Cancellation of student debt would mainly benefit high-income families

JPMorgan found that canceling student debt would primarily benefit middle- and high-income families. However, income thresholds would significantly reduce the amount of debt forgiveness. Any long-term solution for student debt should take into account the tuition and enrollment fees of low-income families. See more stories on the Insider business page. …

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The high cost of betting with house money

Action 24/7 boasts of being the only independent local sports betting in Tennessee this “continues to dominate the industry with innovative practices such as same day payment and cash withdrawals. On the surface, it has the makings of an outsider story in which the hometown hero thrives on his ‘buy …

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What are payday loans used for?

Azlinah Tambu, a twenty-two-year-old single mother who lives in Oakland, Calif., Recently found herself in a difficult situation. Her car had broken down and she needed it to drop her daughter off at daycare and get to work. Tambu, an optimistic woman with shiny black hair and dazzling eyes, didn’t …

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