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There are many digital versions of tabletop RPGs available to players, such as Scout and Call of Cthulhu. However, with so many choices, it can be difficult to determine which is the best. While the term digital table might sound like an oxymoron, it’s a growing field for fans of pen and paper role-playing games.

If a person wants to play on Roll20 Where Fantastic lands, there are many ways to play tabletop RPGs online with friends or strangers. Decades-old games are finding new audiences alongside new releases. As available software improves, tabletop RPGs move away from the tabletop towards the computer screen.


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Regardless of genre or style of play, there’s a tabletop RPG for everyone. The obvious choice for many is Dungeons & Dragons, but there are plenty of other options for RPG fans. Here are some alternatives to J&D which can be played online, which are among the best on the market.

A different kind of online RPG – Blades In The Dark

Released by Evil Hat Productions in 2017, Blades in the dark is an unusual take on the traditional RPG. Set in the 19th century in an alternate universe where the sun has disappeared, plunging the world into darkness, the game has players acting as villains. Players take on the role of a “villain” and attempt heists while facing ghosts and other supernatural threats.

Players take on the role of members of a criminal gang and take positions within the crew using character archetypes. The Cutter, Leech, or Whisper are some of the roles available, and there are rules for each to guide players through their roles in the organization. Blades in the dark is like Peaky Blinders crossed with Ocean’s Eleven as players have fun committing crime after crime.

Blades in the dark has rules and mechanics to cover everything players could imagine as they rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. There are rules for building a crew, crafting gadgets, and even rules for all the weird occult powers available to players. Players can even use a unique flashback mechanic to fill in “planning” while on a heist or on the job, as the game encourages faster gameplay.

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Blades in the dark is mindlessly fun if a bit weighed down by its own cumbersome rules. Where most RPG games discourage players from being murderous, Blades in the dark does the exact opposite. Players can use their imaginations more when role-playing, which adds to the appeal.

Pathfinder is a classic RPG that can be played online

It’s impossible to talk about digital tabletop RPGs without mentioning Scoutone of the most famous examples of the genre that players can now access online. Scout is often compared to Dungeons & Dragons and is based on edition 3.5, which earned Scout the D&D 3.75 moniker. Released in 2009 by Paizo, the second edition was released ten years later in 2019.

Set in a world called Golarion, Scout changed many elements of the game from its inspiration to create an overall balanced game. ScoutThe rules change how combat systems work, making them more tactical and interesting. There are more options for classes and their roles within an adventuring party.

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Scout has a lot to offer anyone looking for a digital tabletop RPG, though players coming from D&D may have a hard time getting used to some of the changes. The world of Golarion is brilliantly diverse with settlements suitable for every campaign, from traditional high fantasy resembling Middle-earth to pirate-themed and even zombie-filled areas. Scout is a good choice for players who like to optimize their characters and those looking for options outside of the limited class selection of other RPGs.

Starfinder is a space-themed digital RPG

From the creators of Scout, star seeker takes place in the same universe, albeit far in the future. Golarion, the world of Pathfinder’s frame, has mysteriously disappeared in an event called “The Gap” which carefully prevents players from altering the Scout calendar, which serves as the basis for star seeker own space opera RPG timeline. As both games share a common story, players can also encounter all races and monsters found in Scout in star seeker.

As the setting is futuristic and spatial, combat mechanics are in place for space combat, and as the party progresses they can earn their own spaceship, which acts as both a headquarters and a medium. transport. Even though it is located in space, star seeker still has magic in his world similar to star warswith the mechanics of use adjusted to the decor and often associated with new high-level technology.

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Seven character classes have been added to those already present in Scoutand players can customize each of them. star seeker has excellent world building, taking on the rich world of Scout and the addition of new alien races and planets, such as the lizard-like vesk and the ysoki ratfolk. star seeker strength lies in its character creation options, and with so many races, achievements and even cyberpunk-style body augmentations to choose from, players will just have fun creating characters.

Fans of 90s nostalgia will enjoy Monster of the Week

Originally released in 2012 by Evil Hat Productions, monster of the week is a fun action-horror RPG. Players take on the role of monster hunters and can experience adventures similar to buffy the vampire slayer, Mulder and Scully, or the Winchester brothers. The game uses a system based on the apocalyptic world RPG, making it easy for new players to pick up.

monster of the week is designed to be played in episode-style sessions, which is great for one-shots or shorter campaigns. Before each game, the Guardian, the person running the game and the players decide what type of game they will play; for example, a secret government agency or high school students fighting creatures after class. After that, players can go through a series of questions to put together their party, and the game can begin.

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monster of the week is a fast and easy-to-pick-up tabletop RPG that’s perfect for gamers who enjoy role-playing. It’s full of sci-fi and 90s nostalgia with a bit of everything for fans of X files Where Supernatural. monster of the week is a good choice for those who like the weird and are looking for short-term campaigns.

Descend into paranoia with online RPG Call Of Cthulhu

First released in 1981 by Chaosium, Call of Cthulhu is currently in its seventh edition. The game is a horror RPG based on the Cthulhu Mythos and HP Lovecraft story of the same name. Several different supplements are available, each set in different periods of the 1920s, 1890s, 1980s and even ancient Rome.

Tabletop Horror RPG Call of Cthulhu uses a skill-based system, where players improve in their chosen skills by passing skill checks. Players can choose from a range of roles to play, such as scholars, detectives, and soldiers, and as long as the character remains sane, the adventure continues. Sanity points are lost each time the character learns more about the mystical horror of the setting, and as such, it’s fairly common for a player character to go mad and die horribly.

Call of Cthulhu using a simple system means the game can be set in any world GM chooses. Call of Cthulhu is strange, unpredictable and unique where the player’s victory is not guaranteed. It’s an obvious choice for Halloween one-shots as well as year-round goosebumps.

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