All Feiton World Quests and How Long to Beat

the lost ark The Feiton Continent is the area of ​​the game where players finally encounter Delain, not just Armen, and it’s a huge change of scenery from the lush Rohendel Forest or the Burning Lands of Yorn. Feiton is every edgy kid’s dream, as it’s filled with people who only talk about their “darkness” and keep their own personal collection of knives. The forests are full of terrifying creatures and there is literally an area where the rain is black.

So yes, this is the area in which everyone lost ark will spend their final hours in Tier 2 before finally heading to Punika and heading to the illustrious Tier 3 no-man’s land Honing. That said, they have to go through Feiton first, so let’s take a look at what that entails and how long it will take.


Every Feiton Story Mission, In Order

Lost Ark - The final cutscene of Feiton's final quest with all of the Feiton quest entries overlaid

Feiton is unique compared to other post-endgame continents in that it has a surprisingly small number of individual story quests. There are 30 in total, but that number is misleading, as this area finishes for the top spot in terms of the time it takes to beat it. Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, Feiton, and Punika were all designed to beat between 1.5 and 3.5 hours on average, but Feiton is towards the longer end of that spectrum.

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It is worth explaining exactly why. A good place to start is to list all the story quests in order:

  1. The unloved land
  2. Watchers of Light
  3. The shadow of the valley
  4. If you want to live
  5. The black abyss
  6. Dark Blades
  7. A watchful shadow
  8. city ​​of the restless
  9. Chaos inside the heart
  10. Avesta: Order of Assassins
  11. Wailing Forest
  12. Will work for food
  13. Between life and death
  14. Survival threshold
  15. Spirit in the swamp
  16. Echoes of the Swamp
  17. Dark Blade
  18. Join Avesta
  19. Shadow Monastery
  20. Infiltrate and destroy the barrier
  21. Through the roof of the shadow monastery
  22. Children at risk
  23. Preparing to enter the monastery
  24. True as steel
  25. The good and the bad
  26. A bloody land
  27. Shattered Shield of God
  28. To the plains of dark rain
  29. further than death
  30. Will

How long are dungeons?

Lost Ark - The shadowy cliff with Feiton Adventure Tome dungeons layered on top

Even with all of these quests, how exactly is it that Feiton ends up being one of the longest regions to complete in general? Most players would assume that dungeons do this, there are two, ruined castle and Cave of Sin.

  • the ruined castle is fairly basic, although a bit more tedious than Feiton’s second dungeon. It has more “destroy specific objects” objectives than some other dungeons and has a good amount of unnecessary climbing/walking in empty space, but still isn’t that hard to get through. Most players take about 15 to 18 minutes to erase it.
  • the cave of sin is pretty cut and dry as far as dungeons go. There aren’t a lot of tedious parts, just tons of mob clearing and a few mini-bosses before facing Fragile Targatus. This is absolutely one of the most visually diverse dungeons, and take about 15 to 20 minutes to beat.

But in reality, none of these dungeons add much time to the Feiton Story quests. On the contrary, two other quests are responsible for the long runtime. One is “Plains of Dark Rain”, the Avesta’s absurdly explosive final battle against the demons, which is absolutely worth the time invested. The second is the “Preparing to enter the monastery” Quest.

This second quest is the exact opposite of “Dark Rain Plains”, which is action-packed and fun to play. “Preparing to Enter the Monastery” is slow, tedious, and overall not something fans love. Stealth missions never work in MMOs, and it’s no different here. Honestly, this mission alone is almost worth using a lore transfer on Feiton…almost.

When do players leave for Punika?

Lost Ark - The red moon with the time it takes to beat Feiton superimposed on top

Encompassing these two dungeons and all thirty story quests, including these two specifically elongated quests, how long should players expect to be stuck in Feiton? The lowest estimate seen is around two hours, if players rush through it while being a bit over-leveled and skipping all the cutscenes. However, this is a bit unrealistic. It is more accurate to say that Feiton takes between 2.5 and 3.5 hours to complete, depending on whether players grab and complete all the side quests they can along the way (don’t forget the skill point potion side quest either).

lost ark is available on PC via Steam.

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