Action RPG Puzzler ‘Dungeons & Gravestone’ is coming to Google Stadia

An interesting new title called Dungeons & Gravestone is apparently coming to Google Stadia. In this unique action RPG puzzler, you’ll battle through what appear to be procedurally generated dungeons (we’ll confirm as soon as possible) as your life energy slowly depletes as you stay and dive.

Upgrading your gear with the treasures you find will allow you to delve deeper into said dungeons, searching for the “threat of destruction” that draws nearer with every passing moment. Completing quests, battling bosses, and collecting items and fish like your life depends on it all happens in a tile-based gameplay style.

Oh, and it also has a great retro soundtrack and that popular 2D HD style that was recently popularized by Square Enix. If you die in the dungeon, you return to a new town and start over. A post about the game’s release on Stadia first appeared on Reddit and

Stadia Source, Stadia Dosage, and 4Scarrs Gaming’s Jon Scarr have investigated a series of breadcrumbs to confirm that the game’s Japanese developer, Wonderland Kazakiri, is in fact bringing the game to Stadia. As you can see in the tweet below, Wonderland came straight out and said they’re 100% doing it, which is exciting!

Arm yourself in the face of insurmountable opposition as you traverse this ever-changing world in an effort to save it from impending desolation.

I’m very excited about the top-down gameplay, as I used to play and enjoy a lot of games like this, and the huge libraries of food and recipes, monsters, magic and quests that you can fill in as you play. Let me know in the comments section if you’ll buy Dungeons & Gravestone and if you’re happy that more indie developers are choosing to bring their titles to the cloud.

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