5 reasons why XVI should be the next release (& 5 it should be the remake of VII, part 2)

While fans were largely disappointed with PlayStation’s October 2021 state of play, many are eagerly awaiting updates on several major titles from beloved PlayStation franchises. The main one of these franchises is the well-established Square Enix company Final fantasy franchise, which is currently developing Final Fantasy XVI and the second part of Final Fantasy VII remake.

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The past two years have certainly generated a lot of excitement over the past two years, with the 2020 release of Remake being a smash hit that found a surprise second coming with its DLC expansion Intergrade in the summer of 2021. Likewise, fans were delighted with the surprise announcement of Final Fantasy XVI in September 2020, and look forward to more news on when they might expect the next installment.

ten FFXVI: It’s been about five years since XV released

FFXV box

There is a lot of speculation that Final Fantasy XVI is the next iteration of the franchise, only fueled by the fact that its direct predecessor—Final Fantasy XV– released in late 2016, which means at least five years have passed since fans got a Final fantasy game that presented a whole new world and story.

Granted, while it had been well over a decade since anything in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII before the 2020s Remake, the multi-part gaming saga seems to promise much tighter release windows compared to the new numbered entries that bring new castings and universes into the fold.

9 FFVII: Remake and Intergrade of left-wing fans on Cliffhangers

Sephiroth's Burning Midgar

If there is anything fans like to hate (or hate to love), it would definitely be the cliffhangers. Unfortunately, the cliffhangers are Remake Bread and butter from director Tetsuya Nomura, and reinvented it VII the entries certainly do their best to capitalize on fan anticipation by providing insight into what the wider world of Remake will look beyond Midgar.

When players reach the end of the base game, Sephiroth ominously hints at the events to come after he and Cloud clash on the edge of existence, teasing the ex-SOLDIER that there is only one “seven seconds before the end”. In the same way, Intergrade‘Sending in progress sees the previously deceased Zack Fair arrive at the Church in Sector 5, only to find that Aerith is no longer there.

8 FFXVI: The Franchise May Have Its First Mature Review

Joshua Rosfield's Bloody Face

The first teaser of Final Fantasy XVI reveals many aspects that promise to be a massive upheaval for the Final fantasy franchise, the main one being the darkest and most tragic tones of the main story. This does not mean Final fantasy has never been dark or tragic before; it is rather a suggestion that 16th will always be gritty in nature.

There is a lot of violent bloodshed in the trailer, with a photo of a petrified Joshua being sprayed with blood after watching someone get murdered. It looks like young Rosfield continues the cycle of violence with Ifrit as the Fire Demon sets out to tear someone apart, hinting that the game may well feature the franchise’s first mature note.

7 FFVII: players already know the world

Final Fantasy VII Remake Midgar

One of the reassuring aspects of returning to the town of Mako and the steampunk world of Remake is that it seems familiar to players. Simply put, it takes longer to build a whole new story like Final Fantasy XVI, although the Square Enix website has done a great job giving fans a first impression of Clive and Joshua’s world.

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The world of Final Fantasy VII, on the other hand, is already well established with players, who have glimpsed several periods covering games like Crisis core and Cerberus’ funeral song and multimedia projects like that of Kazushige Nojima On the way to smile which presents a collection of short stories from the world of VII.

6 FFXVI: the game will be completely exclusive to the PS5

PS5 Promotional Art FFXVI

While Yuffie’s DLC—Episode: AGREEMENT—alludes to the future exclusivity of Remakefrom history to the ninth generation of consoles (especially the PS5), fans will notice that the reimagining of Final Fantasy VII started on the PS4, as the reveal of the PS5 had only happened a few months before.

Given that Final Fantasy XVIValisthea is a whole new world, it will be exciting to see what the land littered with Mothercrystals looks like on the latest PlayStation hardware. And, with the release of 16th promising to be of legal age, it also prompts gamers to take the plunge into the next generation of consoles that hasn’t given up on a lot of generation exclusive hits.

5 FFVII: The assets to do part 2 are already there

FF7 Remake Cloud Fighting

Despite the “novelty” which 16th brings to the table, it cannot be ignored that many of the assets needed to create the second part of Final Fantasy VII remake are already in place. Granted, while the team needs all the time to build the world at large, aspects like the core cast’s abilities and movement sets are already firmly within the grasp of developers.

Furthermore, RemakeThe team seems to have already prepared, experimenting with designs such as Sonon Kusakabe’s dragon fighting style in Intergrade, which will likely be incorporated into Cid Highwind’s own attacks, if introduced in Part 2. While Remake has a long way to go, its path to completion certainly seems shorter than XVI.

4 FFXVI: The game seems to be going back to its fantastic roots

Rosaria Soldiers Slaying the Imperial Viper

Among the list of requests fans had for the upcoming 16th game before its official reveal was the need to Final fantasy to return to its fantastic medieval roots. Desire certainly makes sense given that the last two major releases in the franchise—XV and VII Remake– both present a more modern take on fantasy worlds.

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And, if there was one thing that the inauguration 16th trailer delivered, it would undoubtedly be the medieval aesthetic environments highlighted throughout the trailer’s four-minute run. In fact, the dark and dreary world of Valisthea seems like something players can generally expect from a game of the Old scrolls Where Witcher sagas.

3 FFVII: Now is the time to capitalize on the current hype

Avalanche HQ Yuffie Wink

Since RemakeInitial release in April 2020, Square Enix found consistent ways to keep fans up to date with upcoming content for the franchise. Of course, the most significant update fans received was the DLC for the base game in the form of Yuffie’s thrilling (but ultimately no-impact) mini-adventure in Midgar.

However, Square Enix has a few other tricks up its sleeve to keep fans engaged as they bide their time until the release of Part 2 with mobile spinoffs like The first soldier released in November 2021 and Never crisis is slated for release in 2022. Only time will tell if this marketing strategy will be enough to keep the hype going.

2 FFXVI: The franchise will receive an all-new story

FFXVI Clive and Joshua Rosfield

In the end, what really makes the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI so exciting for fans is the promise of a whole new original story. Based on the trailer, fans deduced that the game will take place over two significant time frames based on Clive Rosfield’s very different looks during certain parts of the trailer.

The Eikons, sometimes referred to as “Summons,” also promise to play a major role, with Clive’s younger brother Joshua being the Phoenix Dominant. However, it looks like there’s a major tragedy involving the fire demon Ifrit that ultimately puts Clive (and possibly Joshua) on a dark path.

1 FFVII: There is a multiverse teaser for future installments

Zack Fair Cloud Strife remake ends

One of the most profound impacts of Final Fantasy VII remake was that the game essentially questioned what it meant to be a “remake”. While the story for the most part stays true to the original 1997 game, there are some new characters and a few significant deviations from the original’s plot, especially towards the end of the game.

However, the Arbitrators of Fate, commonly referred to as “Whispers”, are largely responsible for keeping the game on track with the original trajectory … until they are destroyed in the final act of the game. game. Therefore, this universe is starting to see some major bursts of the initial narrative, questioning whether fans really know how events are going to play out this time around.

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