10 Ways Cult Of The Lamb Is The Best Indie Game Of 2022

Indie games are an integral part of the gaming community. Many video games made by big companies get a lot of attention, but they can overshadow those made by smaller studios. Many indie games have gained popularity through trends and phases, but not everyone is lucky in how their games are exposed.

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2022 has been a big year for indie games, but Worship of the Lamb is at the top of the stack. This fun action-adventure roguelike has immediately become popular and beloved since its August 2022 release. Its premise focuses on building and managing a cult, but it’s so much deeper than that. For avid gamers looking for an indie game that ticks all the boxes, Worship of the Lamb is the one to check.

ten It covers several genres and is therefore aimed at a wide audience

Worship of the Lamb will appeal to fans of multiple genres, granting it a large player base and demographic spread. Juggling more than one genre is a perfect selling point for a game. Not only does this appeal to multiple people, but it also gives everyone the luxury of playing according to their mood at the time.

There’s the chaos of the roguelike dungeon crawling with frantic dodging and attacking, the ever-changing vibe of running the cult itself, and even mini-games to waste the day. Peach and Knuckles are just two examples of the latter, and players can easily relax and get lost in them.

9 It’s a strong entry into the Roguelike genre.

It may have several genres on display, but Worship of the Lamb is a strong roguelike in itself. There’s nothing particularly extravagant about its roguelike features, but what it does, it does well. Not only are there multiple settings for dungeons, but each is procedurally generated for a different experience each time. Adding pathing choices helps further this concept that every game is different in some way.

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Dying while going through the various dungeons does not mean complete failure of the game, but it does have various ramifications that will encourage players to avoid death at all costs. This can undo some of the hard work done with the cult, as followers may lose faith in a weak leader.

8 No other 2022 game has tried the cult management premise

Cult management isn’t exactly high on the list of concepts that players are desperate to experiment with in their games. Still Worship of the Lamb introduces the weird and wonderful world, walks the player through the basics, and then lets them run with it.

While running a city or town isn’t a new concept, worshiping it introduces some factors to watch out for. This goes beyond simply maintaining happiness, as the player must maintain high faith and food levels while monitoring sick followers. With so many things that can go wrong if not maintained properly, it makes players think twice instead of eagerly building everything right away.

seven It has the perfect juxtaposition of cute art style and dark intentions.

Playing as a cult leader will always be an interesting role to take on. Both the word itself and the general concept carry connotations of misguided teachings that can influence a person’s beliefs. In Worship of the Lambthe player creates a cult in the name of the Waiting One, a divine being who never seems particularly trustworthy.

Yet regardless, the player forms a cult in their name, and the rest is history. The game’s art style and character design are adorable on the outside, but are perfectly juxtaposed by the will of the cult. Cute characters can be sacrificed, abused, or banished if the player wishes. At the player’s discretion, the cult can go dark, despite its cutesy aesthetic.

6 Traversing dungeons can actively benefit alongside the cult management side of the game

Braving the dungeons also has its rewards. Not only does this advance the main story, but players can find rare loot, areas rich in building resources, and even new followers to recruit to the cause. Focusing solely on building and managing the cult can be fun for many players, but running out of money and other resources is the game that gives the player a playful boost towards combat.

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While a bad dungeon run can damage the cult leader’s relationship with his followers, a good dungeon run helps work towards the next meaningful upgrade within the cult. The different genres merge seamlessly rather than acting disjointedly as separate entities.

5 It makes perfect use of the day and night cycle to enhance the overall experience.

The day and night cycle is a tried and true addition to games across multiple genres. This helps create a realistic experience for players as they try to immerse themselves in the world. However, with the concept of an all-day cycle comes the pressures of decisions that must be made each day.

Stardew Valley and Minecraft are perfect but very different examples. Players must choose their priority for that given day and be patient in putting other things off until another time. Worship of the Lamb also exhibits these pressures. A journey through the various dungeons can take days and require the player to forgo at least one sermon and potential faith gain. Still, it helps the overall experience, because you can’t always win in all areas all the time.

4 The game has an exquisite soundtrack and stellar sound design

While the visuals and main substance of Worship of the Lamb are impressive enough to keep gamers entertained, they are supported and perfectly matched with appropriate music and sounds. The soundtrack is varied enough to capture various moods, similar to the gameplay. Some tracks are relaxing, intense, and scary, and even ones that give the proceedings a mysterious vibe.

Sounds that accompany actions and interactions are just as loud. Worship of the Lamb take it sims approach by having nonsensical audible dialogue, but it’s backed by coherent text. It is also comparable to the speech of animal crossing. Either way, it supports both the lovable characters and the ominous tones of a cult.

3 Cult Of The Lamb has all the replayability a gamer could want

Worship of the Lamb has extraordinary replayability. Players can rush through the story if they want, but it would lack creativity and fun. A second playthrough can allow a player to not only select a different difficulty level, but also search for different unlockables in the cult customization.

The possibilities don’t even end there. Players have the choice of embracing evil deeds befitting the barbaric nature of a cult or trying to appeal to everyone’s good side to maximize faith. Leading with fear can be a fun part that makes it even harder to maintain overall happiness, which could lead to a more enjoyable second part.

2 The game has the perfect pace and length

There have been several strong independent releases in 2022, with Wander and Tunic among the most notable. However, Worship of the Lamb excels above both of these examples in its total playing time. While main objectives can bring around 15 hours of gameplay, an attempt to max out the game would easily exceed 20.

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Many other indie games exceed this playtime, but sustaining a premium gaming experience for 20 hours or more is no easy task. Worship of the Lamb has enough to immerse the player in the world without ever exceeding its reception.

1 He has a personal finesse on personalization

Being able to name and customize characters is by no means unique to Worship of the Lamb, but this personal approach contributes to the whole. When the player locates a potential follower, they can change their name and appearance, despite having already been introduced to themselves.

Players can choose whether they want to adopt random character names and designs or even stick to certain themes. Regardless of the decision, the player has the power to shape their cult members according to their vision. Although there are many possibilities for customization, the potential recruit will exhibit positive and negative traits that cannot be changed.

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