A pay-to-win Final Fantasy spin-off dropped the shade out of the blue

A Final Fantasy The mobile game appears to have been quietly released globally for Google Play and Apple Play stores.

Called Final Fantasy XV: War for Eosthis mobile strategy game allows players to build their own kingdom and fight enemies trying to destroy their empire.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is a strategy game that will take you on a long adventure,” reads the game’s official description. to rule your mighty empire with your friends. You will fight in a war with other cartels to defend your kingdom and your friends. But first you must choose the right strategy to win the war, protect the crystal and reign over the kingdom.

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is also described as a game where players can feel like a “movie hero”, giving them the opportunity to create their own storyline and plan the “desired ending”. But just a warning, this game definitely pays off thanks to the microtransactions that come with it.

The game first launched as a limited title in various countries, such as the Philippines and Indonesia in March. But the game seems to have been released in more countries, especially with its launch for app stores. You can experience the game by accessing its official Google Play and Apple Play Store listings.

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