10 video games that defined the 5th generation of consoles

The fifth console generation took place between October 1993 and approximately March 2006 and that was when the video game industry really took off. It’s also when Sony entered the fray with the PlayStation, while Nintendo released the N64 and Sega came out with the Saturn.

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This generation has seen huge advancements in terms of technology. Games went from 2D to 3D, were played on CDs as well as cartridges, and things like audio, color depth, and graphics in general were much improved. There was a lot more for designers to play with and a lot of new experiences for players.

ten Tomb Raider (PlayStation) launched a franchise that transcended video games

playstation tomb raider lara croft

One of gaming’s most prominent protagonists came onto the scene with 1996’s Grave robber. The graphics were groundbreaking at the time, as were the controls, with the player able to grab onto the ledge and perform acrobatic jumps like Lara Croft. The game launched a franchise that transcended video games, with movies and comics also on the way. grave robber single-handedly upended publisher Eidos Interactive’s fortunes, as the company went from a pre-tax loss of $2.6 million to a profit of $14.5 million in a single year.

9 Spyro The Dragon (PlayStation) had mechanics that made it unique

spyro the dragon playstation gliding

Charging into a fantasy world as a purple dragon proved to be a fun video game experience for many people in the late 90s. Released in September 1998, Spyro the Dragon managed to distinguish itself from the glut of 3D platformers in the wake of Super Mario 64is success. The gliding mechanic allowed Spyro to travel vast distances, it controlled faster and smoother than most other games in its genre, and the game had its own sense of humor.

8 Resident Evil (PlayStation) was a unique and terrifying experience

Resident Evil PLAYSTATION shoots a zombie

Although the controls are dodgy and the story sounds like something out of a B movie, resident Evil was one of the scariest games of the fifth generation, if not the scariest. The atmosphere the developers created with the technology back then is nothing short of remarkable, thanks in large part to the music, sound effects, and level design. Turning a corner in the corridors of the mansion not knowing what you’re about to encounter, be it a horde of zombies or something even worse, is always a terrifying experience.

seven Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation) popularized the stealth genre

metal gear solid playstation solid snake stealth

Back when demo discs existed, Solid metal gear sold 12 million. The game itself sold just over a million copies in 1998 alone, which is no small feat considering it was released in Japan and North America in during the last third of the calendar year.

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There was nothing else like Solid metal gear at the time, with its unique style, cutscenes, and stealth gameplay. Combined with Hideo Kojima’s artistic sensibilities, this made for a pivotal experience that popularized the stealth genre.

6 Goldeneye 007 (N64) was a blast in single and multiplayer

goldeneye n64 silent pistol

The single-player campaign Tourniquet 007 is full of atmosphere and puts the player in the shoes of James Bond, and split-screen multiplayer had groups of friends playing late into the night. A huge range of locations, characters, and weapons make for fun and varied battles, and the game has a great soundtrack to boot. Licensing issues meant the game has yet to be re-released on Nintendo platforms, and although a remake was released on major consoles in 2010, it failed to capture the magic of the game. ‘original.

5 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (PlayStation) was one of the most fun games of the generation

Tony Hawks pro skater 2 playstation heel grind

While the first match of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater The series was a triumph, the second installment took it to a whole new level. The soundtrack was out of this world, the physics system was impeccable, and there was an overabundance of things to do across a variety of stages. It was released at the end of the fifth generation in 2000, just a month before the PlayStation 2 was released in North America, but this did not hurt its sales, becoming the second best-selling console game of 2000. and becoming Platinum. UK.

4 Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation) was Playstation’s Whacky mascot

crash bandicoot playstation raised eyebrow

Crash Bandicoot was synonymous with PlayStation during the fifth generation. He was used in Sony’s marketing for the system, standing outside Nintendo headquarters and hurling insults at employees with a megaphone in a memorable commercial.

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The game itself is a challenging yet fun platformer filled with charm, humor and quirky characters, which shipped 4.5 million copies worldwide in three years. A remastered version of the game was released in 2016 in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy compilation, and the long-awaited fourth installment in the series was released in 2020.

3 Super Mario 64 (N64) sets the benchmark for 3D platforming

Super Mario 64 Bowser

The first 3D mario The game was released in North America on September 29, 1996 and was a huge hit. It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom that comes from controlling a character who until then could only move in four directions in a 3D environment for the first time. Super Mario 64 setting the benchmark for 3D platforming, nailing so much right from the start, including exploration, smooth controls, and level design. The game holds such iconic status that in 2012 it was part of a video game exhibit at the Smithsonian.

2 Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) remains a fan favorite

cloud playstation final fantasy vii

Cited by many as their favorite game in the series, Final Fantasy VII has a unique style and atmosphere, with an excellent combat system and a cast of memorable characters. The game was released in 1997 and by the following year it had sold over 6 million copies worldwide. Although it may not have aged well, Final Fantasy VII was re-released on a variety of platforms with quality-of-life improvements, and a remake was released in 2020 that changed turn-based gameplay to real-time action

1 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (N64) is a gaming touchstone

the legend of zelda ocarina of time link n64 play ocarina

One of the most beloved video games of all time, Ocarina of time is a cornerstone of the medium. It received critical acclaim and was a commercial success, selling 7.6 million copies worldwide. The game has been re-released on GameCube, Wii Virtual Console, 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. With its memorable songs, characters, impeccably crafted dungeons, satisfying combat, and propelling story, it’s arguably the greatest N64 game and the best game of Generation Five.

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