8 Square Enix Games We’d Love To See Get The HD-2D Treatment

Square Enix has found a ton of success with its HD-2D style, which debuted with Octopath Traveler in 2018. The style is essentially about placing 2D sprites in high-quality 3D environments, evoking classic 1990s RPGs while adapting modern elements.

Since HD-2D’s inception, we’ve seen the announcement of several games made in the style, including original games like Triangle Strategy as well as remakes like Dragon Quest 3 and live alive. In a recent “radio show” on Square Enix’s YouTube channel, President Yosuke Matsuda said he wanted to use the style to remake even more SNES games. With that in mind, there are a host of classic titles we’d love to see get an HD-2D remake.

8. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy 6 was first released on SNES in 1994.Square-Enix

Final Fantasy VI is one of the most beloved JRPGs of all time, and fans have been clamoring for a remake for years. While we get the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster in February 2022, the game is a prime candidate for an HD-2D remake. Surprisingly, the Pixel Remastering even has some great moments that use HD-2D technology, like the infamous opera scene.

While Final Fantasy VII can attract more attention, Final Fantasy VI has had an equally prolific effect on the genre, from its dramatic story and wild twists to the ingenious way the combat system makes each character unique. It’s easy to say that even modern games like Octopath Traveler still inspired by it. While the Pixel Remastering that’s great, it’s time Final Fantasy VI finally gets the due it deserves with a full remake.

7. the trigger of a stopwatch

the trigger of a stopwatch was first released on SNES in 1995.Square-Enix

There’s no other game that matches the HD-2D style quite as well as the trigger of a stopwatch. The beloved classic features one of the most engaging stories in all of video games and a combat system that would go on to influence countless other titles. interesting way Chrono Trigger’s director, Takashi Tokita, was first a director on live alivewhich gets an HD-2D remake.

the trigger of a stopwatch is already a beautiful game, but the HD-2D style is a chance to make this world even more; not to mention how good a remastered soundtrack would do. With Chrono-Cross getting a remastered version in 2022, now seems like the perfect time to bring back its predecessor as well.

6. Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics was first released on PlayStation in 1997.Square-Enix

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the most influential tactical RPGs of all time, and easily the best Final Fantasy repercussions to date. It is also one of the key games that inspired the next HD-2D game Triangle strategy. Set in the world of Ivalice, Final Fantasy Tactics tells a dramatic story of war and politics, weaving together narrative themes like classism and the nature of history.

While Final Fantasy Tactics’ is a masterpiece, so is its combat system, which effectively adapts the franchise’s work system to a tactical framework. There has actually already been a “remake” of Final Fantasy Tacticswith lion war on PSP. However, the game could benefit immensely from a graphical overhaul, especially since it already sports a gorgeous art style. With the return of tactical RPGs lately, there’s never been a better time to bring back this cult classic.

5. Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG was first released on SNES in 1996.nintendo

Super Mario RPG was a big surprise when it was announced in the era of gaming magazines, and it served as the basis for other spinoffs like mario and louis. All these years later, it remains a fascinating game that looks quite unlike anything Nintendo has ever made. Super Mario RPG succeeded in effectively combining the platform of mario, humor and turn-based RPG, with just a touch of fantasy aesthetics.

Super Mario RPG was a graphical marvel when it was first released, and it still holds up well by today’s standards, but the HD-2D processing could really make this gem shine. The game’s director, Chihiro Fujioka, even told MinnMax in February that he wants his last game to be a Super Mario RPG sequel before his retirement.

4. Xenogears

Xenogears has been first released on PlayStation in 1998.Square-Enix

Xenogears is one of the most overlooked JRPGs in Square Enix’s catalog, coming from the mind of Tetsuya Takahashi, the creator of Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicles. A remake of Xenogears also presents an interesting opportunity – a chance to flesh out and complete the game correctly.

Xenogears is infamous for having a fantastic first disc, but when players moved on to the second disc, it felt completely unfinished. In 2017, a Kotaku interview with Takahashi confirmed that the development team just didn’t have time to wrap it all up, and disc two turned into a montage so Takahashi could still tell the story he wanted. Remake Xenogears would finally give the opportunity to see the game run properly and breathe new life into the franchise. Takahashi’s studio, Monolith Soft, is owned by Nintendo, which has been a key partner for Square Enix on HD-2D games. The parts are all there for Xenogearsjust put them together.

3. secret of eternity

secret of eternity was first released on SNES in 1995.Square-Enix

secret of eternity is a charming action-RPG that, unfortunately, was largely overlooked due to its release shortly after The trigger of a stopwatch. Although not related to the Mana games, it shares a similar gameplay style and two playable characters. In Secret forever, a boy and his dog are inadvertently transported to the fantasy world of Evermore and must fight to survive. You can control either the boy or his shape-shifting dog, and the AI ​​will control the other.

There were a lot of good ideas in secret of eternitybut its gameplay just wasn’t as tight and polished as something like Mana Secret. All of that could change with a proper remake, of course.

2. Bahamut Lagoon

Bahamut Lagoon was first released on SNES in 1996.Square-Enix

Bahamut Lagoon is a tactical RPG that never left Japan until a fan translator named Near released a translation in 2021. The game combined grid-based tactics with turn-based battles and had other complex ideas, such as spells that would affect terrain and a robust dragon breeding system. Bahamut Lagoon was a unique game that managed to strike a good balance between humor and mature storytelling and has a wide cast of characters who all manage to feel unique. Its greatest strength, however, is the gorgeous sprite work and soundtrack, both of which could be beefed up in HD-2D style. Kind of like with live alivea remake of Bahamut Lagoon would be the perfect opportunity to bring a cult classic overseas for the first time.

1. Star Ocean: Second Story

Star Ocean: The Second Story was first released on PlayStation in 1998.Square-Enix

ocean of stars had a hard time with the latest releases, but The second story represents the franchise at its absolute peak. With a brand new game, Star Ocean: Divine Force, coming in the future, it might be ripe for a remake. It also presents a unique opportunity to adapt the action combat system in the HD-2D style, which has so far only been created in turn-based and tactical.

Strangely, Star Ocean: The Second Story is the only mainline game in the franchise that is not immediately available on modern systems. The remake of the first game, Star Ocean: first departure R, released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2019, but the sequel never saw the same treatment. It’s disconcerting that the best ocean of stars game can only be played by obtaining an original copy on PS1 or PSP.

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