Belts will not be removed from FFXIV – you can no longer equip them

You may have heard that the belts are being removed from Final Fantasy XIV. This is true in practical terms, but not technically precise – they won’t be removed as soon as Endwalker’s release date arrives. The developers just provided more details on what to expect from the big belt change in version 6.0, so here’s what you need to know.

You will no longer be able to obtain or equip belts (whether for yourself, restraints, or mannequins) in version 6.0. All belts in your armory chest or gear will transfer to Calamity’s reclaimer. You will still be able to return Belts for Expert Delivery Missions, sell them to NPCs, or De-Synthesize them after the change, but you won’t be able to sell them on the Market Board.

However, you will no longer be able to extract material from belts after version 6.0. Therefore, if you have any Bound Belts in mind, you will need to deal with them before updating. However, you will still be able to remove the affixed materials after the update.

If you’re worried about your speed belt going missing, don’t worry – the Calamity Reclaimer will give you a ring with the same effect.

Thanks to the recent live letter, we now know more about the changes made to deal with the inventory bottleneck, the increased cost of teleports and a little more of what is on the roadmap. of Endwalker.

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