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With game of thrones author George RR Martin conceptualizing the story, Ring of Elden is definitely one of the hottest titles in gaming right now. Another prominent name to ensure the success of the game is transmitted by blood and sekiro former student Hidetaka Miyazaki, who serves as its director.

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While the narrative deals with the titular ring’s scattering in a fantasy world, comparisons to franchises like Lord of Rings, Dark Soulsand the witcher are made to arise. In all, Ring of EldenFans of have a wide variety of options to play once they’re done with the action RPG.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Talion vs. Orc in Shadow of War

Inspired by the myth of JRR Tolkien and the fantastic films of Peter Jackson, Middle-earth: Shadow of War offers an immersive gaming experience in the realm of Middle-earth. Instead of the usual suspects of Tolkien’s universe, the protagonist is the ranger Talion whose body also houses the spirit of an elf lord. As Sauron’s threat increases, the two figures attempt to forge a new ring of power.

The Power Ring obviously reminds Ring of Eldenthe titular artifact. And given that George RR Martin’s own literary mythos is heavily inspired by the works of Tolkien, this Middle-earth classic is a must-have option for Ring of Elden Fans.

Sekiro Shadows Dies Twice

Promo art of FromSoft's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice main character.

In addition to its stealth and combat gameplay, sekiro is also rooted in Japanese history and Buddhist philosophy. So while the overarching story is a shinobi’s quest for revenge with a rival samurai clan, the game also offers a rich atmospheric experience of feudal Japan.

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sekiro would make a good recommendation after Ring of Elden due to the detailed world building as well as the common studio they share. Hailing from Japan, FromSoftware is known for making games with high levels of difficulty. Ring of Elden as well as sekiro are no exception.

The Witcher’s Wild Hunt 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt New DLC 2022 Next Gen Upgrade Netflix Show Henry Cavill Items

the witcher The franchise has delivered some quintessential fantasy games over the past few years. When it comes to building a world, wild hunt turned out to be one of the most acclaimed titles. The last chapter of the original Witcher trilogy, wild hunt revolves around monster slayer Geralt and his adopted daughter as they battle monsters inspired by Slavic mythology.

The story is very similar to that of George RR Martin, and just like the other Witcher Games, wild hunt was inspired by the witcher novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. The open-world gameplay coupled with mythic storytelling and customizable character building features makes it similar to Ring of Elden.

game of thrones

Game of Thrones 2012 game characters standing in a castle and looking up

Set during the first season of game of thrones, the action role-playing game tells the adventures of a knight and a ranger of the Night’s Watch as they uncover a royal conspiracy. Even though the game mostly features new characters, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and Lord Varys return with their voice actors reprising their roles.

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If that voice cast wasn’t enough, George RR Martin himself appeared as Maester Martin in Castlewood. fans of Ring of Elden are bound to be fans of the author given his literary contributions in the development of the game’s story. Thus, the 2012 game of thrones RPG seems like a fun option to play if players like Martin’s work.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III

When it comes to weapons and magic, the latest installment of the dark souls the trilogy is one of the best options. As the age of fire is about to end in the kingdom of Lothric, a dark age descends that must be stopped by valiant knights, princes, and even undead beings.

The fusion of multiple supernatural influences as well as the addition of medieval fantasy tropes makes Dark Souls III a perfect companion for a game like Ring of Elden. Even the visual aesthetic is such that Elden The ring looks exactly like dark souls.

transmitted by blood

The main promotional image for the game Bloodborne

The Action RPG of 2015 transmitted by blood takes place in a fictional Victorian-era settlement with Gothic influences. As the city goes through a deadly plague, a mysterious figure known as the Hunter seeks to find the cause of the disease and neutral supernatural threats along the way.

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just like Ring of Elden and sekiro, transmitted by blood shows how far FromSoftware can go in developing story-driven open-world games. just like how Ring of Elden is comparable to Tolkien’s literature and other fantasy games, transmitted by bloodThe sleek aesthetic and grim violence of is also comparable to Lovecraftian horror and steampunk fiction. At the same time, both games end up reinventing their inspirations in new and innovative ways.

The shadow of the colossus

shadow of the colossus bluepoint remake

One of those PlayStation 2 games that still hold up today, The shadow of the colossus is a modern classic. Instead of the grandiose settings of the usual fantasy games, Shadow of the Colossus relies on minimalist landscapes. Even the design of the sixteen gargantuan “colossi” is far more original than many other beasts in fantasy games. The protagonist’s journey into the woods to resurrect a dead girl is comparable to cult favorites like The last of us.

after playing Ring of Elden, players may want to vouch for more diverse fantasy options. And if they’ve had enough of armored knights and fire-breathing dragons, The shadow of the colossus would be a cooler alternative.

the dogma of the dragon

Savan jumping in the air to fight an Ogre

On the surface, the first the dogma of the dragon video game is a duel between the human champion Arisen and the dragon Grigori that can bring about the end of the world. But the plot deepens with each level, revealing a larger mystery in the fantasy realm of Gransys.

The mythological stories of the inhabitants of Gransys would keep players engaged after Elden Ring. While RPGs rely on stealth combat, the violent hack-and-slash approach of the dogma of the dragon would be an interesting break.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Straw Locations

An iconic entry into The scrolls franchise, Skyrim is arguably one of the greatest open-world video games. Besides the central rivalry between the Dragonborn and the Dragon, players have the option to embark on side quests and travel anywhere in the game world. The dual wielding weapon system has also been much appreciated, as well as the graphics and the design of the environment.

The environment of Ring of Elden is just as interactive and immersive as Skyrim and its added DLC. Another similarity is the unlimited leeway players have to customize the design of their creatures.

Divinity Original Sin

Promotional art for Divinity: Original Sin featuring female and male characters in armor from the game

A prequel to the games of divine deity universe, Original Sin Deity deals with turn-based action from the perspective of two main characters. These warriors are tasked with eradicating a specific type of magic called “Source” which can have destructive consequences.

This central concept is reminiscent of the Power Rings of the Lord of the Rings as well as the owner Ring of Elden. The presence of magic in a fantasy world can be integral but also disastrous if it falls into the wrong hands.

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