Austin Powers, Sexy Idris and the Future of Cyberpunk


Good Friday, dear readers, it’s time to reflect again on some of TheGamer’s best features. As Christmas approaches, our editors get into the festive spirit and talk about how sexy Idris Elba is, why game companies want to get into NFTs and canceled Austin Powers games. You know, the Christmas topics. Let’s dive into it.

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A little the joints

Idris Elba’s knuckles were always going to be sexy and we were powerless to stop her

Let’s start with what comes closest to a Christmas present from this week’s articles – the inevitability of Idris Elba’s sexy Knuckles. Don’t ask me how to explain that it’s a gift, because I won’t. Articles editor Jade King explains how excited the internet is, citing Lady Dimitrescu as an example, and how, no matter if Elba wants to do it or not, the internet was always going to view her version of Knuckles as sexy.



Why are Game Studios investing so much in NFTs?

Let’s move on to something a little more serious for the next feature – why exactly are game studios investing so much in NFTs? After all of the recent drama in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Stalker 2 both trying to get into NFTs, editor-in-chief Khee Hoon Chan delves deep into the subject and examines why so many companies and games are trying to incorporate them despite the vast majority of the Internet, and rightly so, being so against them.

Old Johnny Cyberpunk 2077

Please stop telling me Cyberpunk 3 will be the right one

Then we have editor-in-chief Stacey Henley discussing the stupidity of the argument that CD Projekt Red will get Cyberpunk in the third entry just because they did the same with The Witcher 3. Stacey argues that The Witcher 3 was not an unprecedented fluke that came by surprise and the fact that Cyberpunk 2077 is the studio for the first time to a game in the series does not excuse it for being of poor quality. . His problems are his, whether it’s the first game or the twentieth.

Austin Powers Mojo Rally

The bizarre story of Rockstar’s Austin Powers Kart Racer canceled

Let’s move on to something shagadelic, baby. Editor-in-chief Andy Kelly has done some very exciting research into the history of Rockstar’s canceled Austin Powers kart racing game, Mojo Rally. Andy goes over all the previews and previous promotional material for the game to find out what it is, as well as why it ended up being canceled. It will make you “very, very horny”.

Opening Vault 101 to reveal the Lone Wanderer and Dogmeat walking away

The “Going Out To The World” moment in Fallout 3 is one of my favorites in games.

Finally, we have editor Issy van der Velde talking about one of his favorite scenes from the history of the game – the “Out into the World” moment of Fallout 3. With Starfield promising not one, but TWO. Whole moments, Issy argues that Fallout 3’s has yet to be surpassed by Bethesda no matter how many times it has tried, in part due to the backlog of stories. who sees you growing up in a safe. My God, now even I want to replay Fallout 3.

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shocked pokemon

This is what AI-generated Pokémon look like

Pokemon artists must be running out of ideas by now. Maybe let an AI have a crack.

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