10 things Part 2 could change about the original game

After the resounding success of Final Fantasy VII remake In April 2020, fans were eagerly awaiting the next installment of the game’s sprawling narrative. While Square Enix found a way to temporarily quell fan hunger with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade In 2021, Yuffie’s side story ultimately doesn’t significantly advance the narrative.

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However, one of the most discussed aspects of RedoThe second installment of is what will be changed from the original 1997 game. While the first installment remains largely true to the narrative, major deviations towards the end of the game suggest that fans could see a substantial upheaval in the game. the future of the story they know and love.

ten The order of events is defined

Final Fantasy VII Early Cast Red XIII Aerith Cloud Barrett Tiffa

The players of the original Final fantasy vii are well aware of the game’s open world mechanics, which don’t fully unlock until after Midgar’s party leaves for Kalm. Redo manages to get around this problem by focusing only on the town of Mako with its first installment. However, the second part will not be able to avoid tackling this problem.

While it’s exhilarating for fans to experience an open world for the game, it likely won’t become a reality. Yes Episode: AGREEMENT is any indicator, with the plot forcing Cloud and Company to Kalm, so it’s likely that the second installment will continue the linear narrative presented by its predecessor.

9 Hojo spills beans on the Costa Del Sol

Professor Hojo Le Tambour

One of the big secrets of the original game is that protagonist Cloud Strife lies throughout its entire backstory. The catch, however, is that he’s unaware he’s lying about it, mostly due to a combination of trauma and mako poisoning. In the original game, it’s only when Cloud falls in the stream of life and Tifa fixes her memories that Cloud recovers his true identity.

Redo may intend to change that, however. An altercation with Hojo makes it clear that Shinra’s senior scientist remembers the ex-SOLDIER’s true identity, which he almost reveals before being interrupted by the Whispers. Now that the Whispers are gone, however, Hojo is free to drop the bomb on Cloud when they cross paths again on the Costa del Sol.

8 Biggs contacts Barret

Among the many surprises that in the epilogue of the first opus of Redo was the revelation that Biggs actually survived the gruesome collapse of Sector 7 during Chapter 7, in which he perished during the original game. While still heavily bandaged and injured, Redo clearly shows that the Avalanche member is alive and struggling.

What is less clear is how Biggs will factor in future installments. Given the introduction of Avalanche HQ in Intergrade, it is possible that he is outsourcing communications across the planet to get in touch with his exuberant cell leader Barret.

seven Yuffie has nobler motives

Yuffie Kisaragi is one of two optional characters that players can recruit into their part of the original game. However, the young ninja from Wutai joins the group with rather selfish motives, outright stealing the group’s materials if the player chooses to visit their homeland of Wutai.

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As Yuffie is forced to reconcile with Cloud and her friends after a heartbreaking encounter with Don Corneo, Redo seeks to portray Yuffie in a very different way. While this Yuffie still plays the role of a thief, her goal of stealing Shinra’s Big Materia is more justified due to the injustices the Shinra Electric Power Company has inflicted on her home country.

6 Barret could mention Shalua in Corel

Barret on the train for the Mako 5 reactor

One of the sequences fans are likely to revisit in the second installment is Corel, where outgoing Barret is forced to face his past and face off against his former best friend, Dyne. While this is only speculation as to how these events will play out, it’s entirely possible that Barret’s name drops a familiar face from Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.

The person in question is none other than Shalua Rui, a soldier and scientist who has a background with Avalanche. While Sakaki is responsible for building Barret’s arm tie, rumor has it that Shalua was the one who actually built his gun. Mentioning Shalua would only strengthen Square’s efforts to bring the Final Fantasy VII compilation in the fold.

5 Meeting Vincent is not optional

Vincent Valentine from Dirge of Cerberus and Final Fantasy VII

Based on Intergrade, it seems a given among fans that Yuffie will be an integral part rather than an optional character in the story of Redo. If so, Square Enix will likely extend the same courtesy to the other optional character from the original game: Vincent Valentine. Vincent is a former Turk who harbors a deep hatred for Hojo.

In the original game, players can locate Vincent Valentine in a hidden room in Shinra’s abandoned mansion in Nibelheim. Considering the likelihood of players visiting Cloud and Tifa’s hometown in the second installment, it would make sense for the group to meet the Immortal in an extended obligatory encounter typical of Redonarrative style.

4 Scarlet could get involved in Deepground

SOLDIERS from the deep holding guns

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises fans have received with Intergrade was the inclusion of major antagonists from 2006 Cerberus’ funeral song, a derivative title which received only a mixed reception when it was released. Although their appearances are brief in Episode: AGREEMENT, Weiss the Immaculate and Nero the Sable are certainly making their presence known to fans.

While this retcon certainly claims that Deepground is one of the Shinra’s secret assets that had been active long before the events of Cerberus’ funeral song, fans can’t help but wonder if Deepground will make its way beyond Mako Town during the events of Redo. It would certainly make sense for Scarlet to deploy such a powerful group against Sephiroth and Meteorfall.

3 The unknown role of Zack Fair

Zack Fair FF7 remake end

Zack Fair is alive. Not only the survival of the SOLDIER 1st Class Redothe biggest twist, but it completely transforms the late 2007s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on his head. To drive the point home, Intergrade follows up with Zack who returned to Midgar to see Aerith, only to find his missing flower girl and the church in Sector 5 overflowing with refugees.

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It’s safe to say that Zack Fair is the true wildcard of the second installment – fans aren’t sure what to expect from his arc. If he’s in an alternate reality, does that mean Cloud never formed a group to stop Sephiroth? If so, where has Aerith gone? Or did Zack find his way in Redothe main timeline of?

2 Genesis makes a comeback

Genesis Rhapsodos reading without love

Yes Redo intends to steal scenes directly from Crisis core and lift the characters from Cerberus’ funeral song, the only major player still absent from the game is Crisis coremain antagonist of: Genesis Rhapsodos. Since Zack now finds himself alive in Redo, it would make sense that it would be necessary to give Shinra’s ex-mercenary a compelling story.

More importantly, Genesis never died in the Final fantasy vii cannon. In Crisis core, he is saved by Weiss and Nero (the same ones from Deepground), a favor he returns by saving Weiss in Cerberus’ funeral song‘secret ending, which occurs chronologically after Redo. Redo, then, can fulfill what Genesis was doing in the intervening period.

1 Aerith does not die

What if one of the most prolific deaths in all of video games was restored? This is the question that preoccupies all fans since the curvy end of Redo. While no one knows for sure where the game’s second installment will end, the iconic scene in the Forgotten City would be a real cliffhanger … if that were to happen.

What made fans wonder if Aerith will die or not depends on the theory that Sephiroth knows about her defeat in the original. Final fantasy vii, which ultimately happened due to Cetra’s brutal murder. If Aerith does not die, however, the One-Winged Angel may be able to fully reproduce Meteor without Aerith manipulating Holy from the Life Stream.

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