Advantages and disadvantages of killing fingers

There comes a time in Cyberpunk 2077 when players (as V) must decide what to do with Fingers, a ripperdoc operating out of an abandoned flophouse in Jig-Jig Street. During the main campaign, players interact with Fingers while searching for Evelyn Parker, the woman who ordered the disastrous Konpeki Plaza heist. Once they find him, they not only discover the next clue to Evelyn’s location, but also what kind of Doctor Fingers really is.


Fingers mainly treats sex workers and drug addicts in his humble shop. It usually offers good rates for the cyberware it installs, but that has another hidden cost. The cyberware it finds is usually second-hand at best (unlike Cyberpunk 2077 itself, which is ultimately good), and downright flawed at worst. This leads to a loop where those with little choice have Fingers implanting faulty cyberware for next to nothing, only to have to come back to it when it inevitably breaks. And the next time, he is much less generous and much more open-minded when it comes to “paying” for his services.

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After encountering Fingers in the main game Cyberpunk 2077 history, it is possible that V kills him. While this might be the choice of more moral players who hate what the Ripper does to his patients, there are downsides to this act. In addition to being considered a crime, players will lose access to Fingers as a resource they may use later. They also lose this access if V decides to punch Fingers during their interrogation. Despite being a horrible person (definitely not worthy of being called choom in Cyberpunk 2077‘s slang), Fingers is a skilled ripperdoc, and the cyberware he offers could very well remain an overzealous mantis blade.

Perks of Fingers in Cyberpunk 2077

Finn “Fingers” Gerstatt is not a good person in Cyberpunk 2077. He knowingly commits medical malpractice by implanting faulty cybernetics in his patients knowing that they will eventually fail and warrant another visit. Moreover, he is also heavily implicated in assaulting his patients when they are unable to pay for the faulty cyberware he sells. When V asks about the whereabouts of Evelyn Parker, it is revealed that Fingers sold her to a company that braindanced snuff without even thinking about it. Morally heinous, the world would be a better place without Finn Gerstatt.

Disadvantages of Killing Fingers in Cyberpunk 2077

Although morally heinous, murder remains a crime in Cyberpunk 2077 Night City and V will be chased by the police if they choose to kill Fingers. Additionally, while Fingers specializes in faulty cyberware, it saves more advanced implants for those who can afford them. If V refuses to injure the fingers during interrogation, they retain access to him as a ripperdoc and have access to some top tier implants (which could help make a Cyberpunk 2077 built to experience the entire game), including a very rare Sandevistan as well as the incredibly rare Lynx Paws leg cyberware available only in another ripperdoc in the game. If V can swallow their morals and overcome Fingers’ heinous practices with his other patients, they may benefit from letting him live.

Players have a moral decision to make when it comes to Fingers the Ripperdoc. Killing him nets a bounty on V’s head and a lost source of cyberware. To keep him alive is to swallow morality but a source of a few rare implants. Ultimately, it’s up to the player if V leaves this lascivious Cyberpunk 2077 rip live or to punish him for his misdeeds.

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