2023 will be a big year for Final Fantasy fans

June 2022 has been a big month for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, and that guarantees that 2023 will ultimately be a big year for them too.

Because of the pandemic, a lot of things in the gaming industry have been turned upside down. Its impact is noticeable this year by the number of games launched earlier this year and the number of games with later release dates. It does, however, mean that the gaming industry is completely filled with video game releases for 2023, like star field.

For Final Fantasy fans, however, that means they’re eating really well next year. Although there are still projects to come this year, such as the port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade to Steam or the release of Crisis core: Reunion Remastered across all major platforms, 2023 will be one of the franchise’s greatest years.


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Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and Final Fantasy 16 are Square Enix’s One-Two Punch

Today Square Enix gave fans their first teaser of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, second part of the remake. It shows a wider open area than commonly seen around Midgar, while strongly teasing Sephiroth’s role in the story. Square Enix has also confirmed that there will be a total of three parts, with the third also being worked on by a few folks at Square Enix. With its promising future, it makes it a bit easier to wait for its winter 2023 release window.

There are plenty of games that will fill the time in between, which will also make that waiting time less of a pain, but there’s also a big one. At State of Play earlier this month, Square Enix unveiled a new trailer for Final Fantasy 16. It teased Clive’s dark history, Eikon’s battles, and a world filled with conflict, and it’s just as appealing to the future of the franchise as the FF7 remake. It has a release window for summer 2023.

It means two big Final Fantasy franchise entries will be released within roughly 6 months of each other, making 2023 not only a great year for gaming in general, but a particularly great year for Final Fantasy Fans. It’s worth noting that anything can happen in game development, and it’s possible that one, if not both, of these games will be delayed out of their windows.

The good news, however, is that Final Fantasy 16 near the end of its development, and the more polished, the better. He is unsure of the progress of the development Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is, but if all goes according to plan, it will be a year to remember.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2: Rebirth releases on PS5 in winter 2023. Final Fantasy 16 releasing on PS5 in summer 2023.

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