Amazing Final Fantasy 9 cosplay brings Vivi to life

A talented Final Fantasy 9 fan brings Vivi Ornitier to life with an impressive cosplay video, just in time for the upcoming anime series.

A Final Fantasy 9 fan just brought the adorable and endearing Vivi to life with an awesome cosplay. The long duration Final Fantasy The franchise is home to countless memorable characters for players to dress up in, popular heroines like Final Fantasy 7 Tifa Lockhart and Final Fantasy 10 summoner Yuna to the mysterious Aranea Highwind of Final Fantasy 15. Cosplay is a fun and exciting way to celebrate characters, and even the most unsuspecting personalities can create amazing cosplay opportunities.

While the 2000s Final Fantasy 9 may not be as recognizable to the general public as Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 10, it’s still considered by many to be one of the best main episodes thanks to its colorful medieval setting and likable cast of characters. One of the most notable of these is Vivi Ornitier, a cute and mysterious dark mage who assists Final Fantasy 9 protagonist Zidane Tribal as he journeys to save the world of Gaia from the evil Queen Brahne of Alexandria and the sinister wizard Kuja. At the beginning of Final Fantasy 9Vivi has no memory of who he is or where he came from, but he is ultimately revealed to be one of the most tragic characters in the game. Final Fantasy franchise. Due to her surprisingly poignant backstory and adorable design, Vivi remains a popular character even two decades later, and she’s made numerous appearances in other Square Enix-owned series like Itadaki Street and Kingdom Hearts.


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Recently, a TikTok user by the handful of Personifiedmineral posted a brief video showing off their awesome cosplay of Final Fantasy 9 Vivi as he dances to the classic Final Fantasy jingle of victory that plays after each battle. Everything about Vivi’s look, from her wizard-style hat and cloak to her featureless black face and glowing yellow eyes, is captured almost perfectly, and Personifiedmineral has earned several likes and comments from other TikTok users praising them for their brilliant cosplay.

Vivi in ​​Final Fantasy IX

While Final Fantasy 9 does not currently have the genre of spin-off games or related media of Final Fantasy 7, an anime adaptation of the original game was announced last year by Cyber ​​Group Studios, with an official first preview set for The Licensing Expo later this week. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 9 Character artist Toshiyuki Itahana has previously expressed a desire to continue the game’s story in a sequel in the future, although Square Enix is ​​currently busy on other projects like the ongoing project. Final Fantasy 7 Remake series or the long-awaited Final Fantasy 16.

Even though fans are eagerly awaiting news Final Fantasy 9 content, Vivi remains one of the series’ most endearing and recognizable characters thanks to her simple and cute design. Personifiedmineral did an amazing job capturing both this design and Vivi’s childlike personality through their recent cosplay video, which helps bring the adorable wizard from Final Fantasy 9 to life like never before.

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Source: Personifiedmineral/TikTok

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