Bloodborne Boss Ludwig becomes a delicious and disturbing cake

The bloodthirsty boss Ludwig the Accursed is a notoriously aggressive foe, and now a soul fan has turned the creature into an impressive cake.

A truly awful transmitted by blood cake lets fans cut and devour the game’s DLC boss, Ludwig the Accursed. Horse horror is featured in FromSoftware’s classic old hunters expansion, which takes the player to a new Hunter’s Nightmare location filled with deadly new enemies. transmitted by blood Ludwig’s cursed boss fight is notoriously difficult, but eating a delicious cake shaped like a creepy enemy is much easier.

Like most of FromSoftware’s action role-playing games, transmitted by blood features a wide array of ruthless and macabre bosses. The 2015 title begins as a gothic horror adventure, with players battling foes like the werewolf Père Gasciogne and the hulking monstrosity Vicar Amelia. However, as the game progresses transmitted by blood slowly becomes a Lovecraftian tale of cosmic horror. The bosses change accordingly, with players eventually facing the demonic spider Amygdala and shrouded deity Mergo’s Wet Nurse. Each of these unique and mind-bending bosses has produced both insight and frustration in players while inspiring tributes, like a fan sculpture of transmitted by blood Ebrietas bosses, who immortalize cosmic creatures.


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A true original transmitted by blood creation, shared by Reddit user Very_Syrias, turns Ludwig the Accursed into a spooky birthday cake. As the first boss in the game old hunters DLC, Ludwig is known for dominating players and controlling the rest of the expansion. Finally, defeating the sword-wielding monstrosity leaves its head in its boss arena, and that sight has now turned into a delicious wasteland. Very_Syrias baked the bizarre replica of Ludwig’s head for a birthday party, and cutting into this culinary creation will likely satisfy everyone. transmitted by blood player who has been repeatedly brutalized by the cursed creature.

Statues and cakes are great ways to pay homage to transmitted by blood roster of thieves, and cosplay is another exciting way to recreate these bosses. A great cosplay from transmitted by blood boss Lady Maria, for example, brings the bloody brawl to life by having another cosplayer represent the player’s hunter. Like Ludwig, Lady Maria is one of the bosses introduced in the old hunters DLCs. A nimble warrior rather than an encroaching beast, Maria of the Astral Clock Tower battles players in a lightning-fast duel using twin swords and powerful blood powers. This intimate and intense fight is perfectly portrayed through the authentic reconstruction of Maria and her adversary.

Although it is followed by titles like dark souls 3 and Ring of Eldenthe PlayStation exclusive transmitted by blood is still considered one of FromSoftware’s greatest titles. Iconic bosses like Ludwig the Accursed are a big part of that enduring popularity, and the cake commissioned by Very_Syrias is a truly unique tribute to the disgusting enemy. Ludwig is known for slicing hunters with his Holy Moonlight sword, but now one lucky player can enjoy a slice of his horse head.

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transmitted by blood is available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Very_Syrias/Reddit

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