Blade and Sorcery releases Update 10 trailer, announces Dungeons release date


Virtual reality technology is slowly but surely becoming more and more common in the video game space. With the recent release of Resident Evil 4 in VR, as well as Half-life: Alyx, Lonely echo, and WarpFrog’s Blade and witchcraft, which were developed purely for virtual reality, gamers now have an even wider range of game worlds to fully immerse themselves in.

Released in 2018, Blade and witchcraft is a physics-based fantasy medieval sandbox title featuring swordplay, magic, and ranged combat. The VR game is still in Early Access and doesn’t feature any story type, but instead focuses on providing players with a variety of weapons and spells to withstand waves of enemies.

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WarpFrog has released a trailer showcasing some of the upcoming changes Blade and witchcraft with Update 10, which will be released on October 24. The biggest change will be the game’s new dungeon mode, which will allow players to beat their opponents in new environments. At launch, dungeons will only be available in sandbox mode with a limited number of rooms to explore, but a progression mode and additional rooms are planned for the future.

Some players expressed concern that “dungeons” meant underground lane after lane that would become repetitive and tedious. But WarpFrog has handcrafted a variety of rooms or enclosed areas, each with a unique look. While there will be underground tunnel systems, the Update 10 trailer shows that the dungeons of Blade and witchcraft will also include castle-like ruins, sea caves, and even stand-alone outdoor locations.

Another change coming Blade and witchcraft with update 10 may not be immediately noticeable by most gamers. Engaged enemies will now be the only ones counting towards the physical constraint of the game, optimizing performance and allowing more NPCs to appear on screen at once. The introduction of dungeons to Blade and witchcraft AI also had to be tweaked to add behaviors like new attack animations, patrols, field of view, and noise detection. Some of that will be apparent with Update 10, but those tweaks are still ongoing and will become more realistic in the future.

WarpFrog has a lot of additions planned for Blade and witchcraft, including interactive items, looting, and inventory coming in Update 11 or 12. Shops selling weapons and armor, the ability to equip armor, and a skill tree are also on the horizon. . And later in 2022, the VR game will add localization for other languages, as well as new character and facial expression customization options.

Blade and witchcraft is a VR game available on PC.

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