Apparently Tesla cars have enough graphics power to play Cyberpunk 2077

tesla model x entertainment system

The entertainment system of a Tesla Model X showing an entirely different CDPR game.
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You shouldn’t pick up a call while driving, you shouldn’t text while driving, and you should definitely not play while driving. And yet, that’s exactly what you could do with the Tesla Models X and S. Like Point through The player, Tesla Bazillionaire CEO and lack Deus Ex cosplayer Elon Musk almost said it this week.

At the annual Computex show on Monday, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, took the stage to the speech of the company, where she detailed what’s new and next steps for the semiconductor company. “You might be surprised to learn the next place you’ll find RDNA2 graphics. It’s actually on the road, in the EV market, with the new Tesla Model S and Model X, ”Su said, before delving into a series of technical terms and jargon (although she noted that these cars will achieve “up to 10 teraflops of computing power”).

In (where else?) A Tweeter Yesterday, Musk said the S and X models “have PS5 level entertainment computing power.”

This isn’t the first time that renowned member Musk has claimed that the Tesla Model S and X can support high-fidelity gaming. In January he tweeted that the Model S “can play Cyberpunk. “But it is not always easy to take, at face value, the word of someone who, in March 2020, mentionned that coronavirus cases in the United States would be “close to zero” by April 2020; who mentionned that the share price of the company he manages is “too high imo”; who once called a literal hero a “pedo guy”. So, yes, the general consensus around that Cyberpunk claim rightly amounted to a large collective suuure, bud.

But with direct confirmation from AMD – and, more specifically, Su, who has built a reputation as the brand’s prudent and measured spokesperson – the idea that an integrated entertainment system for an electric vehicle could play a visually demanding role. game contains much more water. Hey, Cyberpunk 2077 may not work as well on PS4 and Xbox One, but it does work well enough on next-gen consoles, which have significantly less computing power than AMD brings to the Tesla table. So if games were to start porting to Tesla’s in-car entertainment systems, Cyberpunk could theoretically be part of it.

But it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to play it there yet. According to Driver, you are officially banned from the system while the car is in motion, although Tesla enthusiasts occasional traffic in workarounds, which could distract the driver even if deployed by passengers. According to the figures cited by the National Road Safety Administration, automobiles are responsible for more than 36,000 deaths per year nationwide.

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