All Final Fantasy 7 Dresses, Ranked

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not only did it keep the part of the game from the original that features Cloud in a dress, but Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith all have three different dresses they can wear when they go meet Don Corneo. The dress each character wears is the result of side quests players have done in certain chapters before reaching that section of the game. Events that affect clothing options start as early as Chapter 3, so it’s helpful for players to know which dresses are the best and how to get them.


[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.]

When Aerith and Cloud see Tifa being taken to Don Corneo in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, they decide it’s too dangerous for her to go alone and prepare to join her. Corneo is a crime lord and the leader of Wall Market in Sector 6. Each night he chooses a “bride” and Tifa becomes one of the bride candidates for the chance to interview Corneo, who recently sent some of his men after Barret. . Since Aerith and Cloud decide to join her for safety reasons, they have to find a way to become bride candidates themselves to make sure nothing happens to Tifa and they can get some answers. by Corneo.

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Corneo made a deal with Shinra, an evil FF7 business that is crucial to the game’s story, but Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa need to get dressed before they can find that information. Of the nine dresses available, Tifa’s gives the player the most control, while Cloud’s is more difficult as some of the variables that affect which dress he will have remain unknown. Dresses range from simple to extravagant. If players take the time to unlock them all, they will receive an achievement titled “Dressed to new.”

#9 – Tifa’s refined dress

The ability to choose Tifa’s dress takes place in a scene called “Finally alone” which is unlocked if players complete all Chapter 3 side quests as a mercenary for hire. He plays in Sector 7, home of Avalanche in FF7 remake, after Cloud went to collect his salary. If players choose the refined option in the scene, the result is a fairly simple cocktail dress. Its most important characteristic is that it is very revealing. Of the nine dresses, this one isn’t as unique, and Tifa’s other options seem more suited for her.

#8 – Aerith’s Pink Sundress

If players complete two or fewer side quests in Chapter 8, Aerith will wear a simple pink sundress. Similar to Tifa’s cocktail dress in FF7 remake, this one is rather united. Aside from a bit of a floral pattern at the neckline and some silly ruffled fabric on her shoulders, this dress is very modest compared to other character designs in FF7 remake and not as eye-catching as the other clothing options also in the game.

#7 – Aerith’s Pink Halter Dress

If players complete three or four side quests in Chapter 8, Aerith wears a pink dress with a halter-style neckline. This dress is very similar to Aerith’s summer dress in overall design, with much of the flare that is found in the neckline and hem. Aside from the backless neckline, the hemline of this dress is ruffled. It is short in the front, then lengthens as it reaches the back, creating a cape-like image. The plus side is that this dress would provide mobility for an escape from FF7 remake Whispers, which often attack Aerith.

#6 – Cloud’s Simple Black Dress

If the player does not do any side quests in FF7 remake chapter 9, so Cloud will be wearing this layered dress with bows tying up her braids. This dress is two-tone with inner and outer layer, both in solid design. The most flared part of this dress is in the white section of the flared sleeves and the set bow at the waist.

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If players are looking for the fastest path through the Wall Market section of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, this would be the most desirable option. Since no side quests need to be completed for this dress, it saves time to choose Cloud’s simple black dress in FF7 remake. Additionally, players can still see the Beehive scene no matter what dress Cloud is wearing.

#5 – Tifa’s Sporty Dress

In FF7 remakeit is “Finally alone” scene, if the player chooses the sports option, Tifa will wear a cheongsam. This dress is tight with a leopard print and a large flower on one shoulder. Instead of her usual hairstyle, Tifa has her hair tied in two side buns.

This dress for Tifa is reminiscent of Chun-Li’s outfit from street fighter. The design of this dress focuses more on the cut and the accessories than on the decorations of the dress itself, which creates a mixture of sportiness and elegance. Tifa has changed a bit in FF7 remake, but she still has a brawler fighting style. The fit of this robe allows her the mobility to beat her foes in style.

#4 – Cloud’s Lavender Dress

Players who complete all of Madame M’s side quests in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will see Cloud don a full dress with lots of ruffles and a tiara on top. Where the default dress for Cloud is on the plain side, this dress is much more elaborate. It’s also the only dress where Cloud doesn’t wear braids.

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The lavender fabric also has a metallic quality to this dress. The skirt of this dress is wide and layered, and for someone like Cloud who makes a living fighting FF7 remake, it is probably difficult to move around while wearing it. However, there are plenty of added details that might catch Don Corneo’s eyes.

#3 – Aerith’s Red Dress

Players who complete all Chapter 8 side quests will see Aerith in her red dress. This is the closest dress to the dress Aerith wears in the original FF7, but updated to match the higher quality graphics of the remake. The fabric appears to have a velvety quality, which adds an air of elegance. The top of the dress is form-fitting, but the skirt flares out with layers of ruffles and has a slit on one side to show off her leg. There aren’t many embellishments on the dress other than a bow in the back, which allows the cut to take center stage.

#2 – Tifa’s exotic dress

Selecting the exotic option in “Finally alone” results in what is perhaps the most unique option of Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s nine dresses. This dress is a black kimono with a short skirt and some red decorations added. The simple pattern on the sleeves is accentuated by the obi and silver bows at the waist. The black and silver color scheme brings out the red on the kimono and in her hair. The third dresses of the two FF7 friends Tifa and Aerith draw attention and have complementary colors.

#1 – Cloud’s corset dress

If players complete the Chocobo Sam side quests instead of Madame M, Cloud will wear a black and blue dress with a corset. It doesn’t have the same level of extravagance as the lavender dress, but the dark colors of this dress contrast with the light color of Cloud’s hair, eyes, and pale skin. The fit of this dress is modest, but the top is more elaborate and form-fitting, which draws attention away from the plain skirt. It strikes a balance between Cloud’s other two dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remakeand shows that he has dedicated himself enough to this mission that he is ready to wear a corset.

Original parts FF7 have been changed to FF7 remake, and players wondered if Cloud would always wear a dress, or if that section wouldn’t be incorporated into the game. However, this scene was not only included, but elaborated and provided with more than one dress option. The game’s story deals with heavy topics including the potential death of the planet, the extinction of an ancient race, and unethical experimentation. The inclusion of portions like Wall Market helps add levity and fashion decisions to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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