Blade & Sorcery update will add dungeons, loot and progression

Physics Based VR Melee Fighter Blade & Sorcery is still going strong almost two and a half years after its initial Early Access release. The next major development update will extend beyond the roots of the game’s sandbox and introduce a more linear experience with procedurally generated dungeons that players can loot. Later updates will add loot and character progression systems to give players an ongoing challenge.

Blade & Sorcery Warp Frog developer today announced the next major game patch, Update 10, which will feature the debut of a new linear game mode called Dungeons. While the developer says the game’s original sandbox mode is here to stay, Dungeons will offer players a whole new way to play the game.

Update 10 will include the first procedurally generated dungeon environment, called Greenland, which the studio says is dynamically pieced together from handcrafted parts so that no two passes are the same. .

Instead of battling waves of enemies, like in the game’s sandbox mode, dungeons will have pre-spawned enemies for players to defeat as they dive deeper inside. Enemies will also have basic AI with patrols and a field of view.

While Blade and witchcraft Update 10 will bring the first dungeon environment, as well as a revamped ‘home’ space for players (preview here), it will not yet include a loot system or character progression. These should be added in subsequent updates; the developer teased a currency system to buy better gear and some sort of skill tree to unlock new abilities.

The studio points out that it’s still early days for Dungeons Mode, and the initial release will likely be incomplete (it’s Early Access, after all), but the hope is to garner key feedback as the rest of the systems move on. will be implemented later. updates. For the moment, Blade & Sorcery Update 10 is expected to land around the third or fourth quarter of this year.

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