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The full list of player races featured in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Monsters of The Multiverse sourcebook leaks ahead of the manual’s launch.

A fearless Dungeons & Dragons fan managed to compile a comprehensive list of all player races that will be included in Monsters of the multiverse.

According to YouTuber Nerd Immersion, the latest sourcebook for Wizards of the Coast’s ever-popular tabletop role-playing game will feature 33 playable races, with many tweaked stats and sports abilities. According to the intentions behind monsters of the multiverse, many races feature updated mechanics, implemented with balance in mind. Perhaps one of the biggest changes is the ability to cast racial spells using spell slots, which means players can increase the power of these abilities rather than being tied to spells. first level damage rolls.

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fans of Dungeons & Dragons’ more exotic breeds will no doubt be delighted to see them represented on the final list. Some adjustments to the game’s lore should make certain races more appealing to players. As one Reddit user noted, Kenku will apparently be able to speak normally and won’t be limited by Mimicry while Goblins and Hobgoblins now have “Fey Ancestry”, meaning they have an advantage against charms.

Devoted Reddit fans have also compiled a list of groceries that won’t be featured in monsters of the multiverse according to the recent leak. These include a variety of Tieflings, Warforged, Loxodon, and Owlin subraces, which have been introduced into the J&Dthe latest sourcebook Strixhaven: A Chaos Studies Program.

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monsters of the multiverse is an upcoming sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons designed to adjust many elements of the game. Beyond the mentioned 30 playable runners, the tome will also feature revised stat blocks for approximately 250 monsters that fans of the roleplaying game will no doubt recognize. Prior to its release as a standalone book, monsters of the multiverse will be bundled in the upcoming D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set, which also includes Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

While 2022 is already looking promising for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, the game’s success in 2021 cannot be overstated. Wizards of the Coasts has announced some of its highest sales figures to date following the launch of popular books like Nature beyond the witch’s light and Treasure of the Fizban Dragons. Looking ahead, the developer of the world’s most popular role-playing game is apparently planning to introduce a substantial rules overhaul in 2024.

The D&D Rules expansion gift set will launch on January 25.

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DnD fan uses AI to create terrifying (but compelling) monsters

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Made in Abyss brings its Dungeon Crawl to Toonami https://rpgblog.org/made-in-abyss-brings-its-dungeon-crawl-to-toonami/ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 19:41:06 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/made-in-abyss-brings-its-dungeon-crawl-to-toonami/

Toonami announces that Made in Abyss will be the second critically acclaimed anime series to join its lineup in January.

Toonami has announced that it will start broadcasting Made in the Abyss as part of its late-night weekend lineup.

Toonami has confirmed on its official Facebook page that it will be streaming the anime adaptation of Akihito Tsukushi’s dungeon crawler series. The show is the second critically acclaimed series to be added to Toonami’s lineup in January, the first being the second season of Assassination Classroom, which premiered in English on January 9. Toonami previously announced that he would be adding a new show to his lineup every week for the next “month or so”. Made in the Abyss is set to air its first episode on January 15 at 1:30 a.m. EST.

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The latest show in Toonami’s anime lineup tells the story of 12-year-old girl Riko as she begins a journey into a massive and mysterious pit known as the Abyss. Riko is in search of her mother, who was one of the most famous Cave Raiders in the world, a name applied to adventurers who dive into the Abyss in order to recover treasures and artifacts left behind by ancient civilizations. Riko’s mother disappeared into the Labyrinth ten years ago and was presumed dead, until Riko received a message from the long-lost adventurer, stating that she was waiting for him deep in the Abyss.

Made in the Abyss began with a manga series by writer and artist Akihito Tsukushi, which was first published in 2012. The anime series based on Tsukushi’s work originally premiered in 2017. The series was directed by Masayuki Kojima, who was previously best known for directing the anime adaptation of Naoki Urasawa’s acclaimed psychological thriller Monster, and was written by Hideyuki Kurata, the creator of read or die. The show was produced by Kinema Citrus, the animation studio behind The Rise of the Shield Hero and Starlight Review. The manga and anime series have been widely praised for their blend of beautiful art with the tense drama of the story.

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A second season of the anime, which will now bear the subtitle of The golden city of the burning sun, It is slated to premiere in 2022. A trailer for the new season was released in November, which features several of the new characters that will appear in the new season of the show. The series will pick up the story of the events from the third animated film in the series, Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul. A live-action remake of the series is also currently in production at Columbia Pictures, which currently has no release date.

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Ash and Pikachu JPG

Pokemon: The Real Reason Ash’s Pikachu Is So Overpowered

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DnD fan uses AI to create terrifying (but compelling) monsters https://rpgblog.org/dnd-fan-uses-ai-to-create-terrifying-but-compelling-monsters/ Mon, 10 Jan 2022 23:11:16 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/dnd-fan-uses-ai-to-create-terrifying-but-compelling-monsters/

A fan of Dungeons and Dragons has trained artificial intelligence software to scan the official monsters in the game to produce new nightmarish creations.

There has been some buzz over the past few weeks where people have trained AIs on official artwork to generate their own creations. One of the last crazy AI scientists has spawned new monsters based on official designs from Dungeons and Dragons.

D&D fan and Redditor u / Deep-Fold posted an image containing 21 unique monster designs after forcing the ruDALL-E AI to scan the official D&D creatures. The Redditor posted a comment in the discussion thread leading to 63 more designs after the post received a positive response. Deep-Fold detailed the process in a different comment stating: “For this setup I used around 500 images at 1000×1000, refined for around 20,000 iterations on a tesla t4 [a professional graphics card by Nvidia]. You can access powerful GPUs for free through google colab or the sagemaker studio lab. The process reportedly took about seven to eight hours.

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Unfortunately, Deep-Fold was unable to increase the resolution of creatures to a higher quality. Although they said it was possible, the AI ​​they used to magnify the images did not produce finer details. Even though Deep-Fold was unable to generate high-resolution images of their monsters, the original thread’s reviewers were still extremely complimentary. Some fellow Redditors shared the desire to create origins and traits for monsters; other users have even taken it a step further by writing bestiary-type entries for certain creatures detailing their HP, armor class, attacks, and spells.

The Redditor noted that they had used this software for another project, the creation of Pokémon. Deep-Fold mentioned that this past effort has also “produced some really scary results, so it seems perfect for creating monsters.” Content creator Max Woolf also used a similar AI to perform the same task, analyzing each of the 898 pocket monsters in existence to create a group of computer-generated Pokémon. Woolf followers have responded positively to his designs, leading some to create their own Fakemon AI fan art.

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While Deep-Fold created D&D monsters with artificial intelligence, a Dungeons and Dragons the blogger determined if there was any benefit to attacking the game’s beasts from inside their bodies. Inspired by the intro scene to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, ThinkDM planned the mechanics of players fighting monsters from within and determined that it was no better than performing the fight normally. Despite a somewhat anti-climatic conclusion, the strategy was dubbed the “Drax Technique” and caught the eye of the film’s director, James Gunn.

Source: Reddit

Wolverine (X-23), Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Nick Fury fight Fin Fang Foom.

Marvel’s Dark Ages restores a legendary marriage

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What you need to know about the planar system https://rpgblog.org/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-planar-system/ Sun, 09 Jan 2022 00:45:00 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-planar-system/

Dungeons and Dragons has extremely detailed lore, with the official “canon” including details of the story, its own pantheon, and a variety of settings for use by dungeon masters. But the game goes way beyond a set of continents to explore – Dungeons and Dragons takes place in a multiverse, with multiple realities and intersecting dimensions known as the Airplanes. Airplanes come in many different forms, and each is unique.

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The degree to which they are actually seen by players can vary depending on the game. An ambitious DM may try to create an adventure in which players travel across multiple planes, but their impact is more likely to be indirectly felt on the frame of the game. game. For example, if a monster from another plane makes an appearance. There are even reference books, such as Strahd’s curse and Nature beyond the light of the witches who provide material for specific aircraft adventures.

To note: The following is based on material officially released by Wizards of the Coast. Details may vary in your campaigns.

6 Material plane and cosmological wheel


The material plane is the closest thing in Dungeons and Dragons on Earth, and this is where most of the campaigns will take place. Lots of officials Dungeons and Dragons settings such as Sword Coast and Forgotten Realms can be found here. On a cosmic scale, the material plane acts as a link between the realms, facilitating the journey of celestial beings through the multiverse.

The default cosmological model in Dungeons and Dragons is a wheel with the material plane at its center. The surrounding, with two adjacent dimensions, are the elementary shots which in turn are surrounded by exterior shots– dimensions built around abstract ideas and concepts.


5 The Feywild and Shadowfell

The Palais Feywild

Directly adjacent to the material plane are two contrasting dimensions, the Feywild and the Shadowfall. The Feywild is a colorful surreal realm of uncontrolled magic, while the Shadowfell is a dark realm of death and decay. Both act as mirrors of the material plane, often including distorted versions of landmarks. Material cities entire cities will be replaced by forests and meadows in the Feywild, as Shadowfell transforms them into baffling shapes straight out of a German expressionist film.

Of the two, the Feywild is arguably the more welcoming, but both have their own share of dangers for unprepared travelers. The Feywild tends to operate outside of conventional logic, which makes navigation more difficult. It also doesn’t help that various locals can pose problems, ranging from mischievous creatures with weird “prank” ideas to much more sinister witches and meenlocks. The Shadowfell isn’t inherently evil, but it’s common to find evil beings there, including the iconic vampire Strahd.

Travel between the two realms and the material plane is possible through portals. Portals to the Feywild are sporadic and unpredictable, seemingly appearing and disappearing at random. Portals to Shadowfell are more consistent, but only open at night at specific locations and times.

4 Elementary planes

the Elementary the plans are four dimensions based on the classical elements of Aristotle: air, fire, water and earth. Each of them is built mostly on their respective element, with pieces of other planes infiltrating occasionally. For example, the elemental plane of water is literally an endless ocean without a surface. The elemental plane of fire is so hot that anyone stupid enough to intervene without any sort of fire resistance will be cremated within seconds. The elemental plane of air is like an endless sky. And the Elemental plane of the Earth is made up entirely of compressed solid matter.

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These carry serious dangers. Of the four, the air plane is probably the most welcoming on the grounds that anyone who ventures there will actually be able to breathe. Traveling to the elemental plane of water will require the ability to breathe underwater, while the Earth plane would require the ability to breathe the Earth itself, as well as a way to move through solids.

3 Astral Plane

Xen at Black Mesa

The simplest description that one can give of the astral plane would be to call it “the space between spaces”. The astral plane is the void between dimensions, and it is not even possible to get there physically. Instead, the only way to reach the plane is mentally through astral projection– literally, the person has to leave their own body to mentally reach the plane.

Upon entering, there are a variety of things travelers can find, including portals to other dimensions and the bodies of fallen gods. There is even a playable race, the Githyanki, who live here.

There is also a very dangerous monster, the astral battleship, which is known to inhabit this plane. In fact, encountering one is extremely rare. but he can easily eliminate any unlucky part he manages to find.

2 Mechanics

There are too many dimensions in the exterior shots cover in one article, but one of the most interesting is Mechanics, a dimension built on machinery and watchmaking in the most literal sense. The entire dimension is a giant machine, the purpose of which is unknown.

It is the ultimate representation of law and order, where the rules are followed to the letter and where everything performs a very specific function without fail. The most common residents of Mechanus are a race of mechanical creatures called modron who live in a social hierarchy based on their forms, who blindly follow the mechanical god Primus.

1 The unavoidable

Dungeons and Dragons Marut

One of the lesser-known weird monsters to inhabit the D&D multiverse is an odd breed of constructs known collectively as the Inevitable. They are powerful entities that specialize in delivering swift justice in all dimensions. The inevitable come in many different forms and focus on different things. Some pursue those who break contracts while others seek to eliminate the living dead. The rarest and most powerful of these, the Quarut, is responsible for preventing mortals from becoming gods.

The chances of actually encountering them may vary depending on the game and player choices, but in general, it’s best not to make enemies with them. With an armor class of at least 27 and an ability to heal instantly, these are tough opponents that will easily wipe out the party. Escaping from them is also almost impossible. They are determined and will not give up. If a person tries to flee to another continent, the inevitable chasing after them will literally cross the ocean to reach them.

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Featured - Best Sorcerer Metamagic Options
Dungeons & Dragons: 5 Best Metamagic Options To Use (& 5 To Ignore)

Metamagic spells can help turn things around during an encounter, but some are better than others.

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“Dead Cells – The Queen And The Sea” review: another slice of dungeon adventure https://rpgblog.org/dead-cells-the-queen-and-the-sea-review-another-slice-of-dungeon-adventure/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 10:44:00 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/dead-cells-the-queen-and-the-sea-review-another-slice-of-dungeon-adventure/

What can i write on Dead cells That much? Somehow, it’s become a constant over the last five years of my life, a roguelike that features fast-paced fights with significant progression, including the attributes of a Metroidvania, a genre that I love.

The best, Dead cells is like a good action flick, with you effortlessly plunging between countless enemies, parrying arrows with a shield, and hacking nightly the chances of being struck by a bloody strike. It sounds as dramatic as the last sentence, and the intensity is high from the first moments of the game and doesn’t wane.

In my opinion Dead cells is an all time 5 star game. there is no doubt. The question is whether Dead cells‘latest paid DLC version, The queen and the sea, adds enough to justify picking it up.

As the target audience: The queen and the sea adding new content to a game I love, so I had a blast. However, this DLC’s big narrative draw is three new endgame levels, with the third being a boss fight to tie together an alternate story path. This story was fleshed out through previous paid DLCs Fatal falls and The bad seed, and if you haven’t purchased those DLCs, you aren’t really getting the full experience. If you’ve purchased these DLC before, you’re probably invested enough to purchase this one as well.

Dead cells: the queen and the sea. Credit: Motion Twin.

I’m going easy on the spoilers, but I want to highlight the second level of the set, Lighthouse, which feels totally unique for Dead cells in that it requires you to move vertically through a burning tower. The game has done some verticality before, but there is a real urgency here which I think offers a unique challenge for people who flushed everything out in the game of 2017.

But at the end of the day, it’s not the extra levels that are the real draw here, it’s the new content that can be added to your actual races: new things to spend souls, new weapons to master, new capabilities or selectable advantages that may change established strategies. Dead cells has been a constant for me over the past few years both because of its presence on the Nintendo Switch for quick and easy runs, and the fact that you can get the full experience of Dead cells in a 20 minute game session.

This review, for better or for worse, is very straightforward. Dead cells is superlative, and it brings more content to the table. The new weapons, abilities, and even outfits provide a nice refresh for a game where replaying it is the most fun, but like this Dead cells chapter ends, it’s interesting to think about what might follow.

We revised Dead Cells – The Queen and the Sea for the Nintendo Switch. It’s available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The verdict

Dead cells‘the latest DLC is a great addition to a solid game. If you fancy more adventures with the game, The queen and the sea is a giant stone thrown into Dead cells‘, making changes that you will feel with every race. Sometimes that is enough. New weapons, abilities, and even outfits will mix things up, making this DLC a buy-in for anything. Dead cells Fans.


  • Enough new content to dramatically change races
  • New levels add exciting new perspectives for roguelike
  • High level music and dungeons

The inconvenients

  • If you’re not a Dead Cells fan, this DLC probably won’t make a difference.
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New Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Season 4 teaser released https://rpgblog.org/new-is-it-wrong-to-try-to-pick-up-girls-in-a-dungeon-season-4-teaser-released/ Wed, 05 Jan 2022 00:30:00 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/new-is-it-wrong-to-try-to-pick-up-girls-in-a-dungeon-season-4-teaser-released/

WarnerMedia has released a new English-subtitled teaser for the upcoming fourth season of Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Tuesday.

The main staff was also announced alongside a key new visual and a release window for the new season.

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JCStaff will return to host the series, as will director Hideki Tachibana, character creator Shigeki Kimoto, series script supervisor Hideki Shirane, sound director Jin Aketagawa and musical composer Keiji Inai. Series creator Fujino Ōmori is also expected to join the anime team as a script supervisor alongside Shirane.


the Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? The light novel series began serialization as part of SB Creative’s GA Bunko imprint in 2013. The popular fantasy series has racked up 17 volumes throughout its release so far and has inspired a manga adaptation. , a manga spin-off, video game adaptations and a spin-off series titled, Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? On the side: Oratoria with the sword.

The animated series first aired during the spring 2015 season, followed by a second season four years later and a third one year later. Yoshiki Yamakawa (Little Busters!, Hi Score Girl) led the first season before being replaced by Tachibana from season 2. Three OVAs were released between 2016-2021.

An animated film, is Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? : Arrow of the Orion, was released in 2019. The film featured an original Ōmori story with Katsushi Sakurabi (Paradise Notepad, flying witch) as director.

the Oratory Sword The light novel spin-off began its career in 2014 under the imprint of GA Bunko. A manga adaptation illustrated by Takashi Yagi is published in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine. An animated adaptation of JCStaff aired during the Spring 2017 season.

Yen Press publishes the light novel series as well as the Oratory Sword spin-off and their manga adaptations in English. Sentai Filmworks licenses the English-language anime, and it can be streamed on HIDIVE and Crunchyroll.

Source: Anime News Network

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The Complete Guide to Winter 2022 Anime

The winter 2022 season is fast approaching. Here’s what anime fans can expect in the New Year.

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Games Workshop founder Ian Livingstone becomes knight https://rpgblog.org/games-workshop-founder-ian-livingstone-becomes-knight/ Mon, 03 Jan 2022 05:30:00 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/games-workshop-founder-ian-livingstone-becomes-knight/

The retailer, publisher, developer and executive is recognized for his long service in the games industry.

Ian livingstone

Ian Livingstone was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in the 2022 New Year’s Honors. This follows several other accolades for his service to the gaming industry, including an award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2002 and an honorary doctorate from the University of Bournemouth in 2011. Livingstone has been made an Officer of the Order of the British. Empire at the 2006 New Year Honors and Commander of the Order of the British Empire at the 2013 New Year Honors.

Livingstone has spent over 50 years in the gaming industry, as a retailer, publisher, developer and executive. He founded Games Workshop in 1975 alongside John Peake and Steve Jackson before becoming the first Dungeons & Dragons distributor in the United Kingdom. Livingstone began the annual Games Day convention with Jackson shortly thereafter. The duo started the video game magazine White Dwarf in 1977 as well as the board game company Citadel Miniatures in 1979 with Bryan Ansell.


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The first entry in the Fighting Fantasy game book series was released in 1982. Livingstone and Jackson have produced over 15 volumes which have sold over 20 million copies. Jackson has also designed several board games including Boom Town, Judge Dredd, Automania, Legend of Zagor, and Dragonmasters.

Livingstone started with video games when he was hired by Domark to work as a designer on Eureka! As he left the company a few years later, Livingstone returned to Domark as a board member in 1993. “After the success of Games Workshop, I retired, got bored and I invested in Domark to fund the development of their cartridges, ”Livingstone later recalled. . “I arrived at the wrong time – everything was going flat. Domark was purchased by Eidos Interactive in 1995 and Livingstone was continued as director of product acquisition. He got several franchises for the company, including Tomb Raider and Hitman. Eidos Interactive was acquired by Square Enix in 2009.

Livingstone is currently a board member of several independent developers, including Flavorworks, Antstream, Fusebox Games, Midoki, Bossa Studios, and The Secret Police.

“As a longtime gamer, it has been a privilege to work in the games industry for almost 45 years,” Livingstone told Video Games Chronicle. “Work and play have been the same for me and I will never retire. He went on to say, “I love being involved in game design and strategy and all of the studios I work with have differentiable products, which is important to avoid a potential conflict of interest. All projects I’m working on are important to me and some of the upcoming titles developed by the studios are amazing.

While he has no specific plans for the future, the coming years are sure to be exciting for Livingstone as he looks forward to continuing his already long career in the games industry.

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Stardew Valley - Abigail, Peter and the Sorcerer's Portrait
Stardew Valley: Abigail’s Parenthood Controversy Explained

Is Pierre Abigail’s father? Here’s everything we know about Abigail and her parents’ secrets.

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You need to play the darkest RPG of the past decade ASAP https://rpgblog.org/you-need-to-play-the-darkest-rpg-of-the-past-decade-asap/ Sat, 01 Jan 2022 15:00:26 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/you-need-to-play-the-darkest-rpg-of-the-past-decade-asap/

The jiffy exist. You probably thought that saying “in a jiffy” was just trendy slang, dad. But this is science, are you digging? A “boost” measures the time it takes for the light to travel a centimeter.

It’s infinitesimal, really, to measure something so fast over such a small distance. But sometimes you need a bang, just one, before the lights go out. Especially if you walk through the ruins under a cursed ancestral domain, where the distance between light and dark is measured in life and death.

This is the premise of Darkest dungeon. Released in 2016 from Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon is one of those delicious indie bites: a turn-based, side-scrolling, gothic, roguelite, dungeon-crawler RPG. But those obtuse labels capture one thing that’s true about this game – it’s good, and it’s complicated.

Darkest Dungeon begins with a simple preamble. Players assume the role of guardian of a once important domain that has fallen victim to dark and evil forces after the discovery of a demonic gateway deep underground. The result is that the grounds are now filled with traps, monsters, bandits, and underworld horrors and it’s up to you to hire adventurers who can defeat evil once and for all.

And you will hire a lot of them, because Darkest Dungeon is not a hero’s journey. The main gameplay involves recruiting an ever-growing roster of fearless adventurers, training them and, more interestingly, helping them recover from their trauma.

In addition to your standard health and experience points, your heroes will increase stress. Too much mental trauma can result in one of dozens of negative effects, such as a debilitating fear of animals that reduces combat effectiveness or an abusive personality that brings down the entire team. Most of your new hires eventually die, and even your valued veterans can fall victim to bad circumstances as the challenges increase.

Red Hook Studios

Then there is the light. Darkest Dungeon takes its name literally, and every foray into creeks, meanders, and wharfs requires a constant supply of torches. The brighter your light, the easier your trip. But you don’t get the right loot for being easy. Let the lights go out completely and you’re ready for the fight of a lifetime, but the loot is ridiculous. And don’t worry if you’re sticking out your head. You can always opt out of an adventure, but it comes with steep stress penalties. Some holidays are worth saving, others are not. The underlying strategy is literally choosing your battles.

The fights themselves are fantastic. The heart of this game is how it delivers the ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ curve of a great turn-based RPG. Parties are a mix of standard classes (support, DPS, tank, etc.) but the devil is in the details when it comes to the environments and challenges ahead. You ultimately unlock the ability to camp on longer trips, unlocking a secondary healing and recovery system that adds another dimension of skill to your heroes.

Red Hook Studios

There are also plenty of other RPG benefits that you would expect. Items and equipment for days, perilous decision points (should you open that spooky chest?).

And did I mention that it gets a massive discount ($ 3.74!) In the Steam store through January 5th? It’s also available on Game Pass and for sale on PlayStation and Switch as well. So if you’re in the mood for something tactical and terrifying, check it out ASAP.

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A must-have for Destiny 2 players? https://rpgblog.org/a-must-have-for-destiny-2-players/ Thu, 30 Dec 2021 22:47:17 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/a-must-have-for-destiny-2-players/

As a gamer in my mid-30s, I spent a lot of time roaming the worlds created by Bungie: From Myth II: Soulblighter to Oni, and of course, countless hours in Halo and Destiny. While I didn’t quite have time to play D2 like I did in D1 or maybe even the original Halo at LAN parties, the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for Destiny 2 was a fun nostalgic trip. . At $ 25, spoiler alert, it won’t be a must-buy for all Guardians of the Destiny 2 universe, but for collectors and die-hard Destiny 2 gamers, it’s a fun comeback mixed with some nice new content. Watch the video below to see all the details.

What you get

Bungie has a handy table that will easily display what you get for free with the 30th Anniversary Event and what purchasing the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack will get you. Besides the instant Bungie streetwear armor adornment set, everything else requires completing events or the new dungeon, which receives great reviews.

The New Dungeon: Embrace of Greed

To access most of the content in the 30th Anniversary Pack, you will need to complete the Grasp of Greed dungeon. Dungeons are like mini-raids that support a squad of up to three instead of the normal six.

Like raids, there is a game mechanic that plays a role in almost every encounter in the dungeon. There is a great mix of battles, traps, puzzles, and even sparrow races that make this a fun dungeon.

I’m still a long way from the maximum power level, and most of the Guardians on my friends list have switched to playing other games these days, but I was able to use Bungie’s “find a squad” feature. on their website to find someone who was familiar with the dungeon and could help me get through it.


One of the most notable parts of the 30th Anniversary Pack is the return of Gjallarhorn. The quest requires completion of the Grasp of Greed dungeon. While it didn’t have quite the same dramatic effect as when I finally got one in Destiny 1, it’s a great rocket launcher that’s a lot of fun to find in the current Destiny universe. And thanks to Bungie rewards, you can even purchase a true four-foot Nerf version of the Exotic Rocket Launcher once you acquire it in-game.

Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack: Video

Other dungeon gear

Beyond Gjallarhorn, the Grasp of Avarice dungeon also features a nice selection of favorite weapons from Destiny 1. The Matador 64, Eyasluna, and 1000 Yard Stare were all top PVP weapons at the time, and for me, are a welcome return in Destiny 2. I know Bungie gets reviews for recycling gear from D1 to D2, but the 1000 Yard Stare was a common sniper in my loadouts, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to use it again. The Matador 64 is common in the crucible these days, as is the 1000 Yard Stare.

Additionally, there is a Thorn-inspired armor set that can be dropped from different events in the Grasp of Greed dungeon.

What you get for free

Even if you don’t want to shell out the $ 25 for the 30th Anniversary Pack, you can still join in the nostalgia by completing the Dares of Eternity 6 player event. Game-show-themed, the infamous Loot alien who distributes NPC Xur teams up with a galactic star horse with an insatiable thirst for entertainment. It’s a bit silly, but it’s a fun event that brings back old mechanics, like the Battle of Crota, with a variety of final bosses. Dares of Eternity also drops a lot of loot with a pretty good chance of getting the Halo Three Burst Battle Rifle.

Exotic Forerunner Magnum

Another nostalgic weapon available to everyone during the 30th Anniversary event is the Exotic Forerunner handgun, which is based on the Halo Magnum. While easier to acquire solo than the Gjallarhorn, the Forerunner passes the Dares of Eternity event. While he might not be as powerful as his ancestor in the original Halo, Forerunner takes me back to the days when I took out my friends on Blood Gultch during our hour-long LAN Capture the Flag parties. I don’t think anyone considers it a top weapon in PVE or PVP, but for collectors it’s a fun addition.

Should you get the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack?

While I enjoy the pack, there’s really no need to get the Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack. It’s fun having the nostalgic trip with Gjallarhorn and the Forerunner, and the new dungeon is great fun, but it’s not really necessary. If you’re a die-hard Destiny 2 gamer, you’re probably welcoming the new content and willing to spend a bit more on the new dungeon and the new weapons (and probably already have it at this point). If you still love playing Destiny 2 but are bored while waiting for the Witch Queen expansion in late February, this is a great bridge to get there.

As someone who’s spent a lot of time playing Bungie games over the years and got the mini Hawkmoon replica, this is a fun way to bring some of it into Destiny 2 and I think it’s worth it. well the price of $ 25 if you still play the Game.

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How to build Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero in DnD https://rpgblog.org/how-to-build-mortal-kombats-sub-zero-in-dnd/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 06:20:34 +0000 https://rpgblog.org/how-to-build-mortal-kombats-sub-zero-in-dnd/

Sub-Zero is one of the most popular characters in Mortal Kombat, but can legendary cryomancer Earthrealm be introduced in Dungeons & Dragons?

With the continued popularity of Mortal combat, there has been increased interest in taking its host of beloved characters beyond the confines of the famous fighting game franchise. Since the first installment, Scorpion’s brutal and violent rival, Sub-Zero, has remained a series staple and fan favorite for its unique and bloody ice-themed offense.

Many fans have wondered exactly how well a character like Sub-Zero can translate into Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. While the famous tabletop RPG couldn’t create an exact copy of the character, the modular nature under which Dungeons & Dragons 5th works could go a long way in bringing the Frosted Fighter to life around the gaming table.

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Sub-Zero Class

Sub-Zero is a master of the Shotokan fighting style and a skilled Summoner of Ice, so his class will need to be something that can both spell cast and devastate up close. For this reason, Sub-Zero is better off as an Eldritch Knight fighter or as a sorcerer / monk multiclass. Multiclassification may allow for further customization, so for this guide the latter is the best option. However, this does mean that Sub-Zero will only unleash its true potential up to at least level four.

For Sub-Zero’s Sorcerous Origin, choose Giant Soul (With the Mark of Frost) from Unearthed Arcana to replicate his ice-weaving ability. For later Monk levels, choose Way of the Shadow for its monastic lore to better replicate its ability to set traps, set decoys, and confuse opponents.

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Sub-Zero Race and Attributes

Being from Earthrealm, Sub-Zero is, for all intents and purposes, a human. Variant Human may work best in order to specialize and prioritize those stats and better present a man who has spent his life training what he does best. As a melee fighter, Sub-Zero should focus primarily on dexterity and wisdom to make the most of the Monk’s unarmoured defense for a higher armor class without armor. It will also help him do more damage with his unarmed strikes. Charisma shouldn’t be overlooked either (it shouldn’t be less than 13), as wizards use it as a primary stat to cast a lot of their spells. It’s also a great way to narratively convey a domineering presence through the Intimidate skill.

For the free Variant Human feat, choose War Caster as it allows Sub-Zero to gain an advantage on focus checks for spells, perform somatic components of spells without using his hands, and let him cast a spell. as an attack of opportunity, as opposed to a single weapon attack.

Track and field and acrobatics are also skills worth investing in, as Sub-Zero is known for its endurance and physical prowess. But don’t forget about Stealth, either. Athletics and Intimidation can be acquired through the Soldier background, while Acrobatics and Stealth can be acquired by starting as a level one Monk. Make sure you invest at least three levels in Monk to acquire the Shadow Path monastic lore before leveling up to Sorcerer.

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Sub Zero starter gear

Monks start out relatively light, and being a melee fighter, Sub-Zero doesn’t need a starting weapon. Although, if needed, there is still a way to narratively convey both icy projectiles and swords conjured by the moisture frozen in the air. A shortsword or throwing stars will do. An Arcane Focus is also essential to allow Sub-Zero to cast spells without using any hardware components. Also, don’t forget the bare necessities of a traveling assassin. An Explorer Pack will always come in handy.

Choice of Sub-Zero playstyle and spells

Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight again

When choosing spells, it is best to choose anything ice-themed or illusion-themed. Good examples of Cantrips are Chill Touch, Ray of Frost, and Minor Illusion. At later levels, spells like Chromatic Orb, False Life, Ice Knife, Mirror Image, and Misty Step can all come in handy. But don’t be afraid to get creative, think outside the box, and choose other spells that match the character’s theme. Remember, Sub-Zero also has access to Hold Person, Armor of Agathys, and Ray of Frost from Giant Soul Sorcerous Origin.

Sub-Zero almost always fights up close with punches and kicks. Combine this with a mix of his Way of the Shadow features to confuse opponents, Sorcerer’s ice-themed spells, and Monk’s Martial Arts to bring icy hell to his enemies. When role-playing, remember that Sub-Zero is a towering authority figure. Treat NPCs with the level of professionalism expected of a dreaded assassin, and use spells to entrap or deceive enemies. Sub-Zero is just as good at playing mind games with his opponents as he is at fighting them.

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