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Minecraft Dungeons has a lot of opposition for its shrill heroes, and the hostile mobs in the game take on various forms and perform many functions, just take the necromancer for example.

As the name suggests, necromancers are hostile mobs that dominate the living dead. Appearing as large masked skeletons sporting a crown and staff with a blue globe. They look like the boss of Nameless One, but are smaller in size and don’t have the same combat ability.

While not as capable, they are by no means helpless, and their mastery of magic and the undead can prove to be troublesome.

Minecraft dungeons: additional information on necromancers

Haunted Callers are improved variants of necromancers, more effective in combat (Image via Mojang / Youtube)
Haunted Callers are improved variants of necromancers, more effective in combat (Image via Mojang / Youtube)

Like the magic users in Minecraft Dungeons, necromancers are unlikely to get in front of a player and attack them in melee unless they are cornered. Instead, the necromancers will use both their bending over undead monsters and their magic staff to keep heroes at bay and attempt to take them down.

Players can either take their chances at defeating them in ranged combat, or get in close and take them down in melee where they aren’t effective.

When engaged, necromancers in Minecraft Dungeons retain two primary attacks. They summon mobs of undead or fire laser orbs from their staff. Most of the time, the necromancer will lean on undead monsters and attempt to run and reposition if the heroes get too close.

The necromancer can choose to fire his laser orbs from a safe distance while his undead minions attack. While these orbs don’t deal a huge amount of damage, they knock back the hero, making it harder for attempts to close the distance.

Currently, necromancers can spawn in the following areas of Minecraft Dungeons:

  • Creeper Woods (Apocalypse Difficulty)
  • Spooky Crypt (Apocalypse difficulty)
  • Wood manor
  • Woodland prison
  • Cactus Canyon (adventure difficulty)
  • Desert temple
  • Lower temple
  • Abyss monument (in its secret area)
  • The fortress
  • Minecraft Dungeons Daily Trials may also spawn Necromancers in other levels on occasion.

In addition to their standard form, heroes of Minecraft Dungeons undergoing ancient hunts may encounter an ancient variant of the necromancer known as the Haunted Caller.

At a minimum, it retains the Accelerate, Fire Trail, Gravity Pulse, and Rapid Fire enchantments with the ability to own more. He is flanked by six Skeletal Rider monsters who possess the Cowardice enchantment, increasing their damage when at full health.

Players hoping to take this creature out of Minecraft Dungeons will likely need to deal with the Horsemen first, as they can swarm and damage a hero’s health if left unchecked.

Once players have taken on the monsters that appear, defeating the Haunted Caller is a lot like fighting standard necromancers. Either dodge his attacks and defeat him from a distance, or hunt him down and hammer him with melee attacks. If the Haunted Caller falls, players should have some new solid gold gear to compensate for them.

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