Avatar Legends: Getting Started with the Avatar TTRPG

The Avatar: The Last Airbender TTRPG starts shipping digitally this week, bringing an easy-to-dive Avatar adventure to tables around the world.

One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time, Magpie Games’ Avatar Legends: the role-playing game, will begin sending PDFs of the game guide to fans and pre-orders this week. As the game becomes more widely available, fans of the Avatar series will undoubtedly be curious about how to start playing the game.

Since it is a tabletop RPG, players may notice the game’s similarity to Dungeons & Dragons. However, for many, this game might be their first foray into TTRPG gaming. Also, using a different engine means that the game will be different even for those who know Dungeons & Dragons Where Scout. Players only need to cover a few basic settings to start creating their own story in the Avatar universe.

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Getting started with Avatar Legends

Toph's Metalbending Academy Avatar The Last Airbender

Avatar Legends’ first requirement is familiarity with the source materials. Based on the series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, knowledge of the eras of the Avatars and the idea of ​​mastery are necessary to play the game and develop characters. Familiarity with the series and some familiarity with the comics and novels would help fans get started in the game.

Regarding the materials, avatar captions only requires the core rulebook, character sheets, and two six-sided dice to get started. Full avatar captions The core rulebook has more detailed information on creating campaigns and creating characters, but a basic level of both is available through the quickstart guide. One of them will be needed to create a character for the campaign. Additionally, players will need to have their information written down on character sheets, also available in the Quick Start Guide.

Because avatar captions works on the Apocalypse RPG system, two six-sided dice are required. All rolls pass or fail on a 12-point system, so different types of dice are not needed.

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Create a character from the avatar world

In avatar captions, character creation revolves around the archetype the player wishes to embody. Selecting a Playbook determines the character’s role in the party, such as The Hammer, who always wants to fight, or The Icon, who must represent their culture. These define the character in broad strokes so players can understand their motivations and actions.

Players will also need to determine if their character is a master or not and what type of master. Depending on the era, certain mastery types will not be available, and the Avatar is generally not available, so players will have to decide who and what they want to be based on when the campaign is set. This will also tie into their background, which includes a training style to help characters further flesh out their moves and fighting styles.

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Play through an adventure in Avatar Legends

3 avatar sokka aang and katara

Based on the aspects given to the characters when they were created, they will have a balance track representing their internal conflict between the two extremes of their personality. As this changes, the aspects and abilities of the character will also change. As a character becomes more or less unbalanced by the decisions they make during the campaign, they may lose the ability to use certain attacks or actions.

Avatar Legends’ attacks are secondary to the game, as character development is the primary focus. For this reason, different playbooks are better in different situations, and the group will need to track the others based on what is best for the group. Each time a character tries to perform an action, the player rolls two six-sided dice, yielding a result that can be successful, unsuccessful, or a mix. The result leads to the next stage of the story until the end.

Whatever the stories told in avatar captions game are sure to be interesting as they mix mastery and storytelling. The unique approach to action and the ease of starting will make the game a welcome addition to the Avatar franchise. Regardless of when and how fans choose to play the game, it’s sure to be fun!

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