Black Desert gets its first cooperative dungeon, Atoraxxion

Black desert, MMORPG from developer Pearl Abyss, has been booming since its initial PC launch in 2014. The game features a fun fighting style and sandbox-oriented gameplay. A new first is coming, however. A new dungeon called Atoraxxion has been revealed, bringing the first cooperative dungeon to the game later this summer.

This new dungeon will require players to band together to solve various puzzles scattered around, take on different combinations of ancient weapons, and overcome special obstacles throughout the dungeon. The dungeon is so large that the developer said it is almost comparable to an entire region.

Atoraxxion is divided into four parts and will be published as such, the order being Desert, Ocean, Canyon, and Forest. With the release of each game, the dungeon will increase in difficulty and each server or platform will also see different degrees of difficulty. For example, console players will be given the normal difficulty level, while those on the rapidly growing Elvia Realm servers will be able to try it at upgraded levels.

Along with the news from Atoraxxion, a new trailer and screenshots have been released, which you can check out below. It seems to focus primarily on the upcoming first part, Desert, with a little teaser for future dungeon parts to come later. You can also read our thoughts on Black desert in our 2019 review.


Click on the gallery below to see assorted screenshots of the new update.

Are you currently playing Black desert and if so, are you eager to check this out? Take your co-op friend and head over to the comments below to let us know.

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