Ambitious but flawed PS1 games that need modern remakes

The Fifth generation of video game consoles brought with it some of the most iconic video games to date. Sadly, some of these games have been almost forgotten over the years, but for some they remain staples of the gaming industry.

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The PlayStation allowed countless titles to gain popularity and even marked the start of many franchises. However, as franchises have grown and evolved, the reason for their success has become less well known. Some video game companies will often attempt to recapture the magic of their games by creating a remake for modern consoles and, most of them will be very successful. The PlayStation was home to some truly ambitious, but flawed games. Although most will probably never be revisited by their developers, there are a few that should be.


seven Wandering story

Wandering story follows the unpredictable life of Ashley Riot, a knight of peace, whose immediate goal in the story is to locate Sydney Losstarot, a cult leader whose assault on Duke Bardorba’s mansion and theft of her son have makes him a wanted man.

Wandering story is renowned for presenting one of the most carefully crafted stories to date on fifth-generation consoles. It’s clear that a lot of love and care went into creating it, but there are several moments where the story falls flat. A remake could rework those less compelling moments and help them unfold in a more believable way. A remake could also give the game a much-needed visual upgrade because, while the art style was revolutionary for its time, it hasn’t aged too well.

6 Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
documents the story of two ninjas named Rikimaru and Ayame who are tasked with carrying out a series of assassinations by their employer, Lord Gohma, and his daughter, Princess Kiku. The beginning of their adventure is unthreatening, but the further they go, the more they find themselves engulfed in a dark conspiracy.
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After their encounter with Onikage, a dark mage bent on summoning a demon, Rikimaru and Ayame are forced to approach their destinies more tactically to keep the world safe. Progressing through
Technu: Stealth Assassins
will require the player to use stealth as a means of conquering the game’s many obstacles. While it has received much praise for its relief, a remake for a modern console could allow for a much smoother approach to stealth while revitalizing the somewhat linear narrative of the game.

5 Star Wars: Dark Forces

Star Wars: Dark Forces follows the story of a mercenary named Kyle Katarn whose hatred for the Rebel Alliance leads him down a dark path. Believing the Rebels are responsible for his parents’ deaths, Kyle decides to join the Imperial Army to enact his long-sought revenge.

The game works as an arcade-style first-person shooter. Its controls are understandably poor, but its engaging story makes it stand out from the crowd. star warsgames released in his time. The success of the Star Wars Battlefrontseries would suggest that a dark forces remake would be well received, especially if it were to incorporate a similar story and implement smoother controls.

4 Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9 follows the stories of Zidane and Garnet as they attempt to flee a world beset by war. They encounter a variety of endearing and likable characters in their ventures who each serve a unique purpose in the overall story, but their cartoonish designs have made their roles less impactful.

Although most of the entries in the Final Fantasythe series are strongly inspired by the fantasy genre, Final Fantasy 9 depended on it the most. The world of Gaia is full of dark, medieval imagery, but much of its wonder is diminished due to how the characters are portrayed. A remake could rectify these disproportionate designs and thereby improve the overall themes of the game in the process.

3 beyblade

beyblade was an incredibly ambitious PlayStation game in that it drew very little from its source material. Those familiar with the TV series might expect the game to follow Tyson’s story on his quest to become a Beyblade champion, but the way the game works prevents that from happening.

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The objective of beyblade is to participate in tournaments and emerge victorious. This will reward the player with 30 Beyblade Coins to allow them to further improve their Beyblade’s performance in battle. It’s undoubtedly a cool feature, but the game’s lack of storyline can quickly put players off fully maximizing their spinning top’s power. A remake could improve its story elements, while allowing for more engaging Beyblade customization.

2 The Rugrats: In Search of Reptar

The Rugrats: In Search of Reptar follows the story of Tommy Pickles, a young toddler who has lost his Reptar puzzle pieces. To secure their return, he embarks on a series of adventures alongside his closest friends, but some pieces are much harder to locate than others.

For the majority, The Rugrats: In Search of Reptar is a great game. It takes the best aspects of the TV series it’s based on and reuses them with respect. It’s not without its flaws, however, as its unusual structure can quickly leave players feeling lost in the narrative. A remake could not only remedy that, but also update the game’s somewhat primitive design.

1 Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8 follows the story of Squall Leonhart, a young mercenary whose reclusive nature often presents him as smug and intimidating. Upon meeting Rinoa Heartilly, the two join forces and embark on a perilous journey to save the world, but the PlayStation’s now aging hardware has somewhat diminished the sentiment the show developers hoped to convey.

However Final Fantasy 8 has been remastered multiple times for modern consoles, it remains essentially the same at its heart. Its combat mechanics, graphics, and pacing were still a bit jarring compared to its predecessors, but a remake might allow the gameto become a fan favorite again.

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