A new shared universe is coming: Dungeons & Dragons!


Dungeons & Dragons is a project that has long been taking shape with the participation in the casting of big names such as Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Régé-Jean Page Yes Hugh grant. There is still no plot information for this film, but it sure won’t be lacking in the brand’s fantastical touch with its dragons, wizards and warriors ready to do battle.

Some time ago they were talking about two TV series under the title Dungeons & Dragons, but it wasn’t clear how they were going to connect with the movie we mentioned earlier. Now comes the news that everyone has been waiting for: the brand will work on the basis of an interconnected universe like those that are all the rage in the Hollywood industry today. No one can ignore the success of wonderYes Star wars!

Dungeons & Dragons will have a movie and a series

“Our big focus right now is Dungeons & Dragons. When I first sat down with Darren and Steve, knowing that Dungeons is part of the Hasbro portfolio struck me as incredibly exciting. It’s a world and its challenges are “wow, where to start? We don’t want this to be just a series. We are developing a multi-pronged approach to television and hope to bring it to market early next year. “noted eOne President Michael Lombardo.

The executive continued to talk about the plans for this franchise: “We have a big movie that’s in the works right now that will be released first, so we’re trying to manage the brand in a more holistic way so that the movie doesn’t feel separate, but kind of connected to a larger universe. . “. Dungeons & Dragons It will be the youngest shared universe starting in 2023.

Why? Information says long-awaited film with mythological beasts, wizards, warriors and other fantasies will reach cinemas around the world March 3, 2023. While the film will be the first content from this brand to release, the Shared Universe will surely be the most recent for years to come. We can’t wait!

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