Asmongold congratulates FFXIV for ‘innovating’ on iconic WoW model


There aren’t many games bigger than World of Warcraft when it comes to MMOs, but Asmongold believes Final Fantasy XIV picks up where the classic Blizzard MMO left off when it comes to innovation.

WoW and other Blizzard games haven’t really had the best year in 2021. While the MMO is still one of the biggest in its genre, games like FFXIV only became more popular when streamers like Asmongold and others leave Azeroth for Hydaelyn.

While Warcraft has its issues right now, Asmon has pointed out that it was innovative in the past compared to other MMOs before it. However, now it looks like Final Fantasy is doing the same with WoW.


Asmongold has enjoyed FFXIV much more than WoW in recent streams.

Final Fantasy basically did what WoW did at EverQuest. What WoW has done at EverQuest is take all the annoying time-wasting mechanics and get rid of them,He said on a September 21 broadcast. “And then Final Fantasy took all the boring mechanics that wastes wow time and got rid of them.”

EverQuest, which still exists and works, was first released in 1999 – and, as Asmon said, was a precursor to a lot of World of Warcraft. Blizzard’s MMO definitely dethroned it at the time, but would it be WoW’s turn to be usurped?

“They solve the problems with Shadowlands, but there is no innovation,” he continued. “Taking the most popular post on a thread and just applying it to the video game is just not innovation. There is no growth in the game.

But just because there is “no growth” in WoW doesn’t mean Asmon necessarily thinks FFXIV will be the end, that it will soon be all MMOs. Not that he has no potential, but that he could make the same “mistakes” that Warcraft did before.

Final Fantasy XIV does seem to be getting more and more popular with exhausted Blizzard franchise fans, and if the streamer is right, WoW developers will need to start thinking proactively instead of reactivating to really make a difference.


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