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10 Best Anime Shows That Deserve A Revival, According To Reddit https://rpgblog.org/10-best-anime-shows-that-deserve-a-revival-according-to-reddit/ Tue, 15 Nov 2022 02:45:00 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/10-best-anime-shows-that-deserve-a-revival-according-to-reddit/

The next HBO scooby-doo spin off Velma may have sparked some controversy among fans as more details about the Mindy Kaling-led series have emerged, but their decision to relaunch the series in a bold way could still pay off. Although some are skeptical that the irreverent reinvention of the R rating will work for scooby-doomany are just happy that old anime series aren’t forgotten.

That’s the case with a ton of anime fans who are hoping their own favorite series will get some reruns. Of clone high at The spectacular Spider-ManRedditors think these anime shows deserve another shot.


Jimmy Two-shoes (2009-2011)

Jimmy Two Shoes Season 1 promotional image

Centered on the titular Jimmy, a carefree kid trying to have fun in the dark town of Miseryville, Jimmy Two-shoes is a Canadian show airing on Disney XD in the United States. A Redditor thinks its two-season run hasn’t shown the full potential of a playful humor-filled show.

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They think a “Jimmy Two-Shoes reboot in the vein of its original tween pilot would be cool.” Although the pilot in question was never discovered, fans have speculated that the show’s initial concept was slightly darker and aimed at an older audience than the final product. If the trend of lively rebirths for an older demographic continues, Jimmy Two-shoes would be an ideal candidate.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011-2013)

Hal Jordan, Kilowog Razur and Aya in Green Lantern The Animated Series

The only downside to the large number of great animated superhero shows being created is that sometimes amazing shows end up being left behind, and fans would say that’s the case for Green Lantern: The Animated Series. The show only lasted 26 episodes although it became a favorite for many, thanks to its much more faithful adaptation of the DC Comics superhero compared to the 2011 film.

It’s one of the reasons Redditor Ginger_Anarchy thinks it deserves a revival, explaining that it had “great ideas on how to get by on your own but use DC stuff ideas.” While its distinctive CGI art style set it apart back then, advancements in technology could take its revival to a whole new level in terms of great visuals.

Tron: Uprising (2012-2013)

Three characters watch a virtual landscape in Tron Uprising

A disappointing box office for tron the legacy in 2010 may have killed the film franchise, but it opened the door to an arguably even cooler take on the franchise’s incredibly stylish sci-fi world. It came in the form of Tron: Uprisingwhich stars Elijah Wood as a young program who becomes the leader of a virtual revolution.

Redditor StarSkullyman is still not happy with how it ended after just one season, calling it “probably the most heartbreaking cancellation I can think of.” A dramatic cliffhanger ending left fans little to do but speculate on how a season 2 might have turned out, but a revival could finally provide some much-needed closure.

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009)

Spectacular smiling Spider-Man on a rooftop

Few anime series have garnered as many calls for a comeback as The spectacular Spider-Man, which was the subject of a social media campaign just last year. That’s because the show lives up to its name, managing to capture the fun and spirit of the iconic superhero while being surprisingly smart too.

Unfortunately, it was canceled long before it even started to run out of steam. Redditor Ballinchallinshake is one fan who supports calls for his return, adding that it “ended on a cliffhanger”. Spider ManSony and Marvel’s unique licensing situation means nothing is ever guaranteed, but fans remain optimistic.

Dungeons and Dragons (1983-1985)

80s Cartoon Dungeons and Dragons

With a new trailer coming out this summer, Dungeons & Dragons looks set to get another big-budget screen adaptation, but plenty of fans would be happy if they just went back to a classic. Centered on a group of friends transported to a fantasy world, the show cleverly incorporates elements of tabletop gaming.

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Redditor Sins_of_God puts “1983 Dungeons & Dragons” at the top of their list of anime shows they want to see revived, and many older fans still have fond memories of the show’s distinctive characters. Some of these characters even continue to appear in Dungeons & Dragons merchandise today, demonstrating the show’s enduring appeal, which producers would be wise to take advantage of.

Symbionic Titan (2010-2011)

Titan Sym-Bionic Cast

With its central trio of two aliens and a robot that combine to form the titular giant battle titan, Sym-Bionic Titan may look like a non-stop action ride, but it’s actually a surprisingly well-rounded spectacle. Its characters and their struggles garnered a ton of fans before it was abruptly canceled, apparently due to its limited merchandising potential.

Redditor taikoxtaiko lists it as a show that fully deserves a revival but thinks “being delisted for tax reasons” killed its chances. Toonami’s Tumblr account revealed that the show was canceled by the network in 2014, so it’s unclear if the show will ever be able to return. If there is a way for the creators to deliver a satisfying sequel to the series, fans would welcome it with open arms.

The Amazing World of Gumball (2011-2019)

Gumball and Darwin in The Amazing World of Gumball

Few anime series are as beloved as The Amazing World of Gumball, which brings together a ton of different artistic styles and techniques to apply its distinctive humor to almost any subject imaginable. With a TV movie and a spin-off on the way, it hardly feels bubble gum is gone, but some fans are already yearning for him to return.

Redditor Magicman2012 comments that the show’s finale, which ended on a grim cliffhanger, “left a sour taste in my mouth”. They’re not the only viewers feeling this, and fans are hoping the next movie does a lot of work to address the issue. A new series would be even better, however, giving them a chance to cap off an incredible series with an equally stunning conclusion.

Gargoyles (1994-1996)

The main cast of Gargoyles the 1994 animated series

A ton of darker, more complex anime shows from the 90s such as Batman: The Animated Series are still celebrated today, but Gargoyles has unfortunately somewhat faded from public attention. Centered on ancient nocturnal creatures who find themselves awake in today’s New York, the show has maintained a cult fanbase over the years.

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Redditor OnslaughtRM calls it “a standout show that’s been around long enough for 2 generations of people to have never seen it, and it holds up very well to this day.” They’re not the only ones who think new generations are missing out, with Polygon reporting that filmmakers, such as Jordan Peele, have tried to get a gruesome live-action version off the ground to no avail.

Clone High (2002-2003)

The cast of Clone High pose together at school

A prematurely canceled sitcom set in a high school populated by clones of famous historical figures, clone high was co-created by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – the pair behind The Lego Movie — so it’s no surprise that it buzzes with inventive lively humor. Redditor DoNotIngest thinks it’s one of the few classic cartoons that “would become gangbusters if rebooted.”

At the time of its first airing, it was the subject of controversy that likely hampered its chances of success on a mainstream network, but with the diversity and freedom that streaming has brought, its premise could be perfect for reviving today. HBO Max seems to be on board as they ordered two new seasons of the show last year, meaning it’s likely to finally receive the return fans have always hoped for.

Mega XLR (2004-2005)

Promotional artwork for Megas XLR

As a hilarious homage to the classic mecha anime that injects a ton of fun into the giant battle robot genre, it’s no surprise. Mega XLR has a huge fan base for whom his story of friends piloting an eXtra Large Robot and defending the earth from alien invaders worked perfectly. Since its cancellation, calls to relaunch the show have not ceased.

Redditor ThatmodderGrim thinks it’s still a good idea, commenting, “I think Megas would do well these days.” They see giant robots as having universal appeal and believe a revival would fare better. Unfortunately, creator George Krstic is pessimistic about the odds, explaining that his tax deduction status for the Cartoon Network makes a comeback unlikely in an interview with Untied.

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]]> 10 Best Sci-Fi TTRPGs (That Aren’t D&D) https://rpgblog.org/10-best-sci-fi-ttrpgs-that-arent-dd/ Sat, 12 Nov 2022 19:45:35 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/10-best-sci-fi-ttrpgs-that-arent-dd/

Dungeons and Dragons has exploded in popularity over the past five years or so, introducing a host of new players to the joy of tabletop role-playing games. after playing J&D for a while, some gamers may notice that it does not provide enough material for them to create interesting games outside of the fantasy genre.

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A remarkable domain J&D lacks sci-fi, as even the most sci-fi-like settings of Eberron and Spelljammer are still firmly rooted in fantasy. Luckily for gamers looking for a fun futuristic or space adventure, there are plenty of other TTRPGs that focus specifically on the genre and do a much better job than J&D.

10/10 Only war is a suitably sinister meat grinder

Cadian soldiers attack in Only War TTRPG.

Warhammer 40,000 enjoyed a similar spike in popularity to J&Dand although there are a few TTRPGs defined in the 40K universe, only war from Fantasy Flight Games really stands out. The game places players in the role of soldiers of the Astra Militarum. Unlike the genetically enhanced Space Marines, the iconic children of 40Kthe characters of only war are mostly normal humans bumping into impossible odds.

Gamers looking for a serious change of pace Dungeons and Dragons will find it in only war. Instead of being epic heroes with supernatural powers, players will constantly be in danger of dying in the trenches of a distant alien planet. It might not be everyone’s idea of ​​fun, but it perfectly captures 40K your and will give J&D players a new kind of experience.

9/10 Dune: Adventures In The Imperium rewards hardcore roleplayers

Cover of Dune Adventures in the Imperium.

For anyone who doesn’t know Frank Herbert Dunes series, it’s a bit like game of thrones in the space. The focus is on themes like politics and religion, and people have to be very careful who they trust. All this is very well translated into Dune: Adventures in the Imperium by Modiphus Entertainment.

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Dune: Adventure in the Imperium includes a ton of knowledge in its RPG material to help players immerse themselves in the complex world of the books. Players can perform stealth spy missions or engage in large-scale combat. Similar to books, players need to think about what they do and say to stay safe.

8/10 Cyberpunk Red has both style and substance

A crowded Night City street of Cyberpunk Red promo art.

Forget the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077; Night City is alive and well in cyberpunk red. This updated version of the classic Cyberpunk 2020 is set in a new era, but with similar themes of shallow culture and corporate greed to the original.

cyberpunk is a great game for players who want to play in a more grounded and speculative future, as opposed to something more fantasy like Mass Effect. Night City characters are all about looking cool and making a name for themselves, so players who like playing big personalities will love this game.

7/10 Shadowrun mixes science fiction and fantasy

A crowded arena watches a band perform in Shadowrun.

shadow run is great for J&D players who may not be ready to completely give up playing in a fantasy setting. shadow run provides a great mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements, creating a unique game world.

shadow run is essentially cyberpunk, but set in a world populated by fantasy races like elves, dwarves, and orcs. It has a fairly complex game system, so new players may struggle a bit with it. shadow run. However, for players who are up for the challenge, it’s a lot of fun in a really cool setting.

6/10 Lasers And Feelings is the perfect starter RPG

Art of a spaceship from Lasers and Feelings.

Players looking to get into TTRPGs will appreciate the simplicity of Lasers and sensations. The game features one of the easiest character creation methods of any RPG, allowing players to jump straight into the action and see if this type of gameplay is right for them.

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The game is basically a classic star trek setup where each player has a designated role on a spaceship. Players will decide to solve problems using logic (lasers) or empathy (feeling). Players will have a blast traveling through space and debating how best to keep friendly planets safe. With the simplicity of the game, it can also be easily played by J&D groups that just want to mix things up for a session or two.

Divers explore underwater in Blue Contact.

Blue Planet: Recontact has one of the most interesting settings, not just in TTRPGs, but in science fiction in general. It takes place in the far future after Earth has been rendered largely uninhabitable on a colony planet known as Poseidon 2199.

Poseiden 2199 is essentially an ocean planet, which means that Blue Planet: Recontact deals with many interesting underwater adventures. There are also strong themes of environmentalism and the dangerous side of technological advancement that can give players and GMs a lot of work for their collaborative storytelling.

4/10 Scum And Villainy is a sci-fi dream come true

Spaceships fly through rings in Scum and Villainy.

There are two distinct camps of sci-fi media. For fans of lighter sci-fi and science-fantasy, Scum and meanness provides the perfect setting. Although the game has its own story, it clearly draws inspiration from popular media such as star wars and Fireflymaking the world familiar to new players.

Scum and meanness lets players experience many sci-fi staples, like smuggling goods between worlds or pulling off a high-level heist. There’s also a fun flashback mechanic that allows players to pause the ongoing action of the game and describe something their characters had set up in preparation for that moment. This gives the game a cinematic, stylized feel that other RPGs might not have.

3/10 Numenera is an interesting narrative experience

Space spiders weave a web in Numenera.

The world of Numbering is one that players will love to explore. The game takes place in what is called the “Ninth World”, a place where eight other civilizations once existed. Ancient civilizations have either been destroyed or advanced beyond the world, and players must explore the ruins of what remains.

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Numbering provides the perfect setting for storytelling, as there are plenty of mysteries to uncover. It’s also a relatively simple game to start playing, which makes it friendly for new players. In fact, the character sheet is basically just a crazy library, asking players to fill in their names and a brief description of what their character does.

2/10 Star Wars: Edge of The Empire Shows Players a Grittier Side of the Galaxy

An angry alien from Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

There is a lot of star wars TTRPGs to choose from, as well as Dungeons and Dragons material put in the star wars universe. Which makes On the edge of the Empire standing out is its emphasis on the more interesting side of star wars.

On the edge of the Empire focuses more on the fringes of society star wars, such as smugglers and bounty hunters. Players may have some minor Force powers, but there won’t be a big fight over who becomes a Jedi and wields their lightsaber. By focusing on the peripheries of society, On the edge of the Empire also allows for more complex storytelling than typical good versus evil fans expect from most star wars media.

1/10 Starfinder is the J&D science fiction

A dual-wielding gun adventurer in Starfinder.

Many sci-fi RPGs are slightly more focused, but star seeker shines because of its extensive options. The same way as Dungeons and Dragons can safely support anything fancy, star seeker can be used to create any type of sci-fi tale GMs can imagine.

star seeker offers a robust system and plenty of options to create any type of game players want, whether GMs want to wage a horror campaign on a spooky abandoned space station like dead space or something more like star wars. The game also has adventure hook suggestions for new GMs if they want help creating one.

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Harness the Power – D&D’s Best Rideable Dinosaurs https://rpgblog.org/harness-the-power-dds-best-rideable-dinosaurs/ Wed, 09 Nov 2022 18:50:17 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/harness-the-power-dds-best-rideable-dinosaurs/

Dungeons & Dragons is a game of high adventure, but if you play it well, it’s also a game full of dinosaurs to ride.

Since the dawn of history, mankind has sought only one thing. Defeat the time-traveling Rulons by harnessing the power of the dinosaurs, in order to drive them from the prehistoric land. Echoes of this battle are felt in the psyche today.

That’s why, since you were probably in 3rd grade, you’ve always wanted to ride a dinosaur. And now, through the power of Dungeons & Dragons, you can. Here are the best, easiest-to-ride dinos in all of 5th Edition.


Let’s start with the workhorse of the dinos, the triceratops. This majestic beast has three horns and an armored frill giving it a half-decent armor class. And at 95 hit points, a triceratops will continue to kick (well, stomp, for 3d10+6 damage) long after a warhorse has been stuck.

Add to that a bloody attack that can turn into a stomp charge with a movement speed of 50 feet? It’s just delicious.

Deinonychus (small rider only)

Unfortunately, your raptor dinosaurs are only suitable for small riders. Your dream of charging into battle on the back of a deadly claw-legged hunting dino only works if you’re a small creature, like a halfling or gnome.

But if you are? Not only do you get a fast mount, but you also get one that can pounce on its prey and knock it down with a devastating charge (though not as much as a triceratops).

If you are an average rider? Try an ax beak!


Quetzalcoatlus soar above the battlefield and have the innate gift overview ability, which means they don’t seize attacks of opportunity when flying out of range of an opponent. Accordingly, from the back of a quetzalcoatlus you can throw enemies out of the sky. So will your mount, which is capable of inflicting an additional 6d6+2 on a charge over 30 feet.

But with a flight speed of 80 feet? It’s easy to manage.


These tall glasses of water are big beasts we know do move in herds. So why not tame one and use it as a mobile battle platform? Especially since he can deal devastating kicks and tail slams, to the tune of 5d8+5 or 6d8+5, with a massive range of 20 feet. Of course, you need to figure out where you’re going to keep it.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

It’s good to be the king. And if you want to be the king, you have to ride the king. The tyrant king. To the bank, or wherever you want, really. With a jaw that deals 4d12+7 damage, a tail attack that deals 3d8+7, and the ability to hold prey in its mouth, a T. Rex is an effective fighter.

If you can tame one in the first place. And keep it fed and cared for.

What’s your favorite ride-on dino?


  • ]]>
    Esther Doña: of the night in the dungeon of Carlos Falcó and other fights at the “red lines” of Pedraz https://rpgblog.org/esther-dona-of-the-night-in-the-dungeon-of-carlos-falco-and-other-fights-at-the-red-lines-of-pedraz/ Sun, 06 Nov 2022 08:48:50 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/esther-dona-of-the-night-in-the-dungeon-of-carlos-falco-and-other-fights-at-the-red-lines-of-pedraz/

    Sonsoles Ónega’s interview with Esther Dona on Antena 3 it considerably increased the audience for the new program of the former presenter of Telecinco, but it was also a disappointment for those who expected the widow of the Marquis of Griñón to say once and for all the reason of his break with the judge santiago pedraz. In part, the interview was a “let’s tell lies, tralará”, from the Marchioness widow that can be dismantled.

    The old model of Malaga has again taken the tangent. Not only did he escape with Sonsoles saying “for now I’m not going to say it”, but he turned the end of his relationship with the National Court magistrate into a series of half-truths and lies shameless, as he has done since he began his romance with Carlos Falcó, softened during and after his marriage to the late aristocrat two and a half years ago, when the reality is that the Marquis and his fourth wife ended up having a stormy relationship who poisoned the last years of the life of the father of Tamara Falcoas evidenced by his close friends.

    Also read: Esther Doña does not speak to any of the children of her husband, Carlos Falcó

    Their discussions in the palace of El Rincón are documented by the service of the mansion, as we have been able to verify, a palace where Carlos Falco had in a bedroom on the first floor, while Esther and her mother occupied the second floor. They often argued.

    The violent episode starring Doña and Aldara, the youngest daughter of the Marquis and Fátima de la Cierva, when the young woman returned from her studies in Vienna and found her room occupied by the mother of the Malaga-born woman, and her personal belongings in the trash, is confirmed in a recording made by Aldara, while she was locked in a bathroom with her father and Esther shouting insults at her outside, planted on the other side of the door and not really very calm.

    Also read: Carlos Falcó lodges his mother-in-law in the palace and his son Duarte leaves him after a clash with Esther Doña

    From her last stage, already with Pedraz, there are people who tell of the adventures of Esther and her friends when she was the judge’s girlfriend, having fun alone, with gentlemen delighted in her company. She is very free, but if she goes out in public to lie, we have the right to say so.

    When she talks about her idyllic marriage to Griñón, her third, she fails to explain what really happened at the hotel. Euroconstruction of Madrid when, during an argument with her husband, the Marquise ended up being arrested by the police and spent a night in the cell of the police station, until the morning when the judge considered that he was a gentleman, incapable of least aggression against anyone, even less his wife, 40 years his junior.

    When Televisión Española produced the Blood relationship dedicated to the Marquis of Griñón, in which his last wife was interviewed, Esther vetoed any questions about this unfortunate episode, as well as her bad relationship with her husband’s children, especially the last two. With Duarte Falcó there was another meeting related to an alleged assault, and not specifically by the young man.

    As for Sonsoles’ interview, centered on her version of the breakup with Pedraz, Esther Doña once again reverses what happened, presenting herself as the victim of an abandonment caused by WhatsApp which shocked the uninformed. The stubborn truth is that when the judge warned the weekly Hi that they had broken off their engagement long before the magazine published the announcement of their upcoming wedding, the magistrate had already left the island of Ibiza, where they were with some friends, because she had “red lines crossed which are not tolerable”. Esther then irresponsibly wanted to maintain the exclusivity, with the naive hope of charging for the report and hoping for a reconciliation that she knew was impossible. The WhatsApp of Santiago Pedraz was only the auction that ended a series of previous conversations in which the magistrate had already ended the engagement. Moreover, when Esther Doña claims on Antena 3 that she was not paid for the coverage announcing her marriage, she forgets to mention that she had agreed on a five-figure amount with the weekly, but that ‘She didn’t get paid in the end because she simply cheated on the magazine.

    The ridiculous she promoted judge

    Fabula the former model and beautician in front of the cameras of Antena 3 with which Santiago Pedraz became known thanks to her, that she was the one who opened the doors of fame to him. As if this jurist had not participated in such high-profile cases as the murder of the reporter Jose Couso in Iraq in 2003, the Afinsa pyramid scheme, the issue of the Clean Hands union and more recently the box B of the People’s Party.

    Esther Doña assures that Pedraz “has acquired a social position” with her, but it is exactly the opposite. The Malaga woman has always been a person with a dark and complicated past, frowned upon by the Falcó family and with an unstable, changing and contradictory character. Being with the judge of the National High Court was an effective image wash for her, which ended in a fiasco.

    We will continue without knowing the truth of Esther Doña told by herself and we continue to see her lack of credibility. During this time, she got a job as a talk show host for Sonsoles Ónega with a salary of 4,000 euros per month. We’ll have to see how long his new fairy tale lasts.

    Charlotte Church Announces Final Late Night Pop Dungeon Tour https://rpgblog.org/charlotte-church-announces-final-late-night-pop-dungeon-tour/ Thu, 03 Nov 2022 21:29:46 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/charlotte-church-announces-final-late-night-pop-dungeon-tour/

    Charlotte Church announced their final Late Night Pop Dungeon tour today (November 3).

    The act, which features Church along with nine others, has proven to be a cult hit at festivals from Glastonbury to The Mighty Hoopla for the past six years.

    Described as “a jukebox of free-flowing anthems ranging from En Vogue to Bowie and Kate Bush to Nine Inch Nails – often rubbing shoulders in the same crushed medley” – the Late Night Pop Dungeon will have its final run in December.

    You can see the full list of tour dates below and buy tickets here:

    3 – The Clapham Grand, London

    8 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
    9 – New Century, Manchester
    16 – SWX, Bristol
    21 – DEPOT, Cardiff

    Speaking of the upcoming tour, Church said, “After 6 ecstatic years of unprecedented debauchery, the Late Night Pop Dungeon hangs up its feathers, glitter, PVC and velvet.

    “All good things must come to an end, and that ending will be the most euphoric ending imaginable. Think Carrie meets Sunset Boulevard, 2nd Side Abbey Road soundtrack.

    “Think of a pool party with Prince and Kate Bush at the grill, Beyonce and Kurt Cobain at the bar… except it’s also Christmas, and Santa Claus and Kevin Mcallister are there to relax. Look, there’s Trent Reznor and Ozzy Osborne discussing Taylor Swift’s new record…”

    Explaining the pop dungeon concept previously, Church said, “Down dark dark stairs, over the bloody soft rock gallows, through the cheese dungeon, into the nightclub’s torture chamber, you’re greeted at the Late Night Pop Dungeon.

    “The Grand High Executionatrix, dungeon mistress Charlotte Church and her band of ten ultra-metronomic post-punk-disco-R’n’R’n’B musicians will give her the MK Ultra treatment on the greatest tunes forgotten by the time, and some that will forever haunt our collective memory. Bring dancing shoes – the floor is on fire.

    How Wizardry’s Forgotten Innovations Shaped the Modern RPG https://rpgblog.org/how-wizardrys-forgotten-innovations-shaped-the-modern-rpg/ Mon, 31 Oct 2022 21:00:00 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/how-wizardrys-forgotten-innovations-shaped-the-modern-rpg/

    In the end, it’s hard to improve Witchcraft‘s UI, and, once you notice it, you’ll see it everywhere. Go play a Pokemon game and you will see the Witchcraft DNA in its diversity. Lots of great indie games (like Monster Sanctuary) even manage to use this old (but familiar and simple) style while incorporating modern tweaks.

    Sorcery’s innovative trappings have laid the foundation for some of the cruelest tricks passed down from souls

    Ah, the Selia crystal tunnels of Ring of Elden. We’ve all been there at least once and our first visit probably wasn’t by choice. We were minding our own business, hoping Agheel the dragon wouldn’t roast our already tarnished chestnuts or gather loot in hopes of finding something to make the early game a little easier. All of a sudden we opened the wrong chest and we were surrounded by creepy centipede dudes shooting at us like it was a classified Call of Duty match. Cool.

    you can thank Witchcraftand, by extension, Dungeons & Dragons for these unforgettable experiences. Facial expressions have haunted gamers since 1977 J&D Monster Manual invited them to destroy parties, turning treasure chests into super-powered bastards. Witchcraft turned those same creatures into digital nightmares, giving them a perfect home in video games as mindless traps and monsters sent to rob you of your hard-earned loot.

    Mad Overlord’s Proving Ground actually “trapped” the majority of his enemy-dropped loot chests. If your attempt to disarm these chests fails, a variety of bad things could happen (from taking heavy damage to ingesting deadly poison). A little like Ring of Elden, Witchcraft also included teleport traps that could put your heroes in difficult situations. While you’ll usually end up on the same floor, they might also send you to an upper level section located on a part of the map you weren’t supposed to go to yet. If you don’t have a mage with the level 7 Malor spell to teleport you to… well, hopefully you saved your game.

    Tradition of witchcraft

    Wizardry’s Minimalist, Choose Your Own Adventure Story Set the Stage for Choice-Based RPG

    Whereas Witchcraft offered a straightforward plot (and even overarching storyline) in its early entries, it didn’t get past the basic storytelling process. An evil wizard steals a MacGuffin, and it’s up to you to kill it and get it back. Lore was minimal, in part because disk space and memory were limited. Most of your clues to what this world was like came from brief character interactions and changes in the dungeon that were revealed as you went deeper into its depths.

    Your real task in Witchcraft was to map out an unknown world and piece together the real story elements as we go. Soon the game world became your world (all without having to organize a schedule with your local Dungeon Master).

    LOTR Rings of Power The Dweller Build Guide https://rpgblog.org/lotr-rings-of-power-the-dweller-build-guide/ Sat, 29 Oct 2022 10:20:37 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/lotr-rings-of-power-the-dweller-build-guide/

    The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power aired its first episode on September 1, 2022 and got fans excited about the original The Lord of the Rings movies and books. Set thousands of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings, the show tells of a young Galadriel on her quest to find and defeat the fearsome Sauron. Throughout its journey, viewers got glimpses of monumental events such as the creation of Mordor, the discovery of Mithril, and the forging of the three Elven rings of power. However, all is not in power rings was familiar to fans, and it was those parts that sparked the most discussion online.

    In episode five, “Partings,” fans were introduced to a trio of mysterious women clad in white capes, servants of Sauron, as they journeyed to find the character only called The Stranger. The apparent leader of this trio is The Dweller, played by Birdie Sisson. The character is original to the series, which has fans of Tolkien’s lore scrambling to piece together where she fits into the world of The Lord of the Rings. The Dweller’s magical abilities, signature look, and intimidating screen presence would make an incredible Dungeons & Dragons build, especially for those who embrace the mysterious past of this now iconic character.

    The summary of the construction of the inhabitant

    Race Human variant
    To classify Wizard
    Background Acolyte
    Ability Scores (in order of importance) INT, WIS, CHA, CON, DEX, STR

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    The best run for The Dweller in D&D

    An advantage of using The Lord of the Rings‘ lore as the backbone when creating The Dweller in Dungeons and Dragons is that Middle-earth only has a limited number of canonical races to choose from. While some viewers initially speculated that The Dweller was at least part elf (her headgear keeps her ears hidden for several of her scenes), she was eventually shown not to be, minus the pointy ears. of this breed. Considering the other racing options in The Lord of the Ringsit’s fair to say that the best race for her is human.

    Since The Dweller is more powerful than most other humans in power rings, players can choose to use the human race variant. As a variant human, The Dweller gains proficiency in one skill (Arcana would suit him best, as far as lore, spells, and magical items such as his staff go), one feat, and an increase of two. ability scores. It all works together to create the powerful character seen on screen.

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    The best class and spells for The Dweller in D&D

    The best class for The Dweller is easily a wizard. In the Player’s Handbook, Wizards are portrayed as incredibly (and inherently) powerful beings with mysterious origins. They are able to call upon a variety of different forms of magic, which is seen in The Dweller’s range of abilities. Comparing the list of Sorcerer spells and what is seen in power ringsthe pieces fit together even better.

    The best known of The Dweller’s abilities in the series is his fire magic. Not only can she tolerate heat, but she can also weaponize it, much like the hugely popular Fireball spell, available at level three for Wizards. There are a variety of other wizard spells that feature fire in this way, such as Wall of Fire (level four), Fire Bolt (Cantrip), Fire Storm (level seven), Burning Hands (level one), and even Incendiary Cloud (level 8).

    Fire isn’t The Dweller’s only specialty, though. She also uses some sort of shapeshifting to change her appearance to that of other characters (most notably Nori and The Stranger), which helps her lure her prey. This can be achieved by the fourth level spell Polymorph, which allows the user to take the form of any creature in sight. The Dweller was also able to project The Stranger with his power, suggesting Telekinesis (level five) or Dominate Person (level five).

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    The best background for the dwellerThe Servants of Sauron fight the Stranger in The Rings of Power.

    Since The Dweller is not a product of the writings of JRR Tolkien, we only have power rings to use to piece together his past. What is currently known of The Dweller is that she is a servant of Sauron from the mysterious Rhûn, a region in eastern Middle-earth. She is also the most skilled of her group. While none of Dungeons & Dragons the backgrounds are a perfect fit for The Dweller, Acolyte is pretty close.

    An Acolyte, according to Fifth edition rules, is a person who follows a powerful master or god (in this case, Sauron) and serves them with incredible devotion. They are similar to priests, which matches The Dweller’s portrayal of a priestess in power rings. Another interpretation of the Acolytes is that they are cult leaders or members, which perhaps fits The Dweller even better.

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    The best ability scores and feats for The Dweller in D&D

    In Dungeons & Dragons, there are six main ability scores: Intelligence (INT), Charisma (CHA), Strength (STR), Constitution (CON), Wisdom (WIS), and Dexterity (DEX). These abilities are assigned scores that determine a character’s skill in certain encounters. For example, they must have great strength if they want to successfully throw a person across the room.

    The Dweller’s highest ability scores should be INT, WIS, and CHA first, which manifests in his mental prowess, skill with spells, and intimidating form of leadership. Next comes DEX, then CON and finally STR. Although The Dweller is fast and seems otherworldly, she was proven not to be immortal and relied on her spells, suggesting that her strength isn’t that high. . Since The Dweller is a human variant, she would ideally get a boost of one for each of her highest ability scores, in this case, INT and WIS.

    As a human variant, players creating The Dweller can also choose an achievement to start with. The best ones to choose from in this case would be Elemental Adept, Keen Mind (which would increase his INT), Magic Initiate, and Spell Sniper. While players may be tempted to give him Ritual Caster, the feat requires the character to hold a spellbook, which would hamper The Dweller’s ability to fight.

    ]]> Dungeon Village 2, Game Dev Story, Harvest Master, and more https://rpgblog.org/dungeon-village-2-game-dev-story-harvest-master-and-more/ Mon, 24 Oct 2022 19:15:17 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/dungeon-village-2-game-dev-story-harvest-master-and-more/

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    Fans Critical Role On Emotional Roller Coaster After Character Returns, NPC Death https://rpgblog.org/fans-critical-role-on-emotional-roller-coaster-after-character-returns-npc-death/ Sat, 22 Oct 2022 06:48:09 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/fans-critical-role-on-emotional-roller-coaster-after-character-returns-npc-death/

    Critical Role fans didn’t get much rest after a grueling resurrection ritual was followed by an ominous dream that predicted the demise of an NPC.

    This story contains major spoilers for Critical Role Campaign 3, Episode 38.

    critical role brought life or death stakes to Exandria in the latest episode of its third Dungeons & Dragons campaign, which saw a long-awaited character return that came at an unexpected cost.

    Although only a few days have passed in-game, fans have been waiting for over a month for the hopeful resurrection of Marisha Ray’s character, Laudna. A nail-biting resurrection ritual left fans and players alike nervous, even causing Laura Bailey to have a nosebleed at the table, but Laudna was eventually sent back to the Bells Hells in Whitestone. Fans’ relief was palpable, as was the excitement over Laudna and Imogen’s reunion, as the two witches have remained a popular romantic couple among fans. The duo remained seated next to each other, hands joined, until the intermission of the show.

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    However, the excitement over Laudna’s resurrection eclipsed in the second half of the episode when Imogen had another one of her prophetic dreams. Bells Hells boss and beloved non-player character, Lord Ariks Eshteross, has been spotted by Imogen walking through the storm from his steamy dreamscape. Previous experience predicted that this served as an omen for the character’s death, causing the party to rush to Jrusar to check on the eccentric orc baker.

    Upon arrival, the Bells Hells found Eshteross dead in his home after a struggle with Otohan Thull. The powerful villain and chief assassin previously caused much turmoil for the group after an encounter with her resulted in the deaths of three characters. With links to deaths in Orym’s backstory and ties to Imogen’s strange power source, Otohan is one of the greatest threats that awaits the Bells Hells. This aggressive action against Eshteross prompted a host of new reactions from fans, now reeling from the new findings in Jrusar.

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    Like this event Dungeons & Dragons session served as Critical role’In the Halloween episode, the actors were dressed for the occasion, which resulted in some extra hijinks at the table. The X-Men costume, excluding Sam Riegel dressed as Mr. Fantastic, also got fans excited online. Costume-related obstacles to the game included Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer’s blood-red Gambit contacts obscuring who he was directing conversation towards and Riegel’s long, springy arms threatening the safety of Imogen’s toy horse.

    Among other fan-favorite highlights of the evening, Fearne finally acquired a miniature gun for his monkey Mister and Laudna’s rat, Pate De Rolo, becoming a sentient familiar voiced by Mercer.

    critical role streams live on Twitch and YouTube Thursdays at 7 PT.

    Source: Twitter