All Final Fantasy Versus XIII HD Fan Remastered Trailers

Nowadays, Final Fantasy Versus XIII remains a fascinating and enigmatic existence. Despite its eventual transformation into Final Fantasy XVa lot of Versus XIII the identity has been inherently altered or removed. It’s honestly pretty crazy to think that this game was first announced in 2006, if I vaguely remember, and I was only about six years old. For this reason, it is almost nostalgic. Yet nostalgia has begun to resurface with the apparent resurgence of some Against XIII elements in the direction of Kingdom Hearts the series is heading.

It’s hard to put into words, but Against XIII has an entirely unique engaging vibe that has never been replicated in any Square Enix release. Of course, it could just be sentimentality taking the reins here, but Against XIII has always been its own perceivable beast.

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers have rarely been seen in higher qualities. Fortunately, prominent Square Enix modder and community member, 13th shipdecided to remaster each Against XIII trailer in HD quality, using dro (Against XIII Historian), Well (source material preserved), Idnukri ((source material preserved) and The key to truth (Translations). The result is a hands-on, masterful video where viewers can enjoy the Final Fantasy Versus XIII promotional material in a whole new light.

You can see the HD Remastered trailers for Final Fantasy Versus XIII via the 13th ship below:

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