner planes. Fizban’s Dragon Treasure is a new reference book for Dungeons & Dragons which brings back ancient content, as the Gem Dragons have officially returned to …

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Wu-Tang Clan fantasy RPG reportedly in the works

A new “third-person fantasy RPG” from the Wu-Tang Clan is in the works at Microsoft and new developer Brass Lion Entertainment, which includes veterans from BioWare and Bethesda. The new title would be based on “the tradition of the Wu-Tang Clan” and the group will also create the soundtrack. This …

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D&D 5e: The best barding spells

Dungeons & Dragons allows bards to do almost anything they want, but the magic users among them will want to focus on certain spell options. Bards are the jack-of-all-trades of Dungeons & Dragons, but most bards flirt with the Arcane Arts enough to know what they’re doing. The number of …

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