10 weird secrets you probably didn’t know

The successful MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is a great game with a lot of lore. With eight playable races, thousands of years of in-game history, plus dozens of factions, countries, and continents, there’s a ton of information for those who want to learn more about the setting to absorb. From the ancient stories of long-lost civilizations to the recent origins of a popular recipe, the game offers good reason to spend hours browsing wiki pages.

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In addition to the great and important lore on the events defining civilization and the origins of the in-game peoples, there are also plenty of lesser-known and often weird goodies to discover. Hidden in secondary sources, short dialogues, or item descriptions, there is a lot of really weird hidden information that most Final Fantasy XIV the players did not find out.

ten Lalafell predation

A Lalafell travels through one of the towns in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Lalafells are a people of small stature and temperament similar to the halflings and hobbits of other established fantasy circles. In canon, their smallness generally predisposes them to diplomacy or the magical arts rather than frontline combat.

It’s also possible, however, that their size has made them the target of hungry wildlife in the past. While not definitive, some scholars of the game have speculated that the earthy hair colors common in Plainsfolk Lalafell are in fact an adaptation of camouflage to help prevent them from being swept away by large birds. predators, or any number of Final fantasyemblematic enemies of.

9 Ishgardians don’t bathe enough

Ser Aymeric stands next to a blonde elf in Final Fantasy XIV.

The icy theocracy of Ishgard is populated primarily by the Elezen, elven-like people who in this place have been at war with Dragonkind for over a millennium. Perhaps because of the cold, or perhaps because centuries of war have numbed them on the finer things in life, many would say that Ishgardians tend to forgo even the essentials of hygiene.

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The description of an item called Skybuilder’s Soap reveals that many Ishgardians avoid bathing and simply prefer to wear “several layers of thick clothing”, which makes them smell rather terrible. Sincere apologies to anyone with a crush on Ser Aymeric of the Temple Knights.

8 It is illegal to be a dark mage

Black mage key art from Final Fantasy XIV against a black and purple background.

Black and white magic can be traced back to its origins in the cataclysmic confrontation between the ancient city-states of Mhach, Nym, and Amdapor at the end of the 5th Astral Age. Known as the War of the Magi, the conflict was marked by the use of powerful dark magics which tapped into the aether of the planet itself for power. The abuse of such spells offset the ethereal balance of the planet, triggering the calamity that would end the civilizations of the 5th Astral Age.

Because of this heritage, spells that draw on the aether of the planet, especially black magic, are frowned upon if not banned in most city-states. Some of these attacks in Final fantasy are unintentionally overpowered and could kill passers-by if not properly controlled. In practice, however, it’s probably difficult for a layman to tell the difference between ordinary thaumaturgy and proper dark magic, which is why the player is not put in shackles every time they shoot in public.

7 Highlanders shave their eyebrows

Split image of a male and female Highlander Hyur from Final Fantasy XIV.

The Hyur, Final Fantasy XIVThe humans version of, can be split into two main clans: the Highlanders and the Midlanders. Highlanders are distinguished by their martial history, rugged appearance, and generally taller build than their Midlander brethren.

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It can also be noticed that many notable Highlanders depicted in the game lack eyebrows. This is not the result of phenotypic variation, but of social custom. Highlanders are known to shave their eyebrows (and in some cases their teeth) to appear more intimidating to enemies.

6 Ishgardians have a strange relationship with salt

A panorama of Ishgard with a giant castle and blue skies in Final Fantasy XIV.

It’s unclear why there are so many weird details about Ishgard’s lore hidden in the descriptions of in-game items, but one of the weirder elements of the anecdote deals with culture’s relationship to salt. . The item description for Skybuilder’s Grade 3 Rock Salt reveals that, rather than crushing the salt like most do, the Ishgardians prefer to leave the salt in its rocky form and just lick it off when they find their meal needs seasoning.

It’s no surprise that most players don’t know this, as cooking is a mechanic that is often overlooked by novice gamers. Final Fantasy XIV. Having a common salt lick in the middle of your dining table doesn’t seem like a particularly sanitary practice. Then again, Ishgard is a remote town set in the middle of a frozen wasteland reeling from thousands of years of constant warfare, so perhaps it’s no surprise that they have some weird tendencies.

5 Reanimated Demon Cats

Creatures ride Fatter Cat and Fattest Cat mounts during the day in Final Fantasy XIV.

Without a doubt one of the most adorable mounts in the game, the Big Cat is a huge spherical feline that can transport the player around Eorzea using its unusual ability to fly. It’s hard not to smile seeing someone riding this tall guy in the gaming world, but the in-game description of this mount tells a more sinister story.

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The game description for the mount assumes that, given the cat’s unnatural ability to fly, it is highly likely that it is in fact a cat corpse resuscitated by demonic forces from beyond. emptiness. Either that or a very talented necromancer. The reveal invites players to wonder what other lovable creatures around Hydaelyn are actually bizarre undead manipulated by unholy magics.

4 Miqo’te women outnumber men

Y'shtola looks ahead in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

The Miqo’te are relatively new feline humanoids in the history of Eorzean migration. Two distinct majority clans make up a large part of the population on the continent, but a strange demographic point of interest is that Miqo’te women appear to outnumber men significantly. There is no scientific consensus in the game as to why this is the case.

In reality, however, this is probably a meta-joke on the part of the developers. Given the popularity of the “catgirl” trope in anime and manga, it’s possible that the game’s developers anticipated an inevitable gender imbalance among the player-created Miqo’te, which they then wrote in the tradition of the game.

3 Dragon reproduction

The gray dragon Vidofnir growls to the ground in Final Fantasy XIV.

Dragons are often among the Final fantasyYesof the most powerful bosses, and those of XIV are no exception. These dragons are fearsome immortal beings, some like Midgardormr who can trace their existence back to the times of myths. Midgardormr came to Hydaelyn before the story, carrying the seven eggs that would hatch the first clutch of dragons.

It can be noted that Midgardsormr came to Hydaelin carrying eggs but no mate, which suggests that dragons do not need mate to breed. This conclusion is supported by the fact that although dragons use gendered pronouns to refer to themselves, males and females also seem able to give birth to their own broods.

2 Sensory Horns Au Ra

Split image of a male and female Au Ra against a starry blue background in Final Fantasy XIV.

Keen observers may notice that Au Ra, the dragon-like people of Othard, lack ears. Where the ears might be on a Hyur, Au Ra’s instead have horn-shaped cartilaginous protrusions. Horns aren’t just for show, however, they’re actually the Auri hearing aid.

Their horns are extremely sensitive to atmospheric vibrations, performing the same biological function as the ears of other races. Sources in the lore of the game use this point to claim that the Au Ra are not, in fact, descendants of dragons, as dragons do not have the same sensitive horns.

1 The history of Eorzean measures

Artwork by Limsa Lominsa from Final Fantasy XIV showing a giant white castle and blue sky.

The people of Eorzea measure distance using the “ilm” as the standard unit, which denotes larger measures like “fulm” and “malm”. Historically, the ilm was based on the approximate length of an inch Hyuran, which caused frequent confusion where precise measurements were needed.

In 986, a riot broke out when a pirate became enraged upon realizing that a sailcloth he had purchased was several times shorter than it should have been. Blaming the violence on both the hacker who instigated him and the lack of a universal standard of measurement, Limsa Lominsa’s Admiral Agatzahr Roehmerlsyn cut off the hacker’s thumb, now stating that this particular thumb would be the length of the standard ilm.

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