15 Best SNES Boss Fights Of All Time

The boss has three different stages which are all unique and incredibly challenging. There is the original form of Sigma, Kaiser Sigma, and finally the dreaded Sigma virus. All three forms require precision, skill, and memorization to defeat. While the difficulty of this fight certainly elevates it, even a theoretically easier version of this same boss battle would still stand out thanks to the incredible design of each of Sigma’s forms.

5. Mana Beast – The Secret of Mana

Mana SecretThe incredible combination of action RPG combat, three-player multiplayer, great graphics, amazing music and fantastic storytelling make this a true SNES classic. This game’s combat style was relatively uncommon for its time, and this “hands-on” combat made some bosses feel more immersive than they would have in more traditional turn-based encounters. This is especially true of the battle against the Mana Beast.

The Mana Beast is a massive unit. It takes up almost the entire screen and regularly deals large amounts of damage. Luckily, the boss sprite is so big that it’s easy to hit it. Instead, the challenge is more about figuring out which weapons and spells are best to use when. This fight illustrates the surprisingly strategic level at the heart of Mana Secretand how it separates this game from so many hack-and-slash titles that followed it.

K. Rool Duel - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Boss Fight SNES

4. K. Rool Duel – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest, the best game in the series, is crowned by an epic final boss that’s both surprisingly difficult and a shining example of this franchise’s impeccable design. It’s a three-part fight that requires you to memorize K. Rool’s projectiles and moves. Of course, executing a game plan based on these patterns quickly becomes tricky.

There are plenty of big bosses in this franchise, but the second game’s final encounter is the one that makes the most of the creative platforming puzzles that make so many DKC levels so special. It’s hard to incorporate those design qualities into this kind of boss fight, but it absolutely works here. It must also be said that the music track for this fight (which was composed by the legendary David Wise) is one of the absolute best compositions of the series.

Giygas - Earthbound Boss Fights SNES

3. Giygas – Earthbound

Earthbound worked in relative obscurity for years, but more and more people are starting to turn to this cult classic thanks to word of mouth and some recent digital re-releases. This means gamers around the world can experience the goofy, hilarious, and creepy themes of this all-time great RPG. Appropriately, EarthboundThe final boss of, Giygas, really showcases all of these attributes and more.

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