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Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Best Feats For A Barbarian

Even those who don’t play Dungeons & Dragons understand the basic principle of this class. It’s also hard to miss the barbarian characters in movies and on TV. They’re usually the ones walking around shirtless, sucking mead out of a jug commensurate with their massive size. Barbarians are known for …

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Darkest Dungeon: How to Defeat the Necromancer

If you’re taking on Darkest Dungeon and looking to defeat the Necromancer boss in the Ruins, here’s our recommended group strategy and setup. Darkest Dungeon will see you plunge into the depths of the darkest realm, encounter various demons and creatures, and take on a number of bosses. One of …

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Darkest Dungeon: 10 tips for beginners

Darkest Dungeon is a brutal, roguelike turn-based RPG that breaks the minds of its characters and players. He has a unique outlook on dungeon adventure and chooses to focus on psychological stress and the effects of dungeon exploration and constant near-death encounters. RELATED: “I’ll Do Better at the Darkest Dungeon …

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