Browns players take part in charity event

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Anyone who follows Johnny Stanton on social media knows he plays more than one game brilliantly.

The Cleveland Browns guard is also an avid Dungeons and Dragons player.

But what fans might not know is that he also trained his teammates Myles Garrett and Wyatt Teller in the dungeons.

And the three of them got together with more than 100 board game enthusiasts and Browns fans for a special game this week.

While playing at the Tabletop Boardgame Cafe in Cleveland, Stanton and his friends have raised over $18,000 for children in need.

Organized by Stanton’s marketing team, the fun event particularly benefited Red Nose Day.

said Stanton,

“Red Nose Day is a great base. The fight against child poverty is really important to me and I’m happy to raise a little for them.

Tik Tok personality Brandon Tharp served as the Dungeon Master.

And writer/comedian/actor Ify Nwadidwe and writer/podcaster Aabria Iyengar were among the attendees.

Gather for children

Stanton was thrilled to incorporate his second favorite game into a charity event, calling it “a dream come true”.

And when the Stanton team reached out to cafe owner Brady Risner, he quickly agreed to host the event.

Risner was able to accommodate 100 fans and quickly sold out the venue.

To accommodate more subscribers, the game was streamed live on the Cantrip Cast Twitch account.

Stanton also raffled off D&D-related items and T-shirts online in the days leading up to the big game.

On Friday, donations totaled $18,460 for needy children helped by Red Nose Day.

The game was one of thousands of events nationwide to raise money for the charity.

Red Nose Day aims to improve the health of children and to fight against homelessness and poverty.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons is a game about negotiating an imaginary dungeon full of traps and challenges.

The Dungeon Master narrates, moderates, and often creates obstacles like a dragon’s lair or bottomless pits.

And each character creates their own story, built within the framework of a certain type of creature.

Former teammate Kendall Lamm helped Stanton engage Garrett and Teller in his second world.

The group used to meet for impromptu games, which Teller says were as intensive as his charity game.

“(Johnny) doesn’t do anything small,” Teller said. “He worked hard to be back. He embodies just that (the work ethic) every time. He is a good friend and I am grateful to him for inviting me here.

Tharp included football-related twists in the Stanton charity game storyline.

And it served to entertain the football fans in the crowd who made no secret of the fact that they were shooting for Garrett.

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