Beginner tips for the fall of Babylon

The fall of Babylon is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) published by Square Enix and developed by PlatinumGames. Many players have flocked to the title lately and familiarized themselves with the mechanics of The fall of Babylon.

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Due to the influx of new players, many new fans also found themselves completely lost in the game. Any veteran player The fall of Babylon would have many useful tips and tricks for progression that new players would definitely find useful. These tips should help beginners get their feet wet.

7 Study different weapons and armor

Babylon's Fall - A person using ice magic.

As in any game, it’s a good idea for a player to learn how weapons and armor work – specifically, what stats are considered the best, where to easily farm gear, etc.

Details of which stats are best on which weapons/armor will always be what trigger many new players in games. It is best to take fifteen minutes to read what makes good equipment in The fall of Babylonto make sure a player doesn’t get lost.


6 Don’t underestimate the rewards

Babylon's Fall - Several people standing.

Like many other MMOs or other live service games, The fall of Babylon can be quite generous when it comes to giving player rewards. It’s to keep them hooked and coming for more.

A player can acquire all sorts of rewards – like decent gear, more currency, and other items – just by logging in and completing all sorts of missions. A new player especially should not ignore these rewards as they can be very useful at the start of the game. Even long-time players can still benefit from free rewards.

5 Test different factions

Babylon's Fall - A red ray of magic.

There are several factions a player can join during their game of The fall of Babylon. Factions include choices such as the Huysian, Agavian, and Geleilion, and they all have different perks a player can use during gameplay, such as being able to choose what kind of abilities they can learn.

A player has three different slots for characters, which means they can figure out how a few factions work. There’s no harm in testing out different characters in different factions to see what works best for a fan’s particular playstyle.

4 Don’t forget to visit the Conch Shop

Babylon's Fall - A lich.

The Conch Shop is considered by many players to be a vital asset when it comes to acquiring gear and even selling unwanted items. Since Conches are the base currency in The fall of Babylonit is important that a player regularly visits the Conch Shop to exchange Conch for Items.

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In addition to this, a player can also pawn any of their items that they have deemed useless in exchange for some Conch. Some players have figured out that items that are sold at the store aren’t exactly the best. However, there is no harm in selling items.

3 Exploration is key

Babylon's Fall - A magical explosion.

As with all MMOs, a player can get incredibly far simply by exploring the area and scavenging for any type of item. There is no need to simply stick to the well-trodden path when it comes to The fall of Babylonespecially for a new player who needs as many items as possible.

There are chests scattered all over the map, and these chests can contain a variety of items. From conches to weapons and armor, anything a chest contains can be a game-changer for a new player. However, chests require exploration to find them.

2 The blacksmith is very important

Babylon's Fall - Two people fight.

It should be noted that players realize that there is a blacksmith in the Sentinel headquarters: this blacksmith is known as Ishum. Talking to Ishum will open up a whole new world of opportunities for a player when it comes to the quality of their weapons and armor.

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Players will be able to improve and refine their equipment, increasing base stats or replacing a particular piece of equipment. Later, a player can even craft new pieces of equipment. Ishum is hugely important when it comes to player gear, and it’s not hard to see why.

1 Learn to parry – and soon

Babylon's Fall - A forge with fire.

A big part of The fall of Babylon is the battle a player can lead. There are two mechanics a player can use to avoid taking damage from enemies – these two mechanics being parry and perfect dodge, although a shield is required to parry.

Learning to parry and create a perfect dodge is essential for any new player. They’ll want to learn this as soon as possible, so they’ll not only be able to dodge damage, but also follow up with stronger attacks to take down enemies faster.

The fall of Babylon is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

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