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A3: Netmarble’s Still Alive adds new Soul Linkers in its latest update. The popular dark fantasy franchise will also add new dungeons, expanded gameplay, and improved bosses to give players more reasons to dive into the open world mobile RPG.

A3: Still Alive welcomes three new Soul Linkers: Lena, Tallas and Herdis. The Honorable Paladin Captain Lena is a SUPP-type unit that can improve penetration and evasion, while the Runic Protector Tallas is a DEF-type Soul Linker that specializes in improving allies’ HP and DEF. (in addition to decreasing the movement speed of opponents). Meanwhile, Immortal Queen Herdis is an ATK-type Soul Linker whose ultimate can negate damage. She can also reduce skill cooldowns, which you can take a look at in the trailer embedded below.

The new update also increased the maximum number of equipable Mythical Soul Linkers from three to five. The Dark Lighthouse now has 108 floors, and the Sanctuary level has now reached 100.

As for in-game events, the Eternal Glory Guaranteed Exchange Store rewards players with ten Eternal Glory Guaranteed Exchange Tickets through October 21. These can be redeemed for rewards, and all players need to do is summon Soul Linkers with the 1 + 1 Eternal Glory Collection Chests.

On the other hand, the 7-Day Immortal Mission Pass allows players to earn three Immortal Pick Up Soul Stars, which can provide rewards such as the Legendary Rank of the three new Soul Linkers. Gold, two Experience Soul Stars and Feather of Protection are also up for grabs.

Along with the Diamond Boss Exchange Store and other perks in the Dark Lighthouse, there are tons of other in-game festivities going on. If you can’t wait to have fun, you can download A3: STILL ALIVE from the iOS App Store and from the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free game with in-app purchases.

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