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A concerto is a conversation (2020)
Director: Kris Bowers, Ben Proudfoot
Writer: Ben Proudfoot

In 2019, Peter Farrelly’s Green book won the award for best film at the Oscars, the controversy broke out around the whitewashing perceived by the black history film and what the moment has said about the contemporary United States. On the stage stood an assembly of predominantly white men whose message had been read as a message of acceptance and progression by the Academy, and one of a shallow savior complex by the film’s many critics. . Among the group of enthusiastic winners was Kris Bowers, the film’s African-American co-composer. We did not know then that Bowers, through the courage of his grandfather Horace Bowers Sr. decades ago, would be the culmination of generations of hard work and sacrifice; the end result of his family’s pursuit of the American Dream.

Oscars 2021 Nominated for a short documentary A concerto is a conversation is co-directed by the composer he highlights, Kris Bowers seated directly in front of a camera to record a conversation between him and his 91-year-old grandfather about his grandfather’s youth, his lifelong struggle against the racists and the many sacrifices he made to improve his life and that of his family. Shown as on the other side of the lens, and speaking just as gracefully into his, Horace Bowers Sr is an interesting subject; a man with a deep history, but whose warmth, sincerity and simplicity bring out the reality of the number of black Americans who have lived through their own stories like this.

Thanks to personal testimonies juxtaposed with archival images and images of Horace Sr accompanying his grandson in a concert hall for an interpretation of his grandson’s composition, A concerto is a conversation takes only 13 minutes to offer a deeper portrayal of racial tension, societal progression, and personal vindication than many feature films. We learn how Horace Sr had to start a business through connections he made over the phone due to the way people refused to work with him or gave him business loans based on the color of his skin. We learn how he was first exposed to racism as a child when a white boy no older than him called his father “boy” and his father responded with “sir”. It is a moving portrayal of a life that undoubtedly has endless detail beyond the confines of the film, but more than struggle and injustice. A concerto is a conversation is a celebration of Horace Sr. and the legacy he forged.

Seeing the fruits of Kris Bowers ‘labor as a songwriter, and seeing him back to back with his grandfather’s story, it is evident that Bowers’ work is the result of the sacrifice and courage of his great -father, that the music he creates is as much linked to the voice of Horace Sr. as to him. His concerto is a conversation; the one between him and his grandfather, himself and his inheritance, himself and his nation. It’s a conversation between the combination of all of these and each of us.

While A concerto is a conversation is not the kind of documentary likely to bring about a radical change in the real world, it is an intimate portrait linked somewhat deeply to a timeless art form; 13 minutes of moving and moving documentary cinema.


You can look A concerto is a conversation for free via The New York Times on Youtube.

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Senior Senator appoints colleague’s wife to lucrative Gaming Control Commission seat Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:16:07 +0000

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By Angela Couloumbis from Spotlight PA

PA projector is an independent, non-partisan newsroom powered by The Philadelphia Inquirer in partnership with PennLive / The Patriot-News, TribLIVE / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and WITF Public Media. Sign up for our free newsletters.

HARRISBURG – Senior Pennsylvania Senate Republican quietly appointed a colleague’s wife to a coveted spot on the state’s Gaming Control Board, again raising questions whether the regulatory committee has become a field landing for the politically connected.

Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R., Center) appointed Frances “Fran” Regan for a two-year term on the board, a privileged appointment in Harrisburg circles because, with a salary of $ 145,000 is one of the highest. paid positions in state government.

Regan, who is married to Sen. Mike Regan (R., York), was sworn in on Monday, with little fanfare in the office of the Gaming Control Board, according to board officials.

Unlike several previous dates, there was no press release announcing his selection – his name was simply on the council website. When asked for Regan’s resume, council officials initially said they didn’t have one. Late Tuesday, they provided a biography for Regan, who says she worked at the federal probation office for over 24 years, conducting background and criminal case investigations.

For the past six years, she has owned a small business, running public and private fitness classes to empower women and their personal safety.

Frances Regan could not be contacted immediately.

In an interview on Tuesday, Corman said he chose Regan because of his law enforcement background. Being linked to an official shouldn’t disqualify her from her post, Corman said, adding that he had interviewed just under half a dozen people for the post.

“Just because your husband is involved in public service doesn’t mean you shouldn’t,” he said, adding that Frances Regan is a friend and that he wants someone in the job that he can trust.

Since its inception, the board of directors, which oversees slots and casino games in the state, has often hosted prominent names in Pennsylvania politics and government, including former lawmakers. When lawmakers legalized casino gambling in 2004, they gave the governor the option of appointing three board members. The four Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate each get one nomination.

The board now oversees an industry that in 2019 generated $ 3.4 billion in revenue, according to the Gaming Control Board. Even during the pandemic, combined revenue from slots, table games, sports betting, iGaming, video game terminals and fantasy contests totaled $ 2.6 billion.

Of the 31 people who have been appointed to the Gaming Control Council since 2004, 16 have served as state government or lawmakers, or have themselves been state lawmakers, according to an analysis by Spotlight PA.

Last month, longtime State Representative Frank Dermody, the former State House Democrat who lost reelection last year, was bugged by House Minority Leader Joanna McClinton, of Philadelphia. to sit on the board.

Dermody, a former prosecutor who served in the legislature for 30 years, became the fourth former House Democrat to land a seat on the board, which includes two other former lawmakers.

For Dermody and other lawmakers, the appointment is more than just a well-paying job – it could ultimately help increase their future retirement income. In Pennsylvania, these are calculated using a formula that takes into account the highest three years of a person’s salary. And the Gaming Control Board pays far more than what the grassroots lawmakers, as well as those who rule, earn each year.

Christopher Borick, professor of political science at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, said it was up to officials like Corman to explain their choices. And when it comes to political appointments, like those to the Gaming Control Board and other statewide panels, the bar is expected to be even higher.

“You would expect clear arguments to be made,” Borick said, “about why you are the person who adds value to an important piece of advice. This is the missing link. You don’t see that anymore.

Frances Regan’s husband Mike Regan was elected to the Senate in 2016 and re-elected for a second four-year term in 2020. His name has been mentioned in political circles as a potential Republican candidate for governor, though the central Pennsylvania lawmaker did not. publicly announced any intention to run for a senior position. In 2022, two key political positions – the governor’s office and one of the two seats in the US State Senate – are up for grabs.

Frances Regan replaced outgoing board member Merritt Reitzel, who was appointed by Corman’s predecessor, Republican Joe Scarnati of Jefferson County. At the time, her appointment attracted close scrutiny because Reitzel was the sister-in-law of Scarnati’s chief of staff.

The state Senate has since hired Reitzel to serve as an attorney on the committee that oversees the regulation of gambling, according to Corman.

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Read more

One year after pandemic began, restaurant owners in Pennsylvania wonder when they’re ‘getting off this ride’

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CDC extends ban on evictions – Here’s how to claim protection Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:15:53 +0000

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has extended its national deportation ban until June 30, 2021. It was previously scheduled to end this month.

The moratorium is extended in order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. “Keeping people in their homes and out of crowded or congregated places – like homeless shelters – by preventing evictions is a key step in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said CDC director Rochelle P . Walensky in a declaration.

The expulsion was extended after more than 2,000 organizations and elected officials called to action, but some say it does not go far enough to protect the most vulnerable. “Unfortunately, the administration has not acted on the basis of clear evidence and must also strengthen law enforcement to address loopholes that undermine its public health goal,” said Diane Wentzel, chief executive officer of the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC). declaration. “While the Biden administration is well aware of the flaws in the standstill order that allows certain evictions to take place during the pandemic, the CDC director has not addressed them. She simply extended former President Trump’s original order, leaving loopholes and loopholes in place, a disappointing move that will lead to more nefarious evictions during the pandemic.

One of the concerns is that federal deportation protections are neither automatic nor universal. To be eligible, you must follow CDC guidelines and take steps to be protected.

If you’re having trouble paying rent, here’s what you need to know about your rights and where you may be able to find financial help.

How to qualify for eviction protections

To qualify for the federal moratorium on evictions, you must sign the CDC Declaration Form and give a copy to your landlord.

With the form, you confirm that you are unable to pay your rent or accommodation in full and that you have made every effort to obtain government housing assistance. You should also confirm that you will use your “best efforts” to make partial payments where possible and that you are adhering to any of the following guidelines:

  • You expect to earn $ 99,000 or less ($ 198,000 if you are filing a joint tax return) for the 2020-2021 calendar year
  • You were not required to report your income in 2020 to the IRS
  • You received a dunning payment

During the moratorium on eviction, you may be charged late fees or penalties, and when the moratorium expires, your landlord may demand full payment of all your missed payments. Additionally, your landlord can request a court hearing to dispute the claims made in your return.

These rules apply to the CDC’s ban on eviction, but many states have additional safeguards. To see what is available to you, Eviction Lab runs a Exhaustive list of all federal, state and local protections for everything from evictions to utility shutdowns.

More help you should know

If you don’t qualify for the eviction moratorium and are having trouble paying your bills, other help may be available.

The government has allocated billions in aid under the Emergency rental assistance program. However, this money is distributed to state and local governments, so there is no centralized application process. For a list of state and local aid available in your area, the NLIHC maintains a list of rental assistance programs.

If you are eligible for unemployment benefits, the federal government extended and prolonged unemployment benefits until September 6, 2021. And if you received unemployment in 2020, the first $ 10,200 of payments may be exempt from federal taxes.

Although you may be covered by a moratorium on shutting down public services at state levelThere are also programs available if you are having trouble paying your utility bills. Federal Energy Assistance Program for Low Income Homes provides assistance to low-income families who pay electricity, gas, propane and heating bills. And there are a number of others at the state level utility relief programs.

For those with student loan debt, you may be eligible for forbearance, including no interest, until September 30, 2021. This federal forbearance applies to student loans held by the US Department of Education. For all other types of student loans, forbearance may be available lender by lender. You should therefore contact your student loan manager and keep in mind that you are still likely to accumulate interest during this type of forbearance.

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National League: Nineteen clubs have offered government loans worth up to £ 5.4million to help survive coronavirus pandemic | Football News Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Nineteen National League clubs have been offered government loans worth up to £ 5.4million to help them survive the coronavirus pandemic.

The National League and the Northern and Southern National Leagues have been in turmoil in recent weeks, voting on whether to continue their seasons amid a dispute over funding.

The governing body felt it would receive another government grant if fans were unable to attend the matches, such as the £ 10million received in October, but the Culture Department, Media and Sports has always maintained that future funding would come in the form of loans.

Such a decision saw the National League North and National League South vote to end 2020-2021 campaign sooner, with players and staff placed on leave, despite the National League opting to see the season come to an end.

Nineteen clubs from the three divisions have accepted a low-interest long-term loan offer from the government and will receive funds once they accept the relevant documentation.

Other clubs are in discussions about obtaining a loan and a decision will be made as soon as possible.

With the National League continuing, clubs will now receive free Covid-19 test kits from the government that have previously played without a test structure in place.

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Michigan State Men’s Basketball to be ‘Featured by Rocket Mortgage’ Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

Michigan State University entered into a sponsorship deal with Detroit-based Rocket Mortgage last week and the college’s men’s basketball team will now be referred to as “MSU Spartans Presented by Rocket Mortgage” in advertisements shown in stadiums and athletics, according to a university press release.

After announcing the five-year deal, the university clarified in a March 12 statement that it “is not renaming its men’s basketball team” to include Rocket Mortgage. Matt Larson, associate athletic director for communications, said in an email that “the exact locations and wording will be determined over the next few months.”

However, the company’s sponsorship will be recognized in the MSU basketball arena and football stadium, on the benches and notebooks of basketball teams, and on the football coach’s helmet. Mel Tucker, “making the company synonymous with Spartan athletics,” the statement said. The Rocket Mortgage brand will be incorporated into MSU-controlled athletics shows launched during the 2021-2022 track season, Larson wrote.

Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Rocket Mortgage, is an MSU alumnus, and in 2016 he and his wife, Jennifer Gilbert, donated $ 15 million to the university for the refurbishment of the basketball stadium. , a Detroit researchers program and resource center for people with disabilities. mentionned. A pavilion in the stadium is named after Dan Gilbert.

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Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine could be a game-changer for student-athletes – CBS Pittsburgh Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pfizer announced on Wednesday that its COVID-19 vaccine was 100% effective in a new study in 12 to 15-year-olds.

No cases were found among those who received the vaccine. Currently, it is only allowed for people over 16 years old.

READ MORE: Black bear spotted wandering in the township neighborhood of the front

For athletes, masks have become a way of life. There is a constant cloud above their heads of possible game cancellations due to outbreaks. If the vaccine is approved for young people, it could be a game-changer.

Becca Ryan is a Gateway High School rookie who plays soccer, basketball and softball. The coronavirus made for a difficult first year of school and athletics.

“The mask is a bit difficult to play at times,” Ryan said of Zoom.

She thinks it’s hard to get into the stream of a season where, at any time, COVID-19 could change everything.

“You try to get used to it. Then there would be another stop. It’s hard to get into a groove, ”Ryan said.

With the news from Pfizer, she could get the vaccine if allowed, which would allow her and her teammates to be protected.

READ MORE: Incoming lanes of Route 28 near RIDC Park reopen after hillside car crash

“Immunization is clearly another very effective, perhaps the most effective of all, to keep children safe,” said Gateway Athletic Director Don Holl. “It would be something that we would strongly encourage so that we can get as many athletes vaccinated as possible.”

Dr Joseph Aracri, president of the Allegheny Health Network, said Pfizer’s results were not too surprising, given its effectiveness in adults.

“If a vaccine gives adults a good immune response, we know the children are going to respond in a pretty positive way,” said Dr Aracri.

As for the timeline of when we might see gunshots in the arms, Dr. Aracri isn’t quite sure when. He hopes it will be before school starts next year.

“You might start the fall with masks and maybe basketball without masks. It’s very difficult to predict because it’s a new virus, ”Dr Aracri said of Zoom.

With Ryan playing sports every season, she would love to see those hits ASAP.

“It would make it more normal to play against teams without having to worry about catching the virus,” Ryan said.

NO MORE NEWS: Alice Cooper auctions rare Andy Warhol painting

Speaking with WPIAL, KDKA learned that any encouragement for students to get immunized should come from parents and individual schools. Schools have said that due to privacy laws, they may be limited to simple encouragement and nothing mandatory.

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Get Money For Your Student Loans When You Buy A Home In Illinois – FOX 2 Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

You paid for it: raw wastewater goes back to the houses in the east of Saint-Louis

Local News /

Mehlville school district faces pandemic and potential legislation that could cost them millions

Local News /

You Paid It: St. Louis County Council Asks State Government to Audit COVID Federal Funds

Local News /

You paid for it: Saint-Charles withdraws from the town hall relocation plan

Local News /

Rockwood School District strives to eliminate ‘misinformation’ about racial inclusion agenda

Local News /

Arnold Rec Center bleeds millions of dollars because city can’t have enough people to use facilities

Local News /

Francis Howell school district forced to make millions in cuts after tax measures failed

Local News /

You Paid It – Finding a New Auditor

Local News /

You Paid It: State Board of Education Orders Additions to Normandy Board of Directors

Local News /

You paid for it: Are taxpayers getting their money’s worth from local government agencies?

Local News /

St. Louis County Council Members Won’t Give Sam Page Full Purchasing Power Over New COVID Funds

Local News /

Dan Isom as Acting Director of Public Safety; Former TSL police chief believes city can reduce homicides

Local News /

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‘These kids lost everything’: Northampton student-athletes plan protest as town’s participation in Fall Sports II season remains uncertain Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

As Fall Sports II season Launched Monday for high schools in Massachusetts, several Northampton student-athletes plan to demonstrate in the town’s downtown area against uncertainties over the community’s participation in the season.

The demonstration will take place on Monday at 2 p.m. in front of the town hall. About 10 student-athletes are expected to join the protest, all aimed at shedding light on the issue and getting answers on whether there will be a sports season in the coming weeks for high school students in the city, according to Braeden. Tudryn, a senior at Northampton High School and one of the protest organizers.

“Basically all the other communities outside of Northampton are going to do the season as planned,” he told MassLive. “It’s frustrating.”

The protest comes after the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association approved changes and recommendations late last month for several sports to compete during the Fall Sports II season, which has been delayed due to fluctuations in coronavirus cases and restrictions surrounding the pandemic.

“We made adjustments in the fall and had a successful first season. We’ve made additional changes for the winter, and our student athletes have been actively engaged since December, ”MIAA President Jeffrey Granatino said in a statement. declaration. “We now hope that with the guidance of the Governor’s Office and the EEA, as well as the work of our various committees, we can have a safe and successful Fall Season II.”

Fall Season II is now slated to run from February 22 to April 25, but it is unclear whether Northampton will participate in football and other sports, such as unified basketball and cheerleading. The MIAA has left the decision of whether or not to participate in the season to local school districts and / or their local boards of health.

Last Thursday, the Northampton Board of Health held its monthly meeting. However, the question of whether the city will participate in the Fall II sports season was not an item on the agenda and was only discussed by student-athletes and parents during the period of public comments.

Merridith O’Leary, the city’s director of public health, has the executive authority to make all public health decisions during a declared emergency, including whether or not to allow Fall Season II to begin . The Health Council could also address the issue at its next meeting at the end of March. The future of the season at Northampton remains unclear, however.

Several residents argued at the board meeting on Thursday that it was in the best interests of Northampton high school students to participate in the season for their mental health. Some members of the audience also pointed out that student-athletes in their final year want to be able to play sports in their final months of high school.

For Tudryn, 17, a linebacker and running back for the Northampton High football team, not knowing whether there will be a season from February to April has been maddening.

The high school student claimed he was not alone. He said fellow footballers and student-athletes from other school sports teams, such as boys and girls basketball, could also take part in Monday’s protest.

The student-athlete argued that sports in the Pioneer Valley were able to operate safely. From mid-January to last Thursday, Tudryn noted, he played indoor basketball for Hopkins Academy in Hadley. The season went well, without fear of COVID-19, according to him.

“We were fine, eight games, and everyone was safe, wearing masks, making sure to distance themselves socially when they could,” he said.

Parents and students have sent emails to the Board of Health, asking that Northampton be allowed to participate in Fall Sports Season II alongside other towns and villages in Massachusetts, according to Tudryn.

“Many Northampton citizens are frustrated that although it can be done safely, the Health Council has not made a decision,” he said.

Several members of the Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School football team and their parents agree. Northampton High and Smith Vocational both fall in the Pioneer Valley Interschool Sports Conference, which will be able to start organizing practices on March 1.

Rachel Janik-Cappello, a parent of one of the Smith Vocational students who is asking to allow the football season to continue, told the board of health meeting on Thursday that she was a paramedic firefighter and had treated almost exclusively coronavirus-related illnesses since last year.

“I would like to say unequivocally that I have not had a child with COVID, not a teenager with COVID or COVID-like symptoms,” she said. “Even though this is anecdotal evidence, I feel like it serves at the very least as a benchmark as to whether this is a real threat to health or a threat to public safety or the well-being of our high school student-athletes. These children have lost everything in the past year. I mean, who didn’t.

With gyms also closed, teens had to stay disciplined about their home workout routines, “and they did,” she added. If the sporting season begins, they will also be required to strictly adhere to public health regulations, which include wearing a face mask and shield with a helmet if playing football.

The elders of Smith Vocational also occupy a unique position, argued Janik-Cappello. Some students will enter the job market directly after graduation, as the school provides technical and agricultural education.

“These boys and girls just want to play football,” Janik-Cappello said. “I just want to say that we should really allow these kids to be able to play, especially [because] the graduation party is gone, the graduation is over. This is the last time they are children. They are traders. These children enter the labor market directly after that.

Jacob Furtaw, an athlete on the Smith Vocational football team, spoke at the Health Council Thursday meeting to say his team would like to have a Fall Season II, noting that high school sports are about “building friendships, finding strength and leadership”.

“We should have a season because it gives us the opportunity to change for the year not just as one person, but as a whole team,” said the student-athlete. “This is the last year for some of the students on our team because they’re going to another school or they’re just going to move on, and they would really like to have a season.”

Another member of the Smith Vocational football team and a senior at the school echoed Furtaw’s comments later in the meeting.

“It’s about us. It’s our football season, and I’ve been locked up at home, and it’s really weighing on us, ”said the student, who identified himself by the first name Liam. “I really hope you make the right decision with us.”

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National Signing Day 2021: Find out where Jackson-area athletes are heading Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

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JACKSON – It’s been a tough year for most Michigan high school athletes, but Wednesday was a celebration for some seniors.

National Signing Day, which typically falls on the first Wednesday in February each year, marks the official time at which student-athletes can sign their National Letter of Intent to Play College Sports. Some student-athletes held their signing ceremonies during the NCAA’s early signing period from Nov. 18 to Dec. 16, 2020, while some waited until Wednesday to formalize their college plans.

PICTURES: Images of Lumen Christi’s signing ceremony

AFTER: Jackson-area athletes celebrate college decisions on fall signing day

Below is a list of the Jackson-area athletes who celebrated National Signing Day on Wednesday.

NOTE: MLive has sent out requests for information on student-athletes and their college commitments to every school in the region. If a student-athlete is missing from the roster who celebrated their signing day on Wednesday, please email with the name of the student, the sport and the university.


Dorion Riley, Ferris State, Soccer

Canon Rose, Albion College, Swimming


Owen Garcia, Jackson College, baseball

Renae Kutcha, Wayne State, Track

Anna Doane, UNC Asheville, football

Basil Hampton, Saginaw Valley State, Football

Mau Tavera, Albion College, Football

Konnor Barks, Spring Arbor, Football


Randy Frailey, Siena Heights, Wrestling

Chris Sorrow, Siena Heights, Wrestling

Garrett Gumper, Glen Oaks, baseball

Michigan Center’s Shealyn Tripp (23) shoots the ball during a girls’ basketball game at Grass Lake High School on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. Both teams are ranked in the top 10 in Division 3 state. The Michigan Center won the Grass Lake game, 65-55.J. Scott Park |


Shae Tripp, Wayne State, basketball


Kinsie Klingler, Northwestern Ohio (UNOH), volleyball

Kinsie klinger

Kinsie Klingler of Napoleon High School signs his Letter of Intent to Play at Northwestern Ohio University (UNOH) in the fall of 2021. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Bradley).


Grace Hall, Albion College, volleyball and basketball

Ben Young, Finland, Soccer

Peyton Killinger, Spring Arbor, football

Girls basketball Leslie vs Stockbridge

Stockbridge’s Grace Hall (10) shoots the ball during a girls’ basketball game at Stockbridge High School on Friday, January 17, 2020. Stockbridge won the game against Leslie, 39-35.J. Scott Park |


Alec Shaw, Rochester College, cross-country skiing

Jewelia Wolfe, Northwood, softball


Alexis Hamrick, Spring Arbor, bowling

Logan Teubert, Concordia, Bowling

Corryn Berlin, Bethel, Football

Alex Spahr, Adrian College (verbal engagement), Football

Keemondre Robinson, Cleary College, Wrestling

Leslie vs. Olivet

LeslieÕs Ayden Rutan (2) goes to the basket during a Leslie vs Olivet basketball game at Leslie High School on Thursday, February 21, 2019 (Mary Lewandowski | lewandowski


Ayden Rutan, Concordia (Chicago), Basketball

Tristan Feighner, Albion College, Basketball

Cannon Risner, Ferris State, Golf

John Cranmore, Elmhurst, golf

Ben Smieska, Davenport, Wrestling

Haley Ellis, Lansing Community College, Cross Country



Senior offensive lineman Michael McAnnich has signed his national letter of intent to play football at the United States Air Force Academy.


Senior star Taiya Fletcher for the Golden Eagles signed to continue her basketball career at Siena Heights University

Michigan Center takes on Columbia Central in Women's Basketball District Final

Taiya Fletcher (4) of Columbia Central dribbles against Morgan Morris (13) of Michigan Center in an MHSAA Division 3 girls’ basketball district final at Grass Lake High School on Friday, March 6, 2020. Michigan Center wins the game against Columbia Central, 47-35.J. Scott Park |


Jackson-area athletes celebrate college decisions on fall signing day

Michigan Center’s Shea Tripp Finds Her Perfect Place in Wayne State

Three young Michigan footballers ready for the opportunity of a lifetime

Top 10 player of the year: Dorion Riley, “ bowling ball ”, scares opposing defenses

Find out who was in the MLive Jackson Football Dream Team 2020 on offense

Find out who was part of the MLive Jackson Football Dream Team 2020 in defense

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Student Loan Repayments Freeze Continues as Members of Congress Call for Debt Cancellation Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:14:58 +0000

One of President Joe Biden’s many priorities is to help students manage their growing debt.

Student loans are among the most important people take out and ultimately have to pay back. But for now, the freeze on federal loan payments continued later in the year.

Biden ordered the Department of Education to extend the hiatus on student loan payments until September 30. The one-year payment freeze was due to expire at the end of January.

Long Island students have an average of $ 35,000 in student loans as part of a $ 1.6 trillion national debt on these types of loans.

Students at Molloy College say they are happy to hear the news from the president.

“I’m very grateful for this, honestly … I’ll have enough time to pay off my loans and honestly save a few bucks in my pocket,” says sophomore David Chavez.

Biden has supported congressional action that would eliminate up to $ 10,000 in student debt. But in November, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and others called on Biden to eliminate more than $ 50,000.

“It is a huge sum weighing on their heads and on the future of the young people of Long Island, and not so young,” says Schumer.

Farmingdale State College president John Nader praised the president for suspending the loan, but warned of a large-scale loan cancellation, saying any relief should be based on need.

“So rather than sketching it out here, I think we need to be very focused in what we’re doing to help students who are in financial need,” Nader says.

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