Barkha Singh opens up about her latest show, Murder Meri Jaan, and how much fun she had playing the character


Barkha singh

When we mention Barkha Singh, his eccentric Youtube the sketches come to mind. But what most people don’t know about this digital sensation is that she made her Bollywood debut in 2002 with Mujhse Dosti Karoge. She played young Kareena in the film and since then has been part of several shows on OTT platforms. In its recent release Murder Meri Jaan, she plays a crook. And in a frank conversation with us, all the tea on the show and reveals what goes into making a digital media star.

Playing the bad guy

We see a different side of the actor in Murder Meri Jaan. As a con artist, she brings some fun to a serious character and we were curious about how she felt about her role. “Playing Sonal on the show has been a great learning experience. She looks innocent and naive, but her long criminal history will leave you in shock. She has expertise in deceiving men after marrying them. But her world changes when she marries a policeman. One of the best parts of the series happens to be the scenes with her husband and her latest take, ACP Aditya, ”Barkha shares and adds,“ It was quite a challenge to be Sonal. Some of my favorite content has revolved around brilliant crooks as the protagonists. So when I was approached about it, I was thrilled. I immediately developed an affinity for the character, especially because of her humor and optimism, but she’s also layered and intelligent.

Network connection

Barkha has been part of TV shows like Girls on top and Engineering girls. She loves to create content and often makes inroads into various means of producing original content. Her strong social media presence comes from her lifestyle, fashion and beauty vlogs that she posts on her YouTube channel. We talk to her about social responsibility and she explains, “With a huge social media channel, I have more responsibility. I’ve always had an encouraging fan base and now when we’re in crisis I try to return all the love. As we speak, I use my grips to gather information, verify sources, and amplify the requests I receive. ”

Barkha singh
Barkha takes a pose

The star also informs us that she is saddened and constantly worried about the Second Wave affecting people’s mental health. “We are in a very serious situation. There is a sense of helplessness that I think everyone experiences and there is massive suffering around us. Focusing on your sanity at times like these is crucial. Clear the mind, watch your thoughts, try to focus on positivity is important for a balanced mind. I cannot stress enough how important it is, ”she explains.

Looking forward to

Then she has an interesting range of projects. “I am ready to start working on some exciting projects which I unfortunately cannot disclose. We will resume filming as soon as the situation improves and it will be prudent to resume filming. I look forward to letting you all know about them, ”Barkha signs.

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